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They appeared in Tripoli before Superman could get there and killed Bobo Haha and 2000 soldiers. Manchester Black then declared: "The old ways are dead. Trust me, in less than a year, you'll love me for this..."

This initial team consisted of:

Manchester Black then went about showing Superman that "the dream is over" which concluded with Superman faking the deaths of the rest of The Elite to show Black that you can save people without having to kill.

After Manchester's apparent suicide, his sister Vera Lynn Black formed a new team, with the intention of atoning for her brother's actions. The new team included Coldcast, a new hat, as well as the second Menagerie, the sister of the original. After helping the Justice League prevent worldwide catastrophy as Gaia became enraged with humanity despoiling the Earth, Sister Superior--as Vera Lynn Black called herself--petitioned the JLA for the Elite's inclusion. Superman objected, but the team did become the Justice League Elite. After the second Menagerie, betrayed the team in retaliation on behalf of her sister, the team disbanded.

In Other Media

Manchester Black's team appeared in the 2012 animated film, Superman vs. The Elite. Vera Lynn Black also makes an appearance, though as a British special agent rather than as a member of the team.

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