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The Power Pack, Kofi and Franklin Richards continue to battle Jakal, who is attempting to kidnap them and bring them back to Snark World. Kofi is caught and is forced, under a mind probe, to tell Jakal how he found the team: he's able to track them via Katie's special Kymellian coin (which was given to her by Lord Byrel in issue #4).

The kids manage to escape from the battle near the Statue of Liberty and board a subway train that takes them to a desolate, run-down neighborhood in the South Bronx, where they tangle with a street gang. Jakal, who now knows how to track them, is close behind. Alex is captured, but Kofi is able to teleport him out of Jakal's ship to save them both.

Julie tricks Jakal into running his ship into a wall, and he crashes, bringing down a building and causing a huge explosion. Julie is knocked unconscious in the blast, but is saved by Kofi, who teleports in to catch her.

Katie and Frank, who have been in hiding, emerge to discover that Jakal has survived his spaceship's destruction. Katie takes out her Kymellian coin - which she feels indicates that she is the "special one" among her siblings - and tells Frank that she needs to throw it away to stop Jakal from tracking the team. Franklin stops her, and tells Katie to give him the coin temporarily so Jakal will follow him and get within firing range. The plan works, but when Jakal unexpectedly picks up Frank, Katie is reluctant to fire because she doesn't want to hurt him. Julie sweeps in to rescue Frank, and Katie lets loose with a massive power ball to hit Jakal point blank. After the fact, she worries that she has killed him.

Friday, who has been out of contact with the team since issue #10, finally tracks them down. She confirms that Jakal is still alive. The kids wrap Jakal's head and arms in neurofiber from his ship, and Friday promises to take him to the Arctic to hibernate next to Snake Eyes (issue #10). Friday also repairs the communicators in the kids' costumes.

Franklin is depressed about going back to Avengers' Mansion, until Katie and the others invite him to join Power Pack. Friday produces a red costume for him, and he takes the code name "Tattletale" at Katie's suggestion. Katie and Frank realize that they do like each other and can be friends.

Notes: June Brigman's final regular issue as penciler. She would not return to the series until a guest-artist spot in issue #45.

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