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Lord Havok and the Extremists before the Infinite Crisis

Originally a leader of a group of terrorists from Angor that were destroyed in a nuclear holocaust, that they themselves have caused.

His image and the image of his team was used to create robots for a theme park. The personalities of these robots were so driven by their no longer living counter-parts, that they decided to re-enact their terrorist goals of conquest on Earth. They were stopped by the then still active Justice League of Europe.

The Lord Havok robot would be later re-activated by a possessed Maxwell Lord. But after a fight with the Justice League, he was again deactivated.

New life would was given to him and his partners when Twilight re-activated all the extremists to fought against Supergirl and Power Girl.

For a time, Maxwell Lord posed as a new Lord Havok. But for the time of Infinity crisis, he had abandoned that identity.

Lord Havok and the Extremists after the Infinite Crisis(Earth-8)


Lord Havok was born under the name of Alexi , as a son to the Russian czar Nikolai III. His birth was considered a momentous occasion for celebration, due to the fact that the czar wanted a son.

His birth however had severe complications which resulted in Alexi having multiple birth defects.

Half of his body, his legs and his left arm were disfigured beyond recognition, leaving only his right hand functional and normal.

Nikolai III was shocked that his son was an abomination. He considered Alexi a monster and attempted to throw his newly born child into a burning fireplace. He might have very well succeeded without the timely intervention of Alexi's mother.

The boy Alexi showing his invention to his mother

As the boy grew, supported by the unselfish love of his mother, his genius became evident. Due to his appearance he rarely went out or had any friends. He was considered an embarrassing secret of the royal family. He quickly mastered the creation of robots, prosthetics and other technological marvels. His father, however, showed him nothing but abuse. Nikolai was convinced that Alexi's inventions were a sign that his boy was an abomination, or worse, a devil, because he was sure no normal child Alexi's age could create such things.

Alexi's mother feared for the safety of her son, convinced that her husband meant to harm him or worse. She decided to send Alexi away from Nikolai to United States of Angor. There Alexi continued to study and excel in his genius, creating a liquid metal substance that reacted to mere thoughts.

Loss of Humanity

His relative peace was short lived, however, when he received the message that his mother was dead. Apparently his father found out that his mother was secretly financing his life in the States and lost his temper, violently ending the life of the only person who loved Alexi. Alexi accused his father: "...all my life you took from me. My childhood. My heritage..Everything! And I accepted it. And I would have continued to accept it, never to be heard from again...until you took

her from me..."

His liquid metal flowed over his undamaged side giving him a demonic appearance. Alexi killed his father, and proceeded to obliterate all life in Russia. Lord Havok was born!

The Gathering of the Extremists

Over the time...on the political scene, the first meta human president of the United States of Angor was chosen. It was Tin Man

and he proceeded to enact the metahuman registration act. All meta humans had to register and join the Meta Militia. Many that opposed this were arrested and sent to concentration camps.

Lord Havok, in response, has gathered four individuals, all psychologically damaged and wronged as he was. Each of these individuals operated on their own level secretly. Gorgon worked as a government scientist (for the States of Angor), Dreamslayer led a religious organization, Tracer had connections to the criminal underground, and Dr. Diehard founded an academy for meta human children.

His first act of war was the assassination of president Tin Man on national televison. Lord Havok and the

Extremists were labelled terrorists. After the death of Tin Man, Americommando took the office.

Lord Havok saying NO! to Monarch...

Tired of hiding, and being dedicated with his no-nonsense tactic, Lord Havok took over, with the aid of his Havokoids, a small nation of Slovekia, slaughtering the royal family to secure his rule. Open war with the States of Angor was declared.

The Existence of Other Worlds

The challengers Jason Todd, Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner and "Bob" the Monitor popped into Earth-8 at this time. Lord Havok mistakenly believing that they are the vanguard of Meta Militia had them imprisoned. He had planned to extract any information from them and destroy them. To their luck, the Monitor that was chasing them appeared, and a second later Monarch and his universal army followed.

Monarch demanded from Lord Havok to join his army, but Lord Havok refused, calling his bluff.

Monarch then attempted to make Lord Havok reconsider by helping the President Americommando to destroy places of great importance to the Extremists. This lead to dissension among the ranks of Extremists, and Dr. Diehard lead the mutiny against Lord Havok. Lord Havok held an impassioned speech, calling in the personal loyalty of each of his Extremists. Then he ordered them to kill Dr. Diehard, stating that he has become too weak to do what has to be done for each their goals. They did so, and Lord Havok had once again consolidated his ranks.

Empty White Room

Eventually Americommando, together with Monarch and his army, assaulted Slovekia and confronted Lord Havok. Everyone was shocked to find out that Lord Havok's lab was an empty white room. Most thought that he had went insane. Lord Havok, however, revealed that this room negated all powers from an individual, save those of himself and his fellow Extremists.

Americommando was defeated and Lord Havok stated that he is done with Earth-8 and accepted to join Monarch's armada, knowing that he still could not defeat him, and acting on his secret plan.

Lord Havok became second in command t

Why stop with just one Earth?

o Monarch, he proved his tactical genius in battles on multiple Earths.

When the time came for Monarch to fight Superman Prime, he revealed his secret plan.

He knew that Monarch's containment suit would eventually be breached and so he siphoned of a small part of Monarch's power, as well as access to tech.

When Monarch imploded, Lord Havok teleported himself and his Extremists back to a m oon base circling Earth-8.

Now aware of the existence of multiple Earths, Lord Havok prepares himself for future conquests.

Powers and Abilities

Lord Havok wears a suit of cybernetic armour with built-in hi-tech weaponry. The armour gives him some protection from physical and energy attacks, super human strength,endurance, ability to generate energy blasts and a force field. He has an inbuilt radar system that allows him to detect unseen threats and target weapon systems.

His Earth-8 version has an armor made of somekinf of smart liquid metal,capable to react to though and morph into blades or guns. Apparently, also learned how to use "backwards speech" to effect magic in the world.

Other media

Justice League Unlimited

Lord Havok in Justice League Unlimited.

Lord Havok appears in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Shadow of the Hawk". Along with the other Extremists they attacked a city and battled the Justice League. He was defeated by Batman, who used an electrically charged Batarang on him.

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