Powered Mutants Post M-Day

A list of mutants in the Marvel Universe who have retained their powers after the Scarlet Witch cast her spell of "No More Mutants." This list also contains mutants who have somehow regained their powers. Mutants who retained their powers but are currently deceased will not be included. The list is organized alphabetically.

March 2011 updates (spoilers:

Added: Melter (confirmed mutant), Namora (previously missing from list), Namorita (time-displaced version), Tangerine (confirmed powered), Toro (resurrected), Ultra Girl (Kree mutant)

Removed: Alex (death), Alyosha Kravinoff (death), Apocalypse (death), Bishop (stranded in the future), Bob (death), Loca (death), Maw (death), Nekra (death), Paradigm (death), Profile (confirmed not mutant), Russell (death), Scab (death), Shauna (death), Timothy (death), Toko (death).

April 2011 updates (spoilers):

Added: Apocalypse (not dead), Scarlet Witch (powered)

Removed: -

May 2011 updates (spoilers):

Added: Chamber (repowered)

Removed: Anteus (deceased), Elysia (deceased), Jaeger (deceased), Junction (deceased), Rax (deceased), Salvo (deceased), Tempo (deceased)

June 2011 updates (spoilers):

Added: Feral (resurrected), Klara Prast (previously missing), Rictor (repowered)

Removed: Feral (ghost)

July 2011 updates (spoilers):

Added: - Stacy-X (resurrected/repowered)

Removed: Fantomex (mutate, not mutant), Ghoul (deceased), Razorback (depowered)

August 2011 updates (spoilers)

Added: Wiz Kid (resurrected/powered)

Removed: - Mystique (deceased)

March 2012 updates (spoilers)

Added: Astra (revealed alive), Genesis (new character), Genocide (new character), Joseph (resurrected), Skinless Man (new character)

Removed: Apocalypse (deceased), Death (deceased), Jamie Braddock (deceased), Mimic (confirmed non-mutant), Zero (presumably deceased)

July 2012 updates (spoilers)

Added: Blob (Age of Apocalypse version), Mystique (revived), Puff Adder (confirmed mutant), Sabretooth (revived)

August 2012 updates (spoilers)

Added: Blockbuster (resurrected), Prism (resurrected)

Removed: Gateway (deceased)

November 2012 updates (spoilers):

Added: Christopher (new mutant), Eva (new mutant), Eye Boy (new mutant), Iara dos Santos (new mutant), Ilya Koblev (powered), Ioakim Koblev (powered), Issa Koblev (powered), Jean Grey (past version), Jia Jing (new mutant), Leonine (new character), Mudbug (new mutant), Remus (new character), Tithe (new character)

Removed: Blob (AoA) (deceased), Daken (deceased), Dark Beast (back in AoA), Dazzler (X-Treme X-Men), Professor-X (deceased), Skinless Man (deceased)

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Posted by xboy79

Great List !!! : ))

Posted by Providence
@xboy79: Thanks, Xboy! :) Hope you found it useful!
Posted by Zeraphyne

Got one more for you


Posted by Providence
@Zeraphyne: Do you know where he'd appeared with powers post M-day?
Edited by Danial79

I thought there was 198 left after M-Day? Are the extra 7 on your list the ones that regained their power?

Posted by Providence
@Danial79:  The 198 was the number of mutants SHIELD was aware of. Even then there were over 198 powered mutants. Since then, quite a few of those mutants have died. Others were not on record as having been powered or depowered and some of those depowered have regained their powers or come back to life. 
Let me know if you'd like me to get into detail and I can update the list with more details.
Here is the original list of the 198.
Posted by Danial79

Thanks for that! It's a good list to have handy :)

Edited by tsl3161991

callisto, harpoon, polaris, razorback, and reaper were depowered and neither of them regained their powers or gained new powers. you should remove them.
Posted by Notorious CRP

Great List!!

Posted by Providence
@tsl3161991:  They are powered.
Callisto and Reaper regained their powers in X-Factor.
Harpoon appeared alongside the other Marauders, he was powered.
Polaris lost her powers and has gained some imitation of her previous powers through Apocalypse's technology.
It seems you are correct about Razorback though! Thanks. :)
Edited by Journey Into Chaos

Great list, i made need this for reference.  Does anyone think there should be a favourite button for lists?

Posted by GothamRed

No More mutant, unless we want to use them later, or revive them, or introduce new ones.  Well okay maybe a few mutants.

Posted by Squares

Nice job with the list :3

Posted by eldestrisk

Thank you for this.

Posted by eldestrisk

Just one thing, Mimic isn't a mutant. Unless you are counting the Exiles one, but still, that Mimic is dead.

Posted by Providence
@eldestrisk: Thanks eldestrisk! Originally, Mimic wasn't created a mutant. In the last 10 years or so, he's been retconned into being a mutant.
Posted by sa5m

I like this one

Posted by Providence
@sa5m:  Glad you do! =)
Posted by SystemID

Wow. What an awesome list! =)

Posted by tsl3161991
reaper never technically regained his powers, he got prosthetics that did the same thing his powers did. harpoon didn't keep his powers, he got a single harpoon that can charge with energy that storm confiscated. though his clone might have retained his powers, the real harpoon didn't. 
you should, in my opinion, remove the ones whose powers come from technology that either replaced their original powers or gives them new powers.
Posted by Midnight Monk

Great list, alot of these guy I completely forgot about especially Adam X, Why hasn't this guy been around anyway? Must be the hat lol
Posted by Squares

Jonothon Starsmore was de-powered on M-day, which almost killed him and led to the whole blue skin thing. This was explained in an issue of Excalibur; I can dig up the specific number for you, if you want it.

Posted by Providence
@Squares:  New Excalibur #9. He regained mutant powers (different than his original ones) after the blood transfusion from Apocalypse's blood. They even mention he's an omega class mutant. We just haven't seen what his powers are yet. He didn't use them in New Warriors.
Posted by Seraph_Darkholme

I agree with the others who say that this is a great list, but I thought it might help you if I pointed out that it says on this website that Dragonwing from the Rising Sons also retained his powers Post Decimation. I don't know much about this character, but I think maybe it warrants a little more research. Lemme know what you find out.

Posted by Providence
@Seraph_Darkholme:  Thanks for mentioning Dragonwing, Seraph. The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A To Z Update #5 states that Spoilsport & Nightwind were members of the Rising Sons who were depowered. It is quite possible the other mutants on the team (Dragonwing & Tough Love) might have retained their powers but I don't want to assume they did. The book didn't mention they did or not. Hope that helps. :)
Posted by Seraph_Darkholme
@Providence: Thanks for the timely and informative response. I'm new to this site, so I appreciate your patience with me. I'd also like to add that I've enjoyed the experiences I've had with your contributions so far, and look forward to experiencing more.
P.S. I'd also like to give a shout out to xerox-kitty and Ryonslaught for their excellent contributions as well.
Posted by Zemo

Great list. But missing Eden Fesi, Cloak and Dagger, I think.

Posted by Providence
@Zemo: Thanks, Zemo. Actually, in the latest Cloak & Dagger one-shot, it was confirmed that they were not mutants.That's why they left Utopia. Also, I know all signs points to it but has it been stated anywhere that Eden Fesi is a mutant?
Posted by rsummers

You're missing Klara Prast from the runaways.... Wasn't she confirmed a mutant, born in the late 1800s

Posted by Providence
@rsummers: You are correct!! Thank you for the help! :)
Posted by blackcyclops

You might want to rethink that Feral update, considering this week's issue of X-Factor.

Posted by rsummers

how about nate grey?? im not so sure anymore if you know what i mean

Posted by Providence
@rsummers: He's still powered. I think he just got powered down to a telekinetic now. Let's wait and see next issue. Thanks. :)
Posted by GreenChing

This is a great list! It's probably one of the best ones I have seen regarding the remaining mutants after M-Day. 
However, I recently read that Stacy X is a mutant again. You might want to check that out. I believe her restored mutation may be mentioned in the series Vengeance. Here is a link: http://www.comicvine.com/stacy-x/29-11517/
Also, I read on Wikipedia that Fantomex was listed as a cyborg/mutate in Steve Roger's "X-Men Files." Here is the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decimation_(comics) 
It also says on Wikipedia that Mimic is regarded as a mutate in Steve Roger's "X-Men Files" as well: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decimation_(comics) 
Did the Terrigen Mists just restore Fatale's, Reaper's, Abyss's, Callisto's, and Quicksilver's powers, or their x-gene as well? 
Did Thornn just get her feline appearance restored, or her x-gene as well? When her sister, Feral, battled against Sabretooth, she was easily defeated. This may indicate that the sisters' powers were never restored, but just their feral appearances. Here is a link: http://www.comicvine.com/feral/29-2160/ 
I believe in one of your posts, Providence, you said that Razorback was never a mutant anymore after M-Day. I believe he should be removed from the list. 
I thought Proteus was just resurrected from the dead because of the TO virus, like so many other deceased mutants. I saw that he was apparently decimated by Magneto. Should he be removed from the list? 
In addition, is Malice deceased due to Pixie's Souldagger, or did her entity escape when it was separated from Karima? 
I'm not sure if you missed this, but another commentor ( tsl3161991) said that Harpoon had a " single harpoon that can charge with energy that Storm confiscated." So, when he appeared alongside the Marauders, he may not have had his powers, but, rather, was holding a weapon. It says that he lost his mutant powers after M-Day here: http://www.comicvine.com/harpoon/29-9733/. However, he is still a Marauder.
Finally, I thought Ghoul was obliterated by Cyclop's optic blast in Generation M #5: http://www.comicvine.com/ghoul/29-53492/. I believe he should be removed from the list. 
Sorry for all of the comments! Your list is awesome! I'll continue to follow it!

Posted by Selina_Sublime

Awesome list! 
BTW Stacy X is once again alive and powered!

Posted by Providence
@Selina_Sublime: Thank you, Selena. Yes, I read Vengeance as well. :)
@GreenChing: Thanks for the comments and the help, GreenChing.
On Fantomex: I guess you're right, I'll have him removed.
On Mimic: I think he was originally a mutate and in recent appearances has been referred to as a mutant.
On X-Cell: I normally would not want to be depowered mutants on my list if they've gotten some sort of superhero powers. For example: Jubilee is a depowered mutant but now has vampiric abilities. I would not put her on the list but for other people who regain powers identical to their own, I think it's safe to consider them mutants. I don't think Apocalypse is capable of recovering the X-gene either, celestial technology or not.
On Thornn: I'm going to consider her powered because even if she has her appearance restored. She still has the tail, fangs, claws and that makes her a mutant.
Razorback: Thanks, removing him.
Proteus: His case is a little complicated. Even Magneto stated he didn't know if he was dead and that he'll most probably be back.
Malice & Harpoon: Unless I see some evidence on panel that Malice is dead, I'll be keeping her on the list. Removing Harpoon. :)
Ghoul: Was he? I don't remember the ending of Generation-M and don't currently know where my copy of #5 is so I'll take your word for it.
Thank you so much for the help!!!! =D
Posted by GreenChing
@Providence: Thanks for the updates!
Posted by rsummers

nocturne? i know shes from another reality but so is rachel, and she's still alive so ...

Posted by Providence
@rsummers: Yes, but she is no longer on Earth-616. She's with the Exiles.
Posted by Zemo
Posted by Liberty

Pretty extensive.

Posted by EganTheVile1

Not someone that would usually pop to mind because she is not an X-Villain but a Spider-Man villain, but Shriek is a mutant and still had her powers post M-Day.

Posted by Kallarkz

Great list =) 
Mystique is back though 

Posted by papad1992

Awesome list to quote the others!!

But isn't Sunpyre dead!?

Posted by GreenChing

She may or may not be a mutant according to her bio on the Marvel Wikia site:

"The origin of Shriek's powers is likewise unknown; she may be a mutant, or the powers may have emerged as a result of her time in Cloak's dimension." Although I'm not sure where the write got that from.

Posted by GreenChing

What about the Omega Clan (Omega Red, Omega Black, Omega White)? Since they were built from the remains of Omega Red, would they be considered mutants?

By the way, thanks for all the updates!

Posted by darkmagik

Nekra is missing too

Posted by Providence
Posted by darkmagik

Ok, I didn't know she was dead. Tx

Posted by GothamRed

should broo be added since he's a Brood mutant with enhanced intelligence?