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Katie, who is unconscious and close to death, is found by some of the underground residents of Snarkworld. They bring her to Lord Yrik, who has been abandoned in the tunnels without his powers. When Katie wakes up, she tells Yrik that she is a monster, and that he should just let her die. Still, when she realizes that the Snarks are nearby, she uses her remaining strength to help disintegrate the walls of the tunnels so they can hide.

Franklin, who is still worried about his premonitions of danger, summons Friday. Frank draws a "note" and tapes it to his bedroom window to tell his parents where he's gone, and then flies with Friday to Snarkworld in search of Power Pack. When Franklin sees a vision of Kofi floating in space, dead, Friday helps him use his dream powers to find the real Kofi, who has teleported himself to an underground cavern. Kofi teleports himself into a bubble and then into space, where he is rescued immediately by Friday.

Back on Earth, James Power is desperate to find his missing children. He searches Central Park at night, where he is mugged. He is saved by Cloak, who tells him that he will help in the search to find the Power Children.

Jack, Julie and Alex are unable to escape Maraud, and they are placed into the power transfer machine with Jakal.

Guest Stars: Cloak, Reed Richards, Sue Richards

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