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Brief History

The Crusaders in Action

The Crusaders were a short-lived British superhero group during World War II. The team consisted of Spirit of '76, Thunderfist, Tommy Lightnin', Captain Wings, Ghost Girl, and Dan the Dyna-mite. They were given their powers from a man known only as Alfie (who drove a cab). He made them believe that the Invaders were traitors to the crown (Great Britian). After discovering that Alfie was a Nazis, Dyna-Mite warned the Invaders but a confrontation was unavoidable. The battle ended when Alfie was trying to escape, the  Human Torch blasted the cab and it went off a bridge. Only two of the Crusaders continued their heroic careers, the others were never heard from. The members of the Crusaders were thinly veiled copies of DC comics F reedom Fighters at that time, respectively.

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