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Namorita's Origin

Namorita is a clone of Namora, cousin to King Namor of Atlantis. Namorita was born a hybrid human/Atlantean, much like Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Just like Namor and Namora, Namorita was born with a white skin instead of blue and was able to fly due to the little wings near her ankles. Namorita was born in a very strange way. As an embryo, she was implanted into the sterile Namora in order for her to be able to have a child. After Namorita was born, her "father" was killed, and Namora raised the girl all by herself. That was until her own death. Namorita was then taken in by one of Namor´s old enemies. He told the young Namorita lies in hope of gaining her trust and do his bidding. On one such occasion while Namor was on a mission on the land, Namorita and Namor met. They however fought each-other, neither of them getting a really good look at each-others faces. A few days later, the two again found themselves face to face, this time in the ocean. The two found out about their family-link and together they defeated the advisory that had kept Namorita hidden from Namor. After that, the two of them had various missions together until Namor brought his young cousin to Betty Prentiss to raise. He felt that it was to dangerous for a young girl to be around him.


Namorita was created by Bill Everett and first appeared in Sub-Mariner #50 in 1972.

Major Story Arcs


Although Namorita, or "Nita" as she liked to call herself now lived a relative normal life, she stayed in contact with her big cousin Namor. She joined him when Namor started his own big cooperation, called Orracle Inc., where she helped him out in work, but also fought alongside Namor during many battles. She however always tried to live a normal life, attending school and college. Namorita's normal life would soon however be tested to the max, as she became part of the newest superheroes team known as the New Warriors.

New Warriors

Namorita Joins The New Warriors

Namorita lived a relatively normal life over the years. This however changed when, on a field trip for her college, Namorita joined a battle with five other superhumans against Terrax, former Heralds of Galactus. After defeating him, the six of them decided to stay together as the New Warriors. Namorita remained a member, even leading eventually, until she began to change colors and develop a hostile attitude. Atlantean scientists discovered she was a clone, and explained that the changes were a result of over-saturation of oxygen.

Namorita changed her name to Kymaera to match her new look and rejoined the Warriors. During the entire tenure of the team, Nova and Namorita had pursued a relationship. During her time as Kymaera, that ended due to the changes Namorita went through, and for a while, she dated Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, quite publicly. During her time with the New-Warriors, Nita was captured by a group called the Undertow, and mind controlled to do what ever they said. She was code-named Hard, and stayed under their control for about a year until she was rescued by Night Thrasher, and Rage. Eventually Namorita's skin color returned to normal. Namorita stayed with the New Warriors for many more months, fighting with an ever changing roaster of teammates.

Reality Show and the Stamford Incident

Namorita attacks Nitro

The New Warriors where eventually given their very own live-action television reality show. Namorita once again had changed to her blue-like skin in this period. During the filming of one of their adventures in Stamford, where the team was planning to capture a few terrorists that where in hiding, Namorita battled the villain Nitro. Things seemed to work out all right until Nitro used his powers, when he exploded himself near a bus, that exploded as well. This incident killed more than 600 people in Stamford, Connecticut, causing the American government to institute a Superhuman Registration Act. Namorita herself was apparently killed in the explosion, along with most of the other New Warriors.

Return - Realm of Kings and Thanos Imperative

Namorita Retuns

Namorita (in human color) was plucked from time by Sphinx along with Moonstone, Bloodstone, Black Bolt, Mr Fantastic and others. Together they helped Nova to defeat Sphinx, which resulted in their returning to their respective times. As Namorita was about to go back to her time, Nova, refusing to let her go again, grabbed her and everything went black. The Nova Corps then managed to rescue Nova, Darkhawk and Namorita and bring them back aboard their ship. Recently, The Revengers of The Cancerverse kidnapped Namorita when they detected an anomalous energy signature radiating from her.

Their orders had been to find the Avatar of Death, who the Undying Lord Mar-Vell knew would have his or her energy signature distorted by Mistress Death, therefore requiring The Revengers to bring any and all individuals with energy signatures like Namorita and Thanos back to Lord Mar-Vell and his right hand, the Quantum Band-wielding mage adept known only as Vaughn for inspection. She was taken captive where she met Major Victory, who was also captured because he was an anomaly in the time stream.

Namorita was rescued by Nova and a group of the most powerful heroes in the universe. They returned to Knowhere and Nova left her behind to help battle Mar-Vell in the Cancerverse. Nova seemingly died when the Cancerverse, leaving Namorita separated from her love once again. What happened to Namorita after that remains to be seen.

Powers and Abilities


Namorita, like her cousin Namor, is capable of breathing and traveling through water as a naturally as through air. As a true sub-mariner, she also has an inherent ability that allows her to absorb electrical currents.

She has enhanced strength, speed, agility, reflexes and durability, enabling her to lift 75 tons underwater, and slightly less on land.

Namorita can fly by means of ankle-wings. She can change her color as camouflage, and secretes corrosive acid or paralyzing toxins from her skin, but it is unknown if she still has these abilities since her return.

Namorita ages slower than humans or even other Atlanteans, as evidenced by her young appearance even being over half a century old.

Other Media


Spider-Man (1981)

Spíder-Man (1981)

Namorita appears in the 1981 Spider-Man series episode Wrath Of The Sub-Mariner. She ends up sick due to pollution caused by the Kingpin.

Fantastic Four

Namorita in Fantastic Four

Namorita appears in the 1994 Fantastic Four episode "Doomsday" leaping out the water as the Silver Surfer flies by.

Video games

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Namorita appears as a NPC in the game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance voiced by April Stewart. After people in Atlantis take over the city, she sends out a distress call when they kidnap her cousin Namor. While Namor is wounded, she acts as your guide through the Atlantis levels. There is special dialogue between her and Iceman.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2


Namorita appears as a NPC in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 voiced again by April Stewart. Tony Stark sees the New Warriors TV show on television. When it shows Namorita subduing Nitro, she ends up a victim of his large explosion.

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