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1. This page is only for those Gotham heroes who do work, or have ever worked, directly under Batman, operating with his sanction, oversight and/or resources. Characters like Catwoman, the Birds of Prey, Batwoman (Kate Kane) and so on are NOT to be added to this page, as they have traditionally operated with a sizable degree of autonomy separate from Batman.

2. This page is only for the circle of Batman's allies that operate, or have operated for at least a major portion of their careers, in Gotham. Do NOT add Batman Incorporated members like El Gaucho, Squire and Nightrunner to this page. As far as possible, this page should be Gotham-centric.

3. This page is only for characters appearing in DC's prime continuity, whether pre- or post-Flashpoint. Do NOT add Carrie Kelly or Helena Wayne to this page on the grounds that they were both Robin in their respective alternate universes.

4. This page should only be tagged for appearance in issues where at least three or more members of the Batman Family appear together or working/interacting together. If Batman and the current Robin are the only two members of the Family to appear in a given issue, tag the Batman and Robin team, not this one.

5. Friends and Enemies who are added to this page should be friends or enemies of multiple members of the Batman Family. For example, Deathstroke qualifies as a villain of the Batman Family since he has been an enemy of Batman, Nightwing, Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain. Someone like Mirror, on the other hand, has only ever been a Batgirl villain, and thus should not be tagged to this page.


Bruce Wayne/Batman

Bruce Wayne - Batman

The founder of the "Batman Family", Bruce Wayne took up the mantle of the Bat to avenge the murders of his parents by striking terror into the hearts of Gotham's criminal underworld.

Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred has served for decades as the Wayne family butler, and became a father-figure to the young Bruce after the death of his parents. He has also been a major influence in the lives of the young men and women who became Batman's allies in the war against crime over the years.

Dick Grayson/Robin I/Nightwing/Batman III

Dick Grayson, Agent of Spyral

When his parents were killed in a circus accident that was later discovered to have been orchestrated by a gangster named Tony Zucco, Bruce took Dick under his wing and raised him as his ward. Dick wanted to join Batman's battle, and so he became the first and most famous Robin. After years as Batman's sidekick, they had a falling out and Dick took up the persona of Nightwing, an independent hero. He eventually reconciled with Bruce, and was even officially adopted as his son. When Bruce was presumed dead following the events of Final Crisis, Dick took on the mantle of the Bat to keep Gotham safe in his absence. After Bruce's return, he went back to being Nightwing again.

Following the events of Forever Evil, Dick Grayson is presumed dead to most of the world. Bruce has tasked Grayson with a new mission: to bring down Spyral from the inside. He now acts as a double agent within Spyral, working alongside fellow agent Helena Bertinelli.

Jason Todd/Robin II/Red Hood

Jason Todd - Red Hood

After Dick left to be Nightwing, Batman was left without a sidekick and operated alone for some time. One night, he came across a young street urchin who was trying to steal the Batmobile's hubcaps. Knowing that the boy's deep-seated anger combined with his social conditions would inevitably lead him to a life of crime, Batman decided to help him channel his anger into something productive, making Jason the second Robin. They worked together for some time until Jason was tricked and murdered by the Joker. Batman mourned his death, and considered it a cautionary tale against enlisting the young into his endless war. Jason was ultimately resurrected as a result of the large-scale reality warping taking place during Infinite Crisis, and became a lethal anti-hero known as the Red Hood. He has been both an enemy and ally to Batman, and currently maintains very ambivalent relations with the rest of the Family, while also leading his own team, the Outlaws.

Tim Drake/Robin III/Red Robin

Tim Drake - Red Robin

After noticing Batman's increasingly erratic behavior following the death of Jason Todd, Tim Drake deduced his identity and persuaded Batman and Nightwing to let him serve as the third Robin. Following Bruce's presumed death during Final Crisis, Tim took up the mantle of Red Robin to travel the world and figure out what had really happened to his mentor. Currently, Tim leads the Teen Titans, while still retaining the title of Red Robin.

Damian Wayne/Robin V

Damian Wayne - Robin

Damian was the son of Batman and Talia al Ghul. Raised from birth by the League of Assassins, he came into his father's care at the age of 10. Demanding to be the next Robin as his birthright, he was eventually allowed to become Batman's sidekick as Bruce sought to use the job to steer his son away from the murderous lifestyle his mother had raised him in. Damian was ultimately killed by the Heretic as fallout of a global war between his parents.

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl I /Oracle

Barbara Gordon - Batgirl

The daughter of Commissioner James Gordon, Barbara was the first Batgirl. When she was attacked and crippled by the Joker in The Killing Joke, she stepped into a new role as Oracle, one of the DCU's most powerful hackers and information brokers, coordinating the activities of heroes across the planet and leading the all-female superhero team known as the Birds of Prey. In the New 52, she was healed and became Batgirl again, but still leads the Birds.

Luke Fox/Batwing II

Luke Fox - Batwing

Luke Fox is the son of Bruce Wayne's business partner and ally, Lucius Fox, and is one of the newer inclusions to the Bat-family. He is an M.I.T. graduate and an accomplished MMA fighter. He was initially considered a candidate for the role of Batwing, but was turned down in favor of David Zavimbe. When Zavimbe resigns, Bruce passes down the mantle to Luke, along with a technologically advanced suit of armor. Still a bit of a rookie, the suit gives him the edge he needs to take on most foes.

Jean-Paul Valley/Azrael I/Batman II

Jean-Paul Valley - Azrael

Jean-Paul was a servant of the Order of Saint Dumas, occupying the role of Azrael, the Order's angel of vengeance. Batman rescued him from that life, and Valley then spent a few years helping the Batman Family as a technician and inventor. When Batman was crippled by Bane, Jean-Paul was instructed to take on the mantle of the Bat to keep Gotham safe. However, the Order's mental programming along with latent schizophrenia slowly drove Jean-Paul over the edge, making him an unstable and murderous version of the Dark Knight. When Bruce recovered, he stopped Jean-Paul and reclaimed his mantle. Jean-Paul was later rehabilitated and became a member of the Batman Family operating under his old alias Azrael, but he was killed by Carlton LeHah at the end of his solo series.

Helena Bertinelli/Huntress/Batgirl II

Helena Bertinelli - Huntress

The daughter of Sicilian mafia bosses, Helena lost her family to the vicious circle of crime that dominated their lives, and became the Huntress to avenge their deaths. While initially earning Batman's disfavor owing to her violent methods and disregard for criminals' lives, her proximity to the Batman Family kept her involved in matters that affected them whether she liked it or not. She made her own temporary Batgirl costume to keep order in the wastelands of Gotham following the cataclysmic earthquake, and later teamed up with various members of the Family over the years when Gotham needed her.

In the New 52, much of Helena's character history is no longer intact. She is now an agent of Spyral, working alongside Dick Grayson. Whether or not she eventually joins up with the Batman Family is to be determined.

Cassandra Cain/Batgirl III/Blackbat

Cassandra Cain - Blackbat

The daughter of legendary assassins David Cain and Lady Shiva, Cassandra's birth and upbringing were part of a mass-scale eugenics experiment authorized by the League of Assassins to create the ultimate killer. When she made her first kill at the age of 8, she was horrified at what she'd done and ran away to live on the streets. She caught Batman's attention when, at the age of 14, she stopped her father from assassinating Jim Gordon by placing herself in the path of the bullet. Under Barbara Gordon's tutelage, she became the newest Batgirl. When Stephanie Brown took up the title, Cassandra used the alias Blackbat as a member of Batman Incorporated.

She has thus far not made an appearance in the New 52.

Stephanie Brown/Spoiler/Robin IV/Batgirl IV

Stephanie Brown - Spoiler

The daughter of the villain Cluemaster, Stephanie adopted the alias Spoiler to foil her father's crimes before they happened. She caught the attention of Tim Drake, and they developed a relationship. When Tim quit being Robin per his father's wishes, Batman began to train Stephanie as the next Robin, but this was a failure as she was not yet ready for that kind of responsibility. Much later, after receiving training and tutelage from Cassandra Cain, Stephanie became the next Batgirl.

In the New 52, she is back under the guise of Spoiler, but has yet to make ties with the Bat-family.

Kathy Kane/Batwoman

Kathy Kane - Batwoman

Kathy was the Silver Age Batwoman. An heiress who took up fighting crime for the thrill of it, Kathy caught Batman's attention and he tried to discourage her as he believed she was fighting crime for the wrong reasons. Kathy was defiant and proved her skills as a crime fighter and a detective, impressing Batman. She and Batman grew close and developed a relationship. She eventually retired as Batwoman, although still occasionally donning the costume to help out Batgirl every now and then. To strike at Batman, the League of Assassins put a hit on Kathy's head, and she was killed by Bronze Tiger.

She has recently been revealed to be alive and the head of Spyral, although how this happened is still not known.



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