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In 1969, Dr. John Cereus developed his own unorthodox theories in psychology. He believed the human mind soon be condensed, not allowing room for suffering. He also believed humans should re-conceptualize themselves as "disposable ingredients in the industrial process". 
He contacted experiments on 100 patients, confined in a single vat and exposed to his mind-condensing gas. He accidentally fell himself in the vat. A week passed before somebody searched for them and opened the vat. Cereus had been transformed  both in body and mind. Most patients went further off the deep end.
The patients were transferred to the Dorkham Asylum (parody of Arkham Asylum). With Cereus generously offered a position as Chief of Staff. He took it, though he viewed his position as "Emperor of Wacky Land".Both the Doctor and his patients were mostly forgotten about for decades. 
In modern times, Serious wanted to avenge himself over humanity for making a joke of him. He would do this by using his Serious Gas to remove all laughter from his hometown of Visigoth, Massachusetts. His plans attracted the attention of both She-Hulk and Nosferata.  
During the conflict Serious fled away from the heroines and the patients most loyal to him. Right to the arms of those very hostile to him. He was beaten to death.

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