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That's amazing!!
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@jrock72: Thanks for pointing that out!

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@kid_apollo: Thanks a lot. I still need to update the list and organize it. Thanks for suggesting Cyclops. I've added him along with all of the Twelve since they were an important aspect.

Unfotunately regarding Genocide, he was originally on the list when his page existed but the moderators of the site decided to merge his page with Holocaust because they consider him to be the same character. I disagree and would have kept them separate because we don't know who Holocaust's mother is. Also Holocaust as Nemesis had blond hair, Apocalypse had black and Autumn Rolfson had dark brown/black hair so he might me a different person.

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@jordama: His character type is a mutant because there aren't too many options and there is a huge misconception that he is a mutant, which is not true. 
Just because the "mutation" was used does not make him a mutant. Yes, he was mutated but that makes him a science-based mutates (like the Savage Land Mutates). The difference is that mutants are born with a gene and mutates are given their powers through science.
Also Apocalypse's blood reactivated Chamber's powers because they're from the same clan. The gene was always there, it was just dormant. Whereas science and technology were used to give Sinister his powers. It's like saying Spider-Man or the Hulk are mutants.
Anyways, it's your list. So the decision is yours to leave him there or not. =)
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Nice list. Although Mr. Sinister is not a mutant.

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The Greek stuff isn't completely out of left field. I mean the past few issues, we've seen an infusion of mythologies get in on the mix for Rahne's baby. There was Cu Sith from Irish mythology, Bastet from Egyptian mythology, Okami & Kashi from Japanese mythology.... it's only fitting Cerberus shows up to represent Greek Mythology.

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@rsummers: Yes, but she is no longer on Earth-616. She's with the Exiles.
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@Selina_Sublime: Thank you, Selena. Yes, I read Vengeance as well. :)
@GreenChing: Thanks for the comments and the help, GreenChing.
On Fantomex: I guess you're right, I'll have him removed.
On Mimic: I think he was originally a mutate and in recent appearances has been referred to as a mutant.
On X-Cell: I normally would not want to be depowered mutants on my list if they've gotten some sort of superhero powers. For example: Jubilee is a depowered mutant but now has vampiric abilities. I would not put her on the list but for other people who regain powers identical to their own, I think it's safe to consider them mutants. I don't think Apocalypse is capable of recovering the X-gene either, celestial technology or not.
On Thornn: I'm going to consider her powered because even if she has her appearance restored. She still has the tail, fangs, claws and that makes her a mutant.
Razorback: Thanks, removing him.
Proteus: His case is a little complicated. Even Magneto stated he didn't know if he was dead and that he'll most probably be back.
Malice & Harpoon: Unless I see some evidence on panel that Malice is dead, I'll be keeping her on the list. Removing Harpoon. :)
Ghoul: Was he? I don't remember the ending of Generation-M and don't currently know where my copy of #5 is so I'll take your word for it.
Thank you so much for the help!!!! =D
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@rsummers: He's still powered. I think he just got powered down to a telekinetic now. Let's wait and see next issue. Thanks. :)