Cross-Company Analogs

Whether they’re loving homages, satirical parodies, or simply shameless rip-offs, this list further explores the comic book trope of the spin-off character, in this case when a company creates their own version of a rival company’s character. In the additional info section you’ll find the name of the original character on which they’re based. I’ve only included those that are intentional analogs, as opposed to characters who simply bear similarities.

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Posted by The Poet

This list was interesting, though I would not say Darkwing Duck is a homage to batman (he wears a cape and a grappling hook like device, but not a direct connection). He is different from batman, unlike the more obvious persons on this list like "Monster from the lost lagoon" (which is a direct connection to the creature). Nor is he a parody like his parallel self, Aracno duck, is to spiderman. let alone a rip off.
If Darkwing is a homage to Batman, then, by that logic, wouldn't Batman be a homage himself to The Shadow? as bats was originally designed after the shadow (see his bio), wouldn't that make him worthy of being added to the list or has he too become a seperate character? Just curious on your point of view on what goes for these homages in your book.

Posted by RawhideKid

Valid points, all the way around.  I actually considered Batman, though really he belongs on the "Combo Characters" list, his creators having drawn inspiration from Zorro, Dracula, The Shadow, and others (there's a neat homage to this in the pages of Alan Moore's Top Ten, in which all of these characters are seen hanging out together). 
But those were more inspirations as opposed to a direct analog.  As for Darkwing, there's also a mix of influences at work, but the Batman elements seem too numerous and dominant to ignore.  It's hardly an exact science, but I calls 'em as I sees 'em.
Thanks for commenting!  

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir
Posted by RawhideKid

Thanks for the suggestion!  I've added him to the list.

Posted by name_already_chosen

This is a fairly good list!

I'm curious: was there a specific reason you didn't include The Confessor and Altar Boy as fairly obvious Batman and Robin homages?

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

I consider the Emperor to be more of a Ra's al Ghul archetype, but good list!

Edited by SwampPing

The boys has lots of analogues for example Homelander/Superman, Queen Maeve/Wonder Woman Teenage Kix/Teen Titans Stormfront/Thor

Posted by Thor_Ul