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Sounds of destruction!

In the other dimensional Earth-like Squadron world (Earth-712), the heroine known as Lady Lark is Linda Lewis from Franklintown, New Babylon. Linda was a promising up and coming singer with a new record release before a tragic accident severed her vocal chords. An enemy of the Squadron Supreme, Doctor Decibel, surgically implanted synthetic vocal chords into her throat. The morbid Doctor's operation ended up giving her the ability to generate a "sonic cry" which could incapacitate opponents, but sadly took away her natural ability to sing. Assuming the name Lady Lark, she set out on a career of heroics alongside the

Squadron Supreme. A reluctant hero at best, Linda often wished to return to her singing career, never truly having the heart for adventuring and seeing her ability as a curse.


Lady Lark was created by John Buscema and Roy Thomas and first appeared in Avengers #85 in February 1971. As with the other members of the Squadron Supreme, she was created to mirror a DC Universe character, in this case, Black Canary. Interestingly, she went on to parallel a second DC character in her later incarnation as Skylark, this time imitating Hawkgirl.

Major Story Arcs

Overmind and the Utopia Program

Linda often partnered in crime fighting, and later romantically, with the character Golden Archer(mirroring the relationship between the DC Universe's Black Canary and Green Arrow). After the second attempt by the alien being named the Overmind to control her universe's planet Earth, defeated with the help of Earth-616's Defenders.

Linda had a serious change of heart about her relationship with the Archer. With the newly changed protocols and approach developed under the Utopia Project, the Squadron took the helm of the US government. Linda started to have a budding attraction to her teammate the Blue Eagle, going on more and more working assignments together. The Archer felt that there was a distance building between him and Linda, and asked for her hand in marriage. Linda however refused his marriage proposal letting him know her true feelings she had grown to have for him, being just friends. In an angry outburst the Archer accused her of having a fling with the Blue Eagle, blaming him for taking her away. The Archer then used a mind-altering device created by the genius Tom Thumb to literally change her mind, but this had the unintended side effect of altering her personality to an air-headed, vapid persona that put her feelings for the Archer above all other priorities. After the other members of the Squadron noticed Linda's severe obsession, they confronted Archer. He confessed what he did and was expelled from the ranks of the Squadron, Linda insisting that she loves him regardless, quit to be with him. Tom Thumb was unable to change back Linda's normal personality without possible brain damage.

He loves me, he loves me not...

It is not explained how, but Archer managed to separate from Lady Lark and joined up with Nighthawk's rebel team the Redeemers who are opposed to the Utopia Program, believing humanity must make its own way to true utopia. In a final effort to bring down the scheme, the Redeemers fight the Squadron Supreme. The Archer dies in this battle under his later identity of the Black Archer, causing Lady Lark seemingly to slowly shake off the effects of the mental modification, and she returned to active status with the Squadron. Feeling she needed to increase her abilities to stand beside teammates that she perceived as more powerful, she began using the artificial wings that once belonged to deceased paramour Blue Eagle to gain the power of flight.

The Nth Man

In this new persona, Linda traveled into space with the other Squadron members to face the Nth Man, an immensely powerful entity threatening to destroy the Universe. The team defeat their enemy through the sacrifice of Arcanna Jones' son Benjamin who switches places with the Nth Man, but the team are transported away from their dimension by their double-crossing enemy Master Menace and they end up trapped in Earth-616 reality.


While in our reality (Earth-616), Linda renames herself Skylark. With this new ability came greater confidence, and Skylark became far more aggressive in combat than she had been as her previous alter ego of Lady Lark.

After returning to her native dimension with the team, she was injured in reentry and was remanded to hospital care.

Powers and Equipment

Soaring the friendly skies

After Linda was awakened from the operation on her vocal cords she found that she is able to emit powerful sonic and hypersonic emissions with a range of effects from shattering glass to upsetting others' equilibrium.

As Skylark she has adapted the artificial wings of her former paramour Blue eagle, she now wears them and has become a fair aerialist combining her sonic-scream while flying over opponents.

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