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"The Monstrosity Chase!"

Radio personality, Barry Dark, is accosted at gunpoint. Batman, violently, deals with the gunman. At the Gotham Hotel, famed director Tabitha Blatant, holds a press conference. The event is interrupted by the Gargoyle Gang, garishly costumed assailants looking to steal a mask of solid gold. Batman intervenes, only to be, stunningly, gunned down in a hail of bullets. The Gargoyle Gang make off with the mask, along with a hostage, Blatant's secretary, Jami Lewin. Dark goes on the air to report the robbery, as well as Batman's murder. Police Commissioner James Gordon arrives on the scene to investigate the robbery homicide. As does Batman. The murdered man, in the Batman costume, is revealed to be Harry Noah, an actor. Noah was hired, by Blatant, to appear at her press conference, as Batman, to provide extra security for the mask.

An earlier theft of the city's sewer schematics leads Batman to believe the Gargoyle Gang's escape route is through the sewers. After leaving instructions for Alfred, Batman enters the sewers to pursue the Gargoyle Gang. On the radio, Dark reports that the weather is scheduled to take a turn for the worse. In the sewers, Batman encounters Maxie and Snail, two members of the Gargoyle Gang, left behind to guard the gang's escape, and beats them into unconsciousness. Dark reports that the Gotham Dam may burst during the storm, flooding the sewers. Two more members of the Gargoyle Gang are dispatched to check on Maxie and Snail. They, too, are beaten into unconsciousness by the Batman. Dark reports that Gotham Dam has burst, flooding the sewers. With the water risen to their chests, the Gargoyle Gang search for the Batman.

The Caped Crusader ambushes and subdues them all. Dark reports that the maps the Gargoyle Gang are using are out of date. The exit they're heading for is blocked. Batman rounds up the Gargoyle Gang, who plead with their leader to surrender before they all drown. Diving under water, Batman takes out the gang's leader. Leading the group to a manhole cover, Batman instructs Lewin to tap on it with her shoe. Alfred detonates a small charge to unseal the manhole cover. The police arrive to take the gang into custody, but Batman reveals that real criminal is still at large. Batman and Gordon arrest Blatant, as she tries to leave Gotham City by plane. Blatant arranged to have the golden mask stolen, as she had insured it for millions of dollars. Dark goes off the air. On the street, he affects an air of indifference, seemingly unmoved by the night's events.

The Fine Art Of Murder

Herbert Agar is gunned down, by a sniper, in the middle of his Art History class. Dick Grayson, as Robin, the Teen Wonder, goes after the sniper. After a pitched battle on the rooftop, Robin defeats the sniper. Before the sniper can be interrogated, he, too, is murdered. Robin, as Grayson, returns to class, to console his girlfriend, Lori Elton. From Elton, Grayson learns what Agar's last words were. Grayson follows the lead to the Remlo Art Gallery, Agar's last place of employment. After being rebuffed by the gallery's owner, Grayson returns, as Robin. The Teen Wonder uncovers, then takes down, an art theft ring. The case leaves Robin with too many unanswered questions, prompting him to continue his investigation. Elton dumps Grayson in favor of her new beau, Dave Corby.

Assault On The Pentagon!

On a date with Senator Tom Cleary, Barbara Gordon spies a group of mercenaries, closing on the Pentagon. Brusquely breaking her date, Gordon engages the mercenaries, as Batgirl. With the military police already subdued by the mercenaries, Batgirl quickly comes under fire. While able to dodge their gunfire, a mortar round nearly fells her. Batgirl follows a trail of river-mud caked footprints to the Pentagon's inner courtyard. There she encounters Madame Zodiac. The very structure of the Pentagon fuels Madame Zodiac's astral powers, allowing her to encase the military police officers in the Pentagon's walls. Batgirl uses explosives to destroy enough of the Pentagon's structure to disrupt the power flowing into Madame Zodiac. With the villain defeated, Batgirl ponders how she can salvage her relationship with Senator Cleary.

Man-Bat No More!

Kirk Langstorm contemplates his future, having retired his Man-Bat identity. Later that night, three would-be robbers of the Coin Collector are attacked by Man-Bat. When news of the encounter reaches Langstrom, he fears that he may be carrying on as Man-Bat in his sleep. Another night finds four vandals being brought to justice by Man-Bat. Again, Langstrom has no recollection of thwarting the crime. Langstrom learns that Bartholomew Higgins, the costumed criminal known as "Snafu", has escaped from prison. That night, Higgins, as Snafu, disrupts a sporting event at Madison Square Garden. Man-Bat closes in on Snafu, while, across town, Langstrom is fast asleep in bed.

A Choice Of Destinies

Helena Wayne settles in at the law offices of Cranston, Grayson, and Wayne. Her arrival is met with great umbrage from Roger DeMarest, who feels that Wayne is a poor substitute for Grayson. Wayne, herself, has little interest in her role as a lawyer, preferring instead to hit the streets, as the Huntress. A series of arsons have occurred in South Gotham. The Huntress patrols the area. When a building on Shutter Avenue goes up, the Huntress arrives to find the fire fighters barely performing their duty. Hearing cries for help, the Huntress enters the building, and ushers several tenants to safety. As the last tenant reaches the ground, the floor gives out beneath the Huntress. Only her acrobatic acumen saves her. Back out on the street, the Huntress resumes her civilian identity. As Wayne, she witnesses a young boy accepting money to plant incendiary devices in the neighborhood. Wayne tries to get a better look at the shadowy figure paying the boy, but the mystery man disappears before she can reach him.

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