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"Find The Batcave And Rule The Underworld!"

The Killer Moth and The Cavalier agree to a gentlemen's wager. The Killer Moth contends that Batgirl can be tricked into leading him to the secret location of the Batcave. The Cavalier believes that Robin, the Teen Wonder, is the more likely to give up the Batcave. To draw Batgirl out, the Killer Moth goes on a looting spree in Washington, D.C. Batgirl intervenes during the Killer Moth's third robbery. The Killer Moth leads Batgirl on a bit of a chase, only to double back and tamper with her Bat-Cycle. His actions are witnessed by two police officers, who warn Batgirl of the Killer Moth's actions. Batgirl uses a batarang, connected to a line, to remote start the Bat-Cycle's engines. At which point, the Bat-Cycle explodes. Batgirl contacts Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon, to get word to Batman that the Killer Moth has targeted the Caped Crusader.

Unbeknownst to Batgirl, the Killer Moth is eavesdropping on her conversation with Gordon. Having overheard Batgirl's itinerary in Gotham City, the Killer Moth attacks Batgirl at the Police Athletic League's dinner. Despite Gordon's best efforts to intervene on her behalf, Batgirl is captured by the Killer Moth. Coated in the Killer Moth's cocoon, Batgirl is brought to Gotham Stadium, where she is placed against the stadium's massive lights. The Killer Moth leaves Batgirl to burn to death. The heat from the lights, however, quickly melt away the Killer Moth's cocoon, freeing Batgirl, long before she can suffer any injury. Onto the Killer Moth's scheme, Batgirl loudly announces that she's going to contact Batman directly. With the Killer Moth following, Batgirl heads to the home of Private Investigator, Jason Bard.

The Killer Moth mistakenly believes that he has just discovered Batman's true identity. Ferreting about for the entrance to the Batcave, the Killer Moth finds an opening into a cavern. As he prowls about inside, the Killer Moth is unaware that Batgirl has stealthily entered the cavern behind him, and surreptitiously disarmed him. Batgirl then proceeds to beat the living daylights out of the Killer Moth. With the Killer Moth in police custody, Batgirl agrees to have dinner with Gordon. Incredibly, earlier in the day, the Killer Moth was also committing crimes to draw Robin, the Teen Wonder, out, at Hudson University. Robin quickly subdues the Killer Moth, with a well-placed batarang, only to see the villain disappear in a puff of smoke. This Killer Moth is revealed to be an illusion created by the Cavalier.

Inspecting his batarang, Robin discovers a tiny tracking device planted on the weapon, as well as the Cavalier's thumbprint. Knowing that the Cavalier is following him, Robin leads the Cavalier to a massive tree, hidden away within a dense forest. The Cavalier discovers a hidden door on the tree, and opens it with his sword. Inside the tree's trunk, the Cavalier discovers what he believes to be Robin's secret lair. Strangely, he also finds an interplanetary communicator, artificial food dispenser, and an enormous bird's nest. The evidence before his eyes leads the Cavalier to conclude that Batman and Robin are, in fact, aliens. Robin enters the tree trunk, then proceeds to beat the living daylights out of the Cavalier. The Killer Moth and The Cavalier compare notes, in jail. The Killer Moth contends that he has discovered Batman's true identity, The Cavalier counters, though, with his newly discovered "facts", that the Caped Crusaders are extraterrestrials. Each man disputes the findings of the other.

Target: The Shotgun Sniper!

Man-Bat scours the rooftops of Manhattan, in search of the Shotgun Sniper. After confronting a man abusing pigeons with a baseball bat, Man-Bat checks in at the local police headquarters. Captain Daniels rebuff's Man-Bat's offer of assistance on the case, making it clear that Man-Bat is interfering in a police matter. Across town, Private Investigator Jason Bard pays a call on Man-Bat's wife, Francine Langstrom. Investigating the Shotgun Sniper case, Bard has discovered that each of the three victims were former lovers of Langstrom. Bard believes the Langstrom's husband, Kirk, may be the Shotgun Sniper. Knowing that her husband is investigating the case, as Man-Bat, Langstrom angrily ousts Bard from her home. Bard sets up on the roof of Langstrom's building, to wait for her husband to come home. Observed by Man-Bat, Bard is mistaken for the Shotgun Sniper. As Man-Bat closes on Bard, the real Shotgun Sniper aims his sights on first Bard. then Man-Bat, before finally settling on... Langstrom.

Batman's Bureau Of Missing Villains

A summary of Batman and Robin's first, and only, encounter with Mister Polka-Dot.

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