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Paul Gambi was a backstreet Tailor in Central City. However, he was the best there was at what he did, and every member of the Flash's Rogues Gallery turned to Gambi whenever they were released or escaped from prison. Gambi had their new costumes ready to go and the villains felt like a million dollars as they went to battle the Flash.

Despite his long standing business dealings with the underworld, the Flash never seemed to catch him or take him in for aiding and abetting. This was probably because Gambi was the soul of discretion, and the villains didn't want to lose their tailor, so they never mentioned their acquaintance either. He is seen at Captain Boomerang I's funeral. Paul has a brother Peter Gambi, who made designed the superhero suit for Black Lightning.

Major Arcs

Final Crisis

For further information: Final Crisis.

In response to the Rogues angering Libra's Society they seriously injured Paul. He also has made a new suit for Heat Wave.

Powers and Abilities

Paul Gambi has no powers, but he is a skilled and innovative tailor.

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