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Flatman is one of the founding members of the Great Lakes Avengers (who has since changed their name to the Great Lakes Initiative) and is second-in-command under Mr. Immortal. The two of them make up GLI Tactical Team One. He, alongside Doorman, has proven himself to be a good recruiter, signing up the Grasshopper, Squirrel Girl and her partner Monkey Joe. He revealed that he is gay in G.L.A. #4, a fact that his team-mates were already aware of.


Dr. Val Ventura has the mutant ability to stretch any part of his body to great lengths and possesses a flat, nearly two-dimensional body. He uses his flatness to help dodge attacks like thrown shurikens, slip through very thin spaces like under doors and appear invisible by turning to just the right angle. He uses his elasticity to help "launch" attacks like slingshotting rubber ducks into orbit.


Flatman possesses extensive knowledge of fashion, which he was reported to have "studied in college." He is able to identify a women's shoe and describe it in detail.

Flatman is also adept at accounting, and has even itemized all of Deadpool's outrageous expenses during his brief stay as a reserve member of the Great Lakes Initiative.

Flatman's mutant powers can attribute his mastery of the deadliest martial arts fighting form of all... Origami-Fu! Deadpool can attest to this, as he has experienced first hand Flatman's crane, monkey, tiger, and frog styles.

Flatman has proven himself to be an excellent poker player. He and his teammates were invited to the first annual Superheroes' Poker Tournament. In the end, Flatman becomes tournament champion by defeating Thing's four fours with a straight-flush.


Flatman keeps his Flat-A-Maran in the Great Lakes Initiative's hangar bay, along with the team's other vehicles.


Fantastic Four (2006)

He appears in the episode The Cure, as Thing's rock like mutation has been " cured " the Fantastic Four hold auditioning for potential recruits. Flatman auditions, but is dismissed by Reed Richards as they have similar powers, with Reed being far superior in power strengths and levels.

The Superhero Squad Show (2010)

Flatman appears in the "Cometh the Iceman" as a teacher for the Squaddies, even though most of the information he tells them is wrong. He is portrayed as extremely boring and monotone. He uses Reptil as his assistant but dismisses anything he says as incorrect.

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