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Despite being a super-villain, Cold has his own moral code. He also only kills for two reasons: when it is a kill or be killed situation or when he is out for revenge.

Leonard Snart grew up in a "trailer trash" home outside of Central City. His father was a drunken ex-cop who beat his wife and two children. Snart's mother often left his father due to the beatings but always came back.

As a child, the only good influence in Snart and his sister Lisa 's lives was their grandfather, who was an ice deliveryman. He would take the children with him to places on his route like restaurants and ball parks, and give them ice cream.

Captain Cold

Snart's grandfather died before he turned twelve. At that point, he and his sister had learned to never cry, to be emotionally cold.

Eventually, Snart left home. Lisa wanted to go with him, but he told her to stay since she was a talented ice skater; he didn't want to ruin her chance to be a professional skater or let her get involved with the kind of people he envisioned in his future.

Snart worked with a small gang of thieves that had designed special glasses to protect their eyes from flare guns. While breaking into a building to rob it, the gang was captured by Barry Allen, the Flash. Snart swore revenge. In prison, Snart studied kinetic energy and thermal motion, realizing that absolute zero temperature would stop even the Flash. When he finally got out on parole, he broke into a lab and stole blueprints and a cyclotron to power his new weapon: the cold gun. Taking the glasses from his former gang, he changed his name to Cold, adding the title "Captain" to give the illusion of authority.


Captain Cold was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino. Captain Cold made his first comic book appearance in June 1957 in the pages of Showcase #8.

Major Story Arcs

Early Years

He battled the Flash throughout the silver age, often teaming up with other Rogues especially Captain Boomerang, the Trickster, the original Mirror Master, Sam Scudder and his own sister: the Golden Glider. He, The Top, Mirror Master (Scudder), Captain Boomerang, Heat Wave and Pied Piper were the original members of The Rogues. Moreover, Cold was one of the original members of Secret Society of Super Villains. After Barry Allen died in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Captain Cold reformed and was a member of Suicide Squad. (This was later retconned as the work of the Top, who hypnotized several Rogues into reforming. The Top's own mind had been altered by Zatanna.) He and his sister opened up a bounty hunter business, occasionally working with the new Flash, Wally West.

Underworld Unleashed

For further information: Underworld Unleashed

During the events of Underworld Unleashed, Cold was one of the Rogues tricked into selling his soul to Neron in exchange for increased powers. However, Snart was saved by the Flash.

Relationship With His Sister

Captain Cold using his freeze gun

By this time, Lisa had stopped working with Cold. Instead, she took on a series of partners, usually large and stupid. She outfitted them with her brother's weaponry, naming them "Chillbane" and finding a new partner after each one was arrested. Eventually, she recruited a Chillbane who was more savvy than she realized, and killed Lisa and then faked his own death rather than be her pawn. Years later, Cold would hunt his sister's murderer down and kill him.

Instead of celebrating his victory, he turned away his usual hooker and spent the night alone. He shed his first tears since he was twelve, thinking to himself "As much as I hate it, my heart's not always cold."

Reformation of His Rogues

After Blacksmith's Network was disbanded, Cold decided to reform the Rogues. He teamed up with the new Mirror Master, the Weather Wizard and the new Trickster. He enforced a strict "no drug" policy, beating Mirror Master severely when he broke it, telling him "If you want to make your nose bleed, we can do it the old fashioned way." Cold also lowered the Trickster's pay by 90% for tying bombs to stray dogs.

Identity Crisis

For further information: Identity Crisis

During Identity Crisis, Cold and the other Rogues were robbing a bank when Mirror Master informed them of the death of Sue Dibny. Cold walked out of the vault, telling Mirror Master to send Mr. Dibny flowers with no card. When Weather Wizard protested leaving in the middle of a job, Cold said that he had lost the stomach for it.

Shortly thereafter, Captain Boomerang was manipulated by the Calculator and killed/was killed by Tim Drake's father. The Rogues took his son, Owen Mercer, in, allowing him to become the new Captain Boomerang. At the time, Cold believed that Owen might have been his nephew, as his father had dated Lisa, though it was later revealed that he was actually the son of Meloni Thawne.

Rogue War

For further information: Rogue War

Cold lead the Rogues during the Rogue War. He battled Heat Wave, eventually bringing him out of the Top's mind control and convincing him to join the Rogues. When he learned that the Top had been responsible for the reformed Rogues' behavior, Cold froze him with his cold gun and shattered him. Cold explained that the Top had broken the rules and that Rogues shouldn't fight each other. Afterward, he consoled Captain Boomerang, telling him that the Rogues were his new family and that nothing was more important than family except maybe revenge.

After the Rogue War, he and the rest of the Rogues (with the new Trickster being replaced by the original, who had also been freed from the Top's mind control) joined Luthor's Society. During a battle against the Outsiders, the Rogues left Owen behind and he and Cold are no longer on speaking terms.

Death of the Flash

For further information: One Year Later

One Year Later, Cold is one of the Rogues who, following Inertia's plan, manages to sever the Flash's (Bart Allen) tie to the speed force. Upon realizing that this was not the Flash they knew, the Rogues considered letting Bart go. Bart insisted that he was the Flash and broke free, intending to kill Inertia. The Rogues caught him and Cold, along with Weather Wizard and Heat Wave delivered the killing blast to Allen.

Salvation Run

For further information: Salvation Run

Realizing what they had done, Cold and the rest of the Rogues flee the scene of Bart's death. Later, the group is captured by the Suicide Squad and are the first villains sent to the planet "Salvation" during Salvation Run. Cold and the rest of the Rogues side with Luthor and eventually end up back on Earth in one piece.

Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge

For further information: Final Crisis

Back on Earth, Cold rejects Libra's offer to join the new Secret Society. After all, they helped Alexander Luthor's Society and were given no help in return when they killed Kid Flash. Cold plans to murder Inertia for his betrayal and then go into hiding to avoid the Flash's wrath. Libra knows it is important to get the Rogues on his side as the Flashes hold the key to the Crisis. He gives the Penguin orders to outfit several Gotham thugs with Rogue equipment, and to have Captain Cold's father kidnapped and Cold's friend Gambi brutally beaten. At the same time, Libra has Zoom free Inertia.

After finding Gambi, the Rogues are contacted by Libra's new group of Rogues, who threaten to kill Cold's father if they don't join the Society. Cold tells the group that they're in over their heads and that he's going to find them, kill them and then he'll kill his father himself. Mirror Master traces the signal back and the Cold leads his team in a massacre, brutally killing the would be usurpers. Cold then confronts his father but finds he can't kill the man himself. He orders Heat Wave to burn him alive, though he admits afterward that it doesn't make him feel any better.

The Rogues proceed to the Observatory where they track Inertia. Mirror Master's surveillance reveals that Zoom is with him. Though the other Rogues are hesitant about confronting Zoom (and with good reason. Zoom mopped the floor with the whole group during the Rogue War), Cold fearlessly insists that they go anyways. In the ensuing confrontation, Zoom loses his powers and the Rogues face off against Inertia. With the help of the Pied Piper, the Rogues beat down the young speedster. The villains assure Inertia that this isn't for Kid Flash or for the Weather Wizard's son, Josh, who Inertia had killed. The Rogues sum it up nicely. "This is for one ******-up year. (This is a reference to Mark Guggenheim's run on the Flash. Following John's run, Guggenheim took over the book and ignored all the previously established characterization of the Rogues, making them do drugs, murder young heroes and generally making a mess of the book) In an action that parallels their murder of Kid Flash, the Rogues all fire at Inertia at once, killing him.

Cold tells Libra that the Rogues still aren't going to join his gang and for Darkseid to stay the hell away from Earth. Later, the group drops off Inertia's body at police headquarters with a note "Tell the Flash we're even. -The Rogues." However with the return of Barry Allen, Cold decides that the Rogues won't be going anywhere and as soon as the Final Crisis is over, they'll be back.

Blackest Night

For further information: Blackest Night

Blackest Night

During the events of Blackest Night, Captain Cold and the other Rogues prepare to fight against the Black Lanterns after seeing that the bodies of the previously killed Rogues were missing. Among the resurrected Rogues was his sister, Lisa. However, Cold swiftly froze her in a block of ice. After the Black Lanterns were defeated, Cold froze the entire building containing said Lanterns and in the process inadvertently froze an incarcerated Professor Zoom, who had just been taken over by a Black Lantern ring. Unknown to him, this also froze the Black Lantern Zoom who was encased in ice right when he tried to bite Barry Allen's hand. After this, Cold and the other Rogues confronted Captain Boomerang and tried to convince him that the Black Lantern George Harkness was not really in control of his actions. However, on finding out that Owen sacrificed the lives of women and children, an angered Cold claimed that Rogues "don't kill women and children". He knocked him down into the pit containing the corpses and after he was killed by his father, before encasing them both in ice.

The Dastardly Death of the Rogues

For further information see: The Dastardly Death Of The Rogues

Barry Allen is back in Century City, and George Harkness is back among the living and being held in Blackgate. Captain Cold and Mirror Master pay him a visit. Cold tells Boomerang if he wants back into the Rogues he needs to do two things. Break out of Blackgate, on his own and make the Flash sweat. So when Digger breaks out Cold isn't surprised but more courious what he's going to do next.

Later when the Flash is battling The Renegades, a police force from the future, Captain Cold shows up along with Mirror Master, Heatwave, Weather Wizard, and Trickster, and they have brought Scudders's deadliest Mirror weapon along. Captain Cold personally fights Commander Cold, but when Digger shows up to kill the Flash things get out of hand. Digger breaks Scudder's weapon, and the Rogues watch while Flash tries to repair it to stop the Mirror Lords from escaping, but instead get sucked into the Mirror.

When the Flash escapes the Mirror, Cold sees doubt in his eyes and realizes that what ever the Flash saw in the mirror might lead to the flashes down fall. After the Renegades take the Flash away Cold and the Rogues retreat back to there hideout. There Cold realizes Digger is gone again.

The New 52

Captain Cold in prison

During a conversation between reporter Iris West and Barry Allen (the current Flash), she mentions how she has scored an interview with "the most dangerous inmate at Iron Heights Prison". When she visits the prison, there is a blackout (caused by Mob Rule's E.M.P. blast accidentally being sent to the past by Barry Allen) and she is grabbed from behind and dragged away by a prisoner, who turns out to be Leonard Snart.

She demands he stays away from her but still wants that exclusive interview. Despite Leonard respecting her wish ("Relax, Miss West. I won't hurt you") he rejects the interview and claims "this little blackout is nothing compared to the devastation I have in store for Central City." He goes to say how he has improved his powers as have the rest of the Rogues. He finishes by thanking the Flash, "The Rogues intend to pay him back in kind."

Following his breakout, Snart steals a special laser for a doctor to operate on his dying sister, Lisa. The doctor states that he can't operate because he doesn't have enough power, thanks to the E.M.P. blast caused by Flash. In a rage, he goes off and attacks the Flash, giving him everything he's got. While being hit by a whirlwind from Flash's hands, Leonard falls through his ice and into the water, nearly drowning. Flash pulls him out and proceeds to angrily pummel him, because Snart caused him to push his powers to the point where he opened up a wormhole that took Iris West and a few citizens. While pummeling Snart, Flash asks why he would do such a thing, and Snart tells him about his sister and how she'll die because of the lack of energy caused by Flash. Flash tells Leonard that he's sorry, and that if he surrenders peacefully, he'll do everything in his power to save Lisa.

With his sister

Later, Flash has Dr. Elias send a power cell to the hospital, and the hospital's doctor is able to complete Lisa's surgery. Escorted to the hospital by the police, Leonard is able to see his sister wake up from her operation. Sadly, there was some damage to her nervous system and it's unsure if she'll ever walk again. When he sees Lisa wake up, he's incredibly happy, but Lisa quickly turns sour stating "After what you did to us... to me... you should've let me die. Still angry at Leonard, Golden Glider becomes the new leader of the Rogues and the Weather Wizard, Mirror Master, Heat Wave and Lisa cause real disaster in Central City. At first, the new formed team excluded Captain Cold, but as he ''betrays'' Flash (they were actually helping each other earlier in the fight), he once again becomes part of the group of super villains.

During the fight and betrayal of Barry Allen, Barry discovers how his Rogues now have powers and no longer use weapons. Captain Cold stole a Genome Recorder that will rewrite the DNA of an individual and incorporate the powers within them. Captain Cold places his freeze gun in the Genome Recorder as do all the rest of The Rogue's to gain super powers. The machine had a power surge and all the Rogues were knocked unconscious and the building was destroyed. When Captain Cold awoke, he and the rest of the group did not come out unscathed. He was able to shoot all types of frozen water from his hands like his old freeze gun could.

Captain Cold, the Cheetah, the Scarecrow, the Scavenger, the Key, and Weapons Master are attacked, captured, tortured, and interrogated to find out information on members of The Justice League.

The Rogues are trapped in Central City as Gorilla Grodd attacks and beats up the Flash.

Forever Evil

Cold loses his powers

Captain Cold and the Rogues go to Happy Harbor to meet with the Crime Syndicate, but Cold does want to hurt or destroy the city he just wants the big score and after the Crime Syndicate said they are free to take the city. Later Cold and Mirror Master fear for Glider's life, but at the hospital Black Bison and others show up wondering why they aren't destroying the hospital and they get into a heated battle and Deathstorm and Power Ring show up and take the ice powers away from Captain Cold. Cold teams up with Lex Luthor, Bizarro, Black Adam, and Black Manta to defeat the Syndicate.

Cold is also present alongside Lex's team in the fight against the Crime Syndicate in the fallen Justice League watchtower. Cold and Black Manta find and free the masked prisoner the Crime Syndicate was holding, who is revealed to be Alexander Luthor of Earth-3. Cold is then immediately attacked by Johnny Quick and his Cold-Gun is taken away from him. Johnny taunts Cold by stating that on his world, he had managed to kill Snart before and that he "didn't have a lame-ass freeze-gun". Cold states that his gun is not a "freeze-gun" but a Cold-Gun. He does not simply freeze things, but instead eliminates movement altogether by stopping atoms cold, and that he is the man who mastered absolute zero. Cold activates the voice activator on his gun and freezes Johnny's leg and proceeds to smash the ice and taking his leg clean off. Johnny is eventually killed by Alexander Luthor, who also steals his super-speed power.

After the crisis is over, Cold is pardoned for his crimes by the government. He and Luthor later capitalize on their new publicity by becoming members of the Justice League, though it is hinted this may be a scam on Cold's part.

After the events of Forever Evil, Captain Cold joins Lex Luthor on the Justice League. This happened because the public saw that Lex had a big part in defeating the Crime Syndicate, saving the world and saving Supermans life by performing surgery on him before he died from Kryptonite radiation. Snart was hired as his personal body guard in the process and also joined the Justice League. Superman and the other Leaguers of course had their reservations but Batman convinced them to keep Lex near them in hopes that they could find some evidence against him. Most recently he was seen helping Wonder Woman by freezing The Flash in place while he was under the control of the Amazo Virus.

Powers and Abilities

Pre-New 52

Before the New 52 Captain Cold had no "true" powers, and relied on a weapon known as his Cold Gun that he created. With this weapon Cold could create a wide variety of devastating effects.

  • The gun works at a temperature known as Absolute Zero, which is the lowest temperature possible at 0 Kelvin. Since this temperature is so incredibly cold it is able to freeze the water molecules in the air that surrounds Cold, explaining why ice forms as soon as he fires the weapon.
  • Throughout the Silver Age it was shown that his weapon could create illusions (possibly since it was extremely cold it worked like a mirage in extreme heat, though it isn't actually explained).
  • Captain Cold can create an invisible field that he has called his 'Cold Field'. It isn't actually known how large the diameter of this field is since it seems to change throughout the stories he's in, so it's possible that Cold can determine how large the field is. It freezes anything that comes in contact with it, as it was shown to completely stop bullets in mid air and even froze the arm of an unfortunate thug who tried to kill Captain Cold. The only thing that can make it through the field is a Speedster moving as incredible speeds, such as The Flash.
  • Captain Cold can also fire a wide beam of ice that freezes but doesn't kill his foes. He uses this to torture his enemies if he needs information out of them or if he wants them to die slowly.
  • Captain Cold can create a wide variety of 'Ice Constructs' similar to a Green Lantern's light constructs, with his gun.

Captain Cold is also shown to be in possession of grenades known as Cold Grenades. During the Blackest Night storyline he was able to turn Iron Heights into an iceberg with a single Cold Grenade.

It should be also known that Cold has some degree of engineering intelligence, as he was able to weaponize absolute zero through the altering of a Cyclotron.

New 52

In the New 52 Captain Cold suffered an accident along with the rest of The Rouges that caused him to fuse with his weapon. In Flash 23.3 'The Rouges' it is shown that the accident occurred when Captain Cold and the rest of the Rouges tried to merge their weapons with their D.N.A using a Genome Recoder that Captain Cold had obtained, unfortunately the machine exploded and the effects were different than desired.

Captain Cold is now able to access his Cold Powers without his weapon to create a variety of effects.

  • Captain Cold can cover his fists in large ice gauntlets to make his punches much more dangerous and have more of an impact.
  • Captain Cold can fire shards of ice through his hands.
  • Captain Cold has also been shown using his ice creation abilities to create a large shield in front of himself to protect himself from oncoming bullets.
  • Captain Cold can also freeze the air around him in order to stimulate the original 'Cold Field' effect. Using this power he is able to slow down The Flash so that he can combat him in hand to hand combat.

In the "Forever Evil" storyline, Cold lost his abilities after Deathstorm rewrote his DNA to remove any traces of genetic tampering. He has since returned to using his classic cold gun.

Personal Details

Occupation: Professional Criminal, Leader of the Rogues

Base: Central and Keystone City

Height: 6ft., 2in.

Weight: 196 Lb.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

First Appearance: Showcase #8 (May 1957)

Alternate Versions

Citizen Cold

For further information: Flashpoint

Citizen Cold

In an alternate timeline orchestrated by Reverse Flash, Leonard Snart became the hero of Central City in the absence of any heroes calling themselves the Flash. He was known as Citizen Cold and went to great lengths to hide his criminal past, even resorting to murder when necessary. His heroism was not altruistic. It was good business. These was a lot he could get away with while having the trust and respect of Central City.

Citizen Cold was asked to be a part of a team being put together by Cyborg to put an end to the war between Wonder Woman and Emperor Aquaman, but he backed out along with everyone else when Batman would not agree to join. Instead, he went to work on his own retirement plan, intending to run off to Dubai with a lot of cash and Iris West, a reporter he developed in interest in. He murdered her nephew, Wally West, when Wally discovered his identity and killed the Rogues when they joined forces to try to take him out. Finally, he fought his nemesis Pied Piper and was ready to kill this last person before taking off to Dubai. However, Iris turned against him, having learned what he did to Wally, and froze him with one of his own cold guns.

Teen Titans

Kid Kold

In an issue #53 of Teen Titans Go!, the Teen Titans cartoon tie-in comic series, Captain Cold appears as Kid Kold, Jinx's ex-boyfriend.

Other Media


Challenge of the Superfriends

Challenge of the Superfriends

Captain Cold appears as a member of the Legion of Doom. He was voiced by either Dick Ryal or Michael Bell.

The Flash (Live-Action)


He made an appearance on the Flash (1990) TV series, but he was very different from his comic form in several ways, instead of being a blue collar costumed criminal in a parka here he was an albino hit-man named Leonard Wynters with a overcoat and snow-globes that double as freeze bombs. He is portrayed by actor Michael Champion.

Justice League Unlimited

Justice League Unlimited

Captain Cold also made an appearance along side several other Flash rogues in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Flash and Substance". In this series he is more like his comic book equivalent aside from having a wife and an ulcer. He was voiced by Lex Lang.

Batman: The Brave and The Bold

Batman: The Brave and The Bold

He appears in the episode "Requiem of a Scarlett Speedster" along with fellow rogues Heat Wave and Weather Wizard. He is shown admonishing Batman for not being an effective crime-fighter like The Flash.

Both he and Mirror Master were mentioned in "Golden Age of Justice".

He was voiced by Steven Blum.

Young Justice

Young Justice

Captain Cold appears in the opening teaser of the pilot episode "Independence Day," as one of the many "cold" based villains (like Mr. Freeze or Killer Frost) shown attacking super-heroes across the globe. He is defeated by The Flash and Kid Flash.

He appears in later episodes teaming up with Mr. Freeze, Icicle Sr., Icicle Jr. and Killer Frost to break out of Belle Reve Penitentiary, and then appears at Rocket's bridal party where his robbery was stooped by Rocket and the the others at her party.

He is voiced by Alan Tudyk.



Captain Cold is seen sitting around a circular table in a conference with established Smallville villains such as Metallo, Roulette, and Dark Archer, and previously unseen villains Solomon Grundy and Black Manta. The conference was a meeting of villains called Marionette Ventures, which was lead by Winslow Schott and is basically the Smallville version of the Legion of Doom.

The Flash (2014)

Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold

Captain Cold appears as a recurring villain, portrayed by former Prison Break star Wentworth Miller. This version of the character is a professional thief who is stated to come from an abusive home, which led him to pursue a life of violence and crime. After one of his heists is thwarted by the Flash, Snart steals a specialized cold gun developed by Cisco Ramon, believing that the technology will give him the edge he needs to defeat the speedster. He later engages the Flash in a fight yet again, ending with Snart murdering a innocent bystander. Later on he sets up a trap for the Flash after stealing the Khandaq Diamond. However, after being threatened by Cisco and seeing the Flash as a worthy rival, Snart decides to spare his life.

He later partners with Heat Wave as part of a plan to kill the Flash, with the two kidnapping Caitlin Snow to lure him into a trap. The plan fails and both villains have their weapons destroyed, though they manage to escape custody when Snart's little sister, Lisa, rescues them.

Lisa later seduces Cisco and leads him into an ambush, resulting in the youth being forced to make new weapons for the three villains. The trio then try to conquer Central City's underworld, leading to another clash with the Flash. Though Flash gets the upperhand, Cold reveals that he knows the hero is secretly Barry Allen, and threatens to leak this information to the public if he is arrested. The two rivals come to a truce, with Barry promising not to go after Cold so long as nobody else is killed during his crimes. They then go their separate ways, with Cold musing that he and his partners are now Flash's "Rogues".

Video Games

Batman: The Brave and the Bold - The Video Game

Captain Cold makes an appearance voiced by Steven Blum who also voiced Cold on the show.

DC Universe Online

During the hero campaign he appears as a boss on Stryker's Island alongside fellow rogues Mirror Master, Heat Wave, and Weather Wizard. During the villain campaign he can be found in the Hall of Doom giving mission to higher up villains. In the corresponding comic, he is shown to have died in the future by defending Superman (who is Kryptonite poisoned) from Lex Luthor. In this game he is voiced by Ryan Wickerham

Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes

Captain Cold is once again voiced by his Batman: The Brave and the Bold voice actor, Steven Blum. He is available in the DLC villain five pack along with Gorilla Grodd, Black Manta, Black Adam, and Bizzarro.


Justice League: The New Frontier

The New Frontier

Captain Cold appears in the film, voiced by James Arnold Taylor. He and his henchwomen pull off a casino heist which draws the attention of the Flash after Iris West is endangered.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

Captain Cold appears in a brief cameo, voiced by Michael Gough.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

He appears alongside fellow Rogues Top, Heat Wave, Captain Boomerang and Mirror Master breaking into the Flash Museum. Flash goes to fight them and realizes that they were hired by Reverse-Flash. He was voiced by Danny Jacobs.

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