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The kids take Katie to Gacy's department store (based on Macys) to meet Jessie Wilcox, the author of one of her favorite book series. Along the way, they briefly run into Spider-Man. At the store, Katie is thrilled to meet Jessie, but is so starstruck that she forgets to ask her to personalize her autograph.

While waiting outside the store, Jack and Katie notice that Jessie is being forced into a limo at gunpoint. They hop in the limo's trunk to follow her. At Jessie's brownstone home, they discover an extortion attempt is underway. The newest Jessie Wilcox book has a real treasure hunt for a million dollars buried somewhere in the United States - and the thieves want to know where the money is up front.

Jack and Katie draw the thieves' attention, bring them down, and tie them up to wait for the police. Jessie Wilcox thanks Katie by signing a special autograph for her, and by promising that she will include a character named "Katie" in her next book. She thanks Jack by presenting him with an unpublished manuscript from Jack's favorite book series.

Guest star: Spider-Man

Notes: in this issue, written by guest writer Terry Austin, Katie is given a much "younger" and less mature personality than usual.

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