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A famous Silver Age character, Reid Randall, AKA Knight Watchman, is a vigilante from Midway City.


The Knight Watchman was created by Artist/Writer Chris Ecker. Artist Ben Torres has also worked on the character.

Character Development

Reid Randalls brother Ted was a down on his luck gambler who got in the wrong peoples bad books. He owed money to a gang, and they beat him , leaving him in the hospital. The violent act was just a warning, for next time the garment factory owned by the Randall family would be razed to the ground. Instead of making good on their threat the hoods told Ted to sell them the Factory. He refused, ad later that day they killed him and his wife in a car bomb attack.

Reid soon created his blue and grey costume, equipped himself with a pair of nightsticks, and became the Knight Watchman.

He fought crime in Midway City for about fifty years before finally retiring.

After Reid’s retirement, Jerry often adopted the Knight Watchman identity to patrol the city, resuming his role as Galahad during his days,and becoming Knight Watchman at night.

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