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Fox and The Killer

The Fox originates from the ghetto somewhere in America. She had ties to crime from an early age, and a combination of her ruthlessness, killing ability and effectiveness in combat earned her a spot in the Fraternity. She has since grown close to the Professor's group, and had an intimate (if entirely superficial) relationship with The Killer, and then his son, Wesley Gibson, also know as The Killer.

Powers and abilities

While possessing no inherent superhuman abilities, she is an accomplished killer and assassin, can easily manoeuvre a fighter jet even in tense moments, and is very quick on her feet in combat. While she lacks an education, she appears to be street-smart, and is quick-witted.

Movie Adaption

Fox (with Wesley in the background) in a firefight

In the film Wanted, Fox is played by Angelina Jolie. There are not many differences from Fox's movie counterpart, other than toned down killing, origin, and change of ethnicity. She joins the fraternity after her father was brutally murdered by a man who would have been dead, had a Fraternity assassin completed his mission of killing him. She accompanies Wesley on most of his early missions, causing a bond to grow between them. In the finale, when Sloan (the villainous head of the Fraternity) reveals that he had been setting the contracts up to his own ends and orders Wesley's death, she uses her marksmanship skills to curve a bullet around the room, killing everyone there, save Sloan and Wesley. She is characterised as being very loyal to the idea of the "loom of fate" and the code of the assassins, shown when she is willing to kill Wesley because she thought that that was what the loom had ordered, and later on when she willingly kills all of her friends and herself because their name came up.

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