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Little is known of Bliss's history, she survived the massacre of the Morlocks and later joined the Masque's Morlocks.

Bliss was originally flesh sculpted into the appearance of the X-Man Jean Grey by Morlock leader Masque. After the duplicate of Storm was killed she was flesh sculpted into Storm.

Bliss was one of the scarce mutants to retain their powers after M-Day and has rejoined the remaining Morlocks. She seems to be less bloodthirsty than the other Morlocks and isn't completely happy with the methods of Masque, in particular his treatment of her fellow Morlocks Caliban and Leech. She used her powers to take Leech down.


Bliss retained her powers on M-Day, when most of the world's mutants lost theirs.


After Cyclops formed Utopia, an independent nation of mutants, Bliss came peacefully and joined. Ironically, her former enemy Leech also resided on Utopia.

After Norman Osborn lost control of the US superhuman forces, Cyclops has been aiding US superhumans with the forces of Utopia. As a result, Bliss could likely be called upon to be a superhero--if she wants to.

Nation X

She is seen along with Dragoness,Toad,and Litterbug arguing about the X-men rationing water, but it is shown that Iceman gave them Hypothermia

First To Last

She was seen with Toad and Masque trying to force information out of Irma Cuckoo in Cerebra by using her tongue to bite and somewhat alter Irma's face.In the next issue she was seen being attacked by some of the New X-Men that are trying to save the Cuckoo. Next she is seen being phased through by Trance and her tongue had apparently bit Pixie.Then Toad forced the Cuckoo to tell them the Truth but she broadcasted them to Everyone on Utopia


Bliss has a second mouth on her tongue which has fangs that produces venom. The tongue can also extend to an unknown length.

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