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As a young man, Jason Bard vowed to find his father, the man who he believed murdered his beloved mother. This proved to be a difficult task, since his father abandoned him when he was just a child, and his mother had destroyed all photos of him. Jason therefore had no memory of his father's face.

After joining the Marines, Bard was sent to Vietnam, but returned home shortly afterwards - his right knee crippled in an explosion. He then attended college, majoring in Criminology, and opened an office in Gotham City where he has established a reputation as an intelligent, ethical private investigator.

On the odd occasion, his services have been used by Batman and he has more recently been involved with the Birds of Prey - having once been close to Barbara Gordon and having a professional relationship with her father, GCPDs, Commissioner Gordon.

Bruce Wayne onced hired him to find out Halo's background. He succeeded in finding out she was Violet Harper.

Bard was employed as a daylight detective by Batman. His first case was the disappearance of Orca which he successfully completed after winning a fight with the new Tally Man. In Batgirl: Year One, it's Killer Moth who crippled him by shooting him in the knee.  


Jason Bard was created by Frank Robbins first appearing in Detective Comics #392 (Oct 1969). 

Powers and Abilities

Bard has no meta-human abilities; however, he is a capable fighter, criminologist and marksman.


  • Height: 6'

  • Weight:175

  • Eyes:Brown

  • Hair:Brown

Young Justice

Jason is a friend of John Jones. At one point during his career in the US Marine Corps, he injured his leg.

Bard was part of a telepathically simulated training exercise of the Team. He fought under General Eiling in Washington, D.C..[

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