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Bruce Wayne's Batcycle

Batman's Batcycle

As Batman, Bruce employs his personal Batcycle in times of need. The Batcycle is a 786 c.c., liquid-cooled street bike with a computer-controlled carburetor bulletproof windshield, chassis and body. The Batcycle is most often portrayed as being heavily armored, black in color, and having stylized, bat-shaped furnishings.

Tim Drake's Batcycle

Robin's Batcycle.

Throughout his years as Robin, Tim Drake has used a customized Batcycle for transportation; the motorcycle is his preferred method of travel, currently, as Red Robin. The bike is noticeably smaller in stature than Bruce's and has a 491 c.c., liquid-cooled engine. Tim's bike is capable of speeds upward of 130 m.p.h.. The windshield and chassis are bulletproof and the body of the cycle is well-armored, encasing the engine completely, and painted red.

Dick Grayson's Batcycle

Single-wheeled Batcycle

As Nightwing, Dick Grayson has operated a Batcycle similar to Tim's, but more armored and painted black with blue accents. Currently, as Batman, Dick uses a custom-built, single-wheeled motorcycle. It is well-armored, appears to have rocket-thrusting capabilities, and is able to be controlled via voice command. The unicycle is painted a dark charcoal color and is emblazoned with a black Bat-symbol underneath the windshield.

Other Media

Batman TV Series

The Batcycle was used in the 1966 Batman TV series by Batman and Robin in the episode "Not Yet, He Ain't".

The Dark Knight


A strikingly modern version of the Batcycle, called the Batpod, appears in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight. The Batpod ejects from the front of the Tumbler to allow the Tumble to self-destruct. It has two 20 inch wheels, is controlled by shoulder movements, and is armed with a harpoon, rocket cannons and machine guns. It is powered by a modified, water-cooled, single-cylinder engine and can perform barrel rolls and drive vertically up walls for turn-a-rounds. Catwoman will have a silver Batpod.


The Batcycle has appeared many times in the various animated series based on Batman and related characters.

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