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* Secret Wars II Crossover *

The Beyonder revived Kurse, an enemy of Thor, and he destroys NY looking for the God. As he rampages across Manhattan, he slams Margaret Power - Power Pack's mother - into the window of an art supply store. The Beyonder arrives to transport the badly injured Margaret to the hospital, and collects the children at school to take them to the hospital. However, he leaves before attending to Kurse.

The children track Kurse to a construction site, where they fight with him amongst the buildings. They realize that iron must be toxic to him, since he screams when he touches it, and they ask Katie to destroy the entire building to bury him. Katie is very reluctant to do so - she doesn't want to kill anyone, and she realizes that Kurse is confused and disoriented - but Alex bullies her until she complies. She fires several power balls at the building and it crashes down on Kurse, burying him.

Afterward, Katie worries that she has killed Kurse. Alex tells her that if he is in fact dead, it's his fault because he forced her to shoot at him.

** Crossover to Thor #363 concludes this storyline**

Guest stars: Kurse; The Beyonder

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