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Big Bertha In Action

Not much is known of Big Bertha before she responded to Mr. Immortal's advertisement for a super hero team, the team that would become the Great Lakes Initiative. When not using her powers she is the most recognizable super model in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Ashley Crawford

In fact, it is Bertha's earnings from modeling that fund her team. Although offers have come her way to leave her town for more lucrative endeavors, Big Bertha has repeatedly expressed that she desires to stay with her team, and considers them her surrogate family. Bertha was one of the 198 mutants to retain their powers following the events of M-Day. Big Bertha has become a sanctioned hero under the Super-Human Registration Act with all the other members of the Great Lakes Initiative.

Bertha considered leaving the team after the death of team member Dinah Soar. She wanted to concentrate on her modeling career, but decided to stay with a group that accepted her appearance.

Bertha's Date With Deadpool

Bertha agreed to one date with Deadpool in an attempt to evict the mercenary from her headquarters. Deadpool is shocked when she appears before him in her slim form. Following a rescue at an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet, Bertha realizes that Deadpool was only attracted to her in her obese form. She lectures him about others only placing value on her slim form, and the mercenary removes his mask, revealing his severely scarred face. Bertha promptly vomits in the parking lot, much to Deadpool's disquietude.Recently, Bertha teamed up with Blind Al, Taskmaster, Macho Gomez, Weasel, and Sluggo to take revenge on Deadpool for being a lousy friend.

Powers And Abilities

Bertha Regurgitates Her Excess Fat
  • Bertha has the power to alter her mass by increasing or decreasing the fat content of her body at will. She can increase her mass to the point where she is as large as the Blob. In her Big Bertha form she has super-strength, stamina and invulnerability. Bertha can purge the excess of her body fat through regurgitation of the collected fat masses in order to retain her original figure. Where the mass comes from has not addressed as of yet.
  • She is also extremely wealthy having made a fortune as a super-model.
  • Big Bertha is a skilled pilot of conventional jet aircraft.

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