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Tempo was created by Louise Simonson and Rob Liefeld in 1990 and first appeared in New Mutants # 86.


Mutant Liberation Front

Mutant Liberation Front

Although Tempo was one of the original members of the Mutant Liberation Front she secretly sabotaged an attack on the Tucker Clinic. She tipped off X-Factor to their plan, who stopped the clinic from exploding but were unable to stop the death of Dr. Tucker. It was never clarified if she if related to the doctor or not. She continued with the MLF until the end of the X-Cutioner's Song, when she was imprisoned with the rest of the group.

Shortly after being incarcerated, Reignfire broke out Tempo, Forearm, Wildside, and Reaper from prison to restart the MLF. This incarnation of the Mutant Liberation Front, along with Feral, Locus, and Moonstar, were to kidnap and assassinate Henry Gyrich, but he was saved by the intervention of X-Force. After Tempo stopped Feral from killing Gyrich, she was exiled from the MLF. Declining an offer by Cable to join X-Force, Tempo decided to go back to school and lead a normal life.



Nothing is known about the time she spent as a normal civilian. Tempo retained her mutant powers after the events of M-Day. For reasons unknown Tempo joined Frenzy, Random and Exodus in the Acolytes. Through this affiliation she assisted the Marauders in their attack on the X-Men.

Professor X broke into the Acolytes' secret base to reach Exodus. He used his powers to get passed various Acolytes, and passed Tempo by using trigger words on Random forcing him to attack her. Xavier told Exodus that since there were so few mutants remaining that they should unite to be prepared for the return of the mutant messiah, instead of endangering her life with internal wars (like during Messiah CompleX). Exodus considered his team, and disbanded the Acolytes. Many went their own ways, some joined the X-Men, but Tempo remained undecided. However, when Utopia was established Tempo moved there accepting the X-Men's offer of accommodation to all mutants.

Powers & Abilities

Tempo's main mutant ability is to place a chronological field around herself and others, that either slows or speeds up an object's, or person's, natural momentum. It has been shown in the past that when someone else is being sped up with her mutant power, they become very exhausted. Tempo also has the mutant ability to fly, possibly by manipulating space.


Citizenshp: U.S.A. Marital Status:Single Occupation:Terrorist

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 116 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Black

Alternate Realities

Age Of X

Age Of X

Heather was a member of the MLF along with Frenzy, but joined Fortress X when it was established. She led her own squad in the daily fights against the humans. However during an attack on the Battle Wagon, debris from the resultant tensile fracture hit Tempo, leaving her mortally wounded. Frenzy who was cradling Tempo as she died. Cannonball remained by Tempo's side as Legacy absorbed her life & memories, therefore allowing her to live on in her. Before her death, Heather mumbled about telling Maria something, but Legacy assured her that Feral was dead. It's unknown what their connection was, but she may of been a team-mate in the MLF. Frenzy was particulary saddened by her death.

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