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The deformed Ghoul was one of the few mutants to retain their powers after M-Day. Loathing his own nature, the Ghoul unleashed his rage on defenseless and depowered mutants. He placed a sign reading "Not Enough Died" next to each victim and took a picture of the corpse. Convinced that Alternative newspaper reporter Sally Floyd was a "pure" superior being like himself, the Ghoul taped a package containing his anti-mutant tirade and copies of eight of his victims' pictures to her door a week after the killing began. The Ghoul fixated on having her acknowledge the so called "public service" he was performing in her column, despite her initial refusal to do so. Meanwhile, the Ghoul impaled formerly invulnerable teenage mutant LaTonya Jefferson to her ceiling. He called Sally Floyd from the apartment of missing mutant Violet Sanchez and demanded she print his story, throwing Sanchez's body onto Floyd's moving car when no story appeared, thus forcing Floyd to write the story. To celebrate, the Ghoul sent her flowers and a picture of thirteen morlocks that he killed earlier. When Floyd wrote about the earlier death of her own mutant daughter the Ghoul angrily attacked her while she was interviewing Angel. Evading the X-Men's trap he teleported Sally to a nearby church's bell tower and angrily beating her for "lying" about her purity, not realizing that this belief was just fantasy. The Ghoul tried to scare Sally Floyd by bragging about his victims' last moments, but she let herself fall out of a window so as not to give him the satisfaction.  The ghoul angrily watched Angel catch her right before Cyclops hit him with an optic blast, causing him to explode.

Powers & Abilities

The Ghoul's full powers were unknown, even to himself.  He could teleport himself over short distances, project intense X-Ray blasts from his hands, and unconsciously block telepaths from reading his mind.  He also possessed a vestigial third arm on his left side.

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