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Franklin Richards has a dream about the Snarks trying to kidnap Power Pack.

At school, Alex misses Alison's hints about wanting to be asked to the Valentine's Day Dance. She angrily leaves to hang out with Alex's nemesis, Johnny.

A Snarkship has arrived in New York to kidnap the Power children. They track the kids by picking up when they are using their powers

The kids pick up Franklin at Avengers Mansion and go to the park to go sledding. They use their powers to fly there, which unwittingly alerts the Snarks to their presence.

Johnny and Alison are also at the park, sledding. When Johnny forces her to sled down the steep Suicide Hill, she screams, and Franklin has a premonition that she will drown in the icy lake at the bottom of the hill. Alex uses his gravity powers to pull both Alison and Johnny off the sled. He reconciles with Alison. Johnny, who is angry at being rejected, throws snow in Alison's face, hurting her. Alex is enraged and uses his gravity powers momentarily to throw Johnny across the snow. Johnny is convinced that Alex is a mutant because of his super-strength, but Alison tries to call his attention to his sled - which, true to Franklin's premonition, is now sinking into a hole in the lake.

The Powers drop Frank off at home and head toward the hospital to see their mother. They are surprised when Frank's butler, Jarvis, approaches them to return Katie's missing glove and ushers them onto an approaching city bus. Once aboard, the bus turns into a Snarkship, all the passengers are revealed to be Snarks, and Power Pack is captured.

At home, Frank sees the Snarkship, disguised as a cloud, and worries that the Pack is in trouble.

Notes: Jon Bogdanove's first issue as Power Pack's primary artist.

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