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In this special issue, the Power kids are getting ready to have a thanksgiving party, but Alex is still extremely depressed about his mum being in hospital and keeps getting rude to his siblings. He tells Katie that she isn't allowed to go to the thanksgiving parade but she runs out. When Jack and Julie look for her, Alex flies out the window.

At the parade are Cloak and Dagger atop a massive house (so that they dont get seen). Katie has met Franklin Richards and Beta Ray Bill.

Then you see the morlock Annalee, who has been invited to the thanksgiving party. She is baking some food and tells Leech he cant come because he is ugly. She locks him in a wooden box and locks it.

Meanwhile, Alex is floating out of control in the strong winds. Dagger catches him and he explains about his anger. Dagger tells him that, from her own experience, that anger doesnt sort everything out.

Back down in the morlock tunnels, Leech escapes and rns after Annalee. When she sees him, her empathy power projects hate into the crowds at the parade and they chase him.

Alex and Cloak and Dagger manage to calm her down and Leech explains that he loves Annalee as a mother. She accepts his feelings and they go back to the Power's house.

While that was happening, Katie and Franklin had flown a parade balloon up to Katie's mums hospital room and nearly fall off, but Beta Ray Bill saves them.

They go back to the party and have a great time.

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