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Lucifer has fallen, the Basanos have triumphed, and the people of Lucifer's world are very afraid. Mazikeen and the army of Lilim are prepared to invade Lucifer's realm, only to find Lucifer gone and the Basanos in charge. As the full extent of the Basanos' scheming becomes apparent, the cards of the living tarot use the reluctant Jill Presto as the vessel for their most blasphemous magic yet. But an angel and a child still stand against them, and Lucifer's body has not been recovered. When a certain immortal member of the Endless appears, it doesn't look like things are going to get any better…

Lucifer lies in ashes underneath a mountain, but his universe does not die without him to watch over it. Now The Basanos have seized utter control and no one can stand up to them! Jill Presto tries to escape the torment they put her through but even committing suicide proves impossible, finally the Basanos reveal their true plans for her, raping Jill, they leave her with a fertilized egg of their spawn. As for Elaine, she discovers Lucifer's body is in the care of Meleos who says she can help. And a guest appearance from Death of the Endless comes to fruition as she comes to check up on the Morningstar!

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