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The Pack takes Franklin back to Avengers' Mansion. They trip the alarm, and the Avengers appear. Jim and Margaret Power are called, and they all have breakfast at the Mansion.

Meanwhile, Reed Richards has deciphered a note left by Frankllin and figured out where he went, so the Fantastic Four are en route to SnarkWorld. They encounter Maraud's ship, and when she realizes that they are associated with Franklin - and therefore Power Pack - she attacks. Lord Yrik's ship, returning to SnarkWorld, intervenes and tells the Fantastic Four that Franklin is safely back on Earth. Before leaving, Reed tells Maraud that if she ever so much as looks in Franklin's direction again, he will destroy her.

The Fantastic Four return to Earth and Franklin is reunited with his parents. Jim Power and Reed Richards discover that they are both scientists and become fast friends; as do Sue and Margaret Power. However, both the Power Parents and the Fantastic Four continue to be completely unaware of Power Pack's existence.

Guest stars: Fantastic Four (complete team), Avengers

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