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Eons ago, Lucifer Morningstar rebelled against the Kingdom of Heaven, and was cast into a shapeless void known as the Chaoplasm. The Chaoplasm was transformed into a desolate and barren expanse known by many as Hell, the final destination for damned souls. Here the Morningstar ruled, awaiting the day he could be freed.

Lucifer was forced to share his power after the Great Darkness's return. A Triumverate was formed, but Lucifer retained the majority of power.

At one point, Dream of the Endless entered Hell searching for the Helm that had been stolen from him when he was imprisoned. After Dream recovered his helm and slighted him, Lucifer swore that he would one day destroy Morpheus.

Lucifer eventually abandoned his lordship over Hell. Lucifer had ruled as lord of Hell for ten billion years. Over that time, he had manipulated the various demons of Hell against each other, provided a place for dead mortals to be tormented, and led the war against Heaven. However, at some point during his rule, he had become bored with this existence. He became tired of the various stereotypes that mortals held of the devil, such as the idea that he purchased and traded for souls, which were largely untrue. He also resented the assumption that he caused the evils that humans did- he did not, in fact, have anything to do with the actions of the mortals who ended up there, he simply punished them. He had become tired of his reign over Hell, and felt it an unfair punishment that he should have to rule there forever simply because he once rebelled. These feelings were catalyzed when he was visited by Dream. Lucifer expelled all demons and damned souls from Hell before locking Hell's gates and handing over the key to Hell to Dream of the Endless. Eventually, control of Hell was handed over to two Angels, Duma (the angel of silence) and Remiel ("who stumbled rather than fell"), while Lucifer simply retired to Earth, specifically to Perth, Western Australia.

Now running a piano bar called "Lux" in Los Angeles with the assistance of his Lilim female consort, Mazikeen, Lucifer is portrayed as sophisticated and almost charming, similar to the stereotypical Christian devil. Beneath his charisma, however, Lucifer is a deadly and Machiavellian character, with no regard for human life or indeed any life other than those he can use to his advantage: a proud and vindictive fallen angel who has no qualms using powers second only to those of his father, Yahweh. In fact, Lucifer is described as having been the wisest, most beautiful and most powerful of all the angels in heaven, and he retains these traits even after his fall. Despite his egotistic and narcissistic tendencies, he does follow something akin to a code of honor- there are few beings in the universe he respects (his brother Michael and the Angel Duma among them) and only two he could be agued to care about (Mazikeen, his consort, and his niece Elaine), though his actions on their behalf are almost always for his own benefit, and it is doubted by all that he would help them otherwise. He also refuses emphatically to lie (which he considers crass and undignified), insists on paying back debts, and keeps his word- though this must not be confused with virtue.

Lucifer's "restful" retirement was disturbed by a series of associates from his past, and after various catalytic events, he endeavored to create a universe in competition with that of (and presumably against the wishes of) his father, Yahweh. This puts him on a collision course with several powerful mystical entities that have a vested interest in the new creation and draws the angelic host into the fray - including his brother, the archangel Michael Demiurgos, and his niece Elaine.


"First Appearance"

The actual first appearance of "Lucifer" can be argued even though it is established that it was in The Sandman #4 that this Lucifer made his first appearance. However, in DC Comics there were other Lucifer's before this one, some looked more like The Devil in Vertigo's Preacher series while some resembled this "devil", and all of them were referred to as Lucifer. So it is that DC Comics handbooks would record Lucifer's first appearance as being different than Sandman #4, for they refer to Lucifer...but in all actuality, not this Lucifer. This Lucifer was created by three men in particular, Neil Gaiman, the writer of the Sandman series as well as Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg, fellow creators credited for work on the issue.

Character Evolution

"Final Appearance"

From that point on Lucifer did not appear for some time again but eventually he made a couple more appearances in the series Sandman, his stepping stool to fame. After the conclusion of the Sandman series Lucifer was given his own three-issue series, Sandman Presents: Lucifer. From there the story further continued into his eponymous series, Lucifer. This seventy-five issue series can be considered, the "2nd Sandman" but instead of Dream it focused on Lucifer and the individuals he effected. Apart from these two series Lucifer has appeared in a variety of issues for other titles such as The Demon or Hellblazer but he met his end in Lucifer #75, with an ending that left Lucifer outside of the Vertigo/DC universe, presumably with no way of returning to it, so at least for now, it could be considered his final appearance, as a speck seen in the distance of the void.

See chronological listing of appearances at the bottom of this page for more details.

Key Story Arcs

Lucifer Morningstar is the twin brother of Michael Demiurgos and together they are the two most powerful beings of their universe, only after their creator, Michael created life with the Dunamis Demiurgos and Lucifer wove it into suns, thus the title Lightbringer. Before Lucifer's Fall he is known to have associated himself with the angel, Meleos, who despite their similarities in wanting to fight for freedom, freedom from predestination, was not interested in joining Lucifer's efforts. Rather he was making his deck, his Tarot deck that was to be able to do exactly what Lucifer wanted on its own and one of the cards he made was drawn in homage to was called The Lightbringer.

Master of Dreams

Lucifer Swears Revenge

In his first actual appearance, Lucifer is originally introduced as having once been the sole ruler of Hell, around 70 years earlier, when Dream last visited Hell and had been an honored guest. However, in his absence it seems many things had changed and when Dream arrived at Lucifer's palace to seek out his helm, Lucifer told him he no longer had the power to simply say the word and have something done, for Hell had become a Triumvirate. The identities of his fellow lords of Hell are none other than two demons by the names of Azazel and Beelzebub. When Dream explains to the three what he is there for, that he knows a demon of Hell possesses his empowered Dream helmet, Lucifer begins asking who the demon is but Dream does not know so instead Lucifer gathers every demon in Hell in a single plain and asks Dream to point out the one he is seeking.

Using his recovered pouch, Dream does single out a demon, a demon under Beelzebub and so outside of Lucifer's power, this demon is challenged by Dream for the helmet and Lucifer is simply a spectator to the whole contest, alongside every demon of Hell. He watches as Dream defeats the demon and reclaims what was his and when Dream thanks Lucifer for his graciousness and hospitality Lucifer retorts by saying he never said anything about letting Dream leave but the well-witted Dream explains that without being able to dream of Heaven, the demons would have nothing and so every one of them steps aside as he begins walking, clearing a path for Dream of the Endless, leaving Lucifer to swear to kill the entity one day.

Season of Mists

This is the arc where Dream comes to Hell in search of Nada, only to find Hell empty and to learn that Lucifer has quit being the Lord of Hell, he has chased everyone out, locked all the entrances, had Dream cut off his wings and given Morpheus the Key to Hell and left, off to Perth, Australia where he spends his time on the beach, lounging in a lawn chair.

The Kindly Ones

Curt Refusal

After Season of Mists, Lucifer simply faded out of The Sandman story for a time, not re-emerging until the climactic story arc of the series, The Kindly Ones. No longer lounging around on a beach in Perth, Lucifer had long since moved on from life as the Lord of Hell, and now lived in the City of Angels, Los Angeles. Lucifer became the owner of and exquisite pianist at The Lux, a night club he ran alongside his consort Mazikeen. When first this new enterprise is seen it is the place Lyta Hall spends an evening (much to her hesitance and discomfort) so that she may discuss a potential job offer. While there she does not speak with Lucifer, but the man she's dining with comments that with his ability to play the piano they must be paying him a fortune, suggesting Lucifer did not make his identity as the owner very public. On this same evening, a man offers Lucifer a fifty if he would be so kind as to play "Memories" and then "Happy Birthday to Vonda" for his date but Lucifer discourteously refuses and instead sings a song he feels will be more appropriate to how their night will turn out. The song of his choice: "Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat".

When next the affairs of the Star of Morning are explored, it is Remiel who has come to call on The Adversary in the early morning, The Lux apparently closed. Remiel finds Mazikeen washing the floors and asks if he may speak with the owner, she smiles and brings him to Lucifer who sits in a bathrobe with something of a breakfast on the table before him. Right off the bat it is clear Lucifer has taken no liking to the angel as he opens the conversation without even turning to look at his guest and says, "Remiel. Isn't it a little early in the day to be paying social calls?"

A Coward's Defiance

The whole thing only goes downhill from there, for Remiel that is, who tries to make it sound like he feels his efforts in Hell are flourishing while Lucifer mocks him at every turn. At last Remiel gets up the nerve to say what he came for and asks Lucifer if he has ever considered returning to his position in Hell. Lucifer goes silent for a moment, bursts out in laughter and answers, "No." He continues, describing it as somewhat of a "been there, done that" situation and he adds that in all honesty he never liked Remiel, not even when they were both angels. Lucifer knows Remiel did not join his rebellion in Heaven, not because he did not believe in the cause, but because he feared the consequences. Remiel becomes more and more embarrassed until finally Lucifer pushes him to his snapping point when he says, "Somehow, I confess I find myself certain that Duma was the one actually to take the key. Duma always struck me as having some backbone..." He's interrupted as Remiel spits upon his face, in an attempt to show he too has some backbone. Yet his outburst is swiftly stilled when Lucifer calmly replies as he wipes his face that he could just as easily dispose of Remiel as he did the saliva if he so chose, for his powers he possessed as the Lord of Hell and the Lightbringer remained intact. Finally, the conflict comes to a close when Lucifer tells Remiel to leave and the coward does so, quaking with fear and conceiving his explanation for Duma in a way that might lessen the shame on himself.

The last time Lucifer plays a role in The Sandman story comes only a short time later when showing up on the doorstep of his business is none other then Delirium of the Endless. As usual her words are both nonsense and wise beyond her apparent years and she tells him that she knows who he is, the "Dee Ee Vee Ee umm Eye El". Lucifer is patient with the Lady as he sits at his piano and informs her that he's closed that chapter of his life and instead asks her if she has any requests for him to play.

Even Lucifer feels Melancholy After the Death of Dream

Delirium answers she would like her dog back and her brother Dream kept safe. Lucifer goes silent for a moment and then begins to tell her of past conversations with her brother and says that he once told Dream that there is always the freedom to leave but Delirium says she doesn't think there is for him. Lucifer shifts the conversation with another memory and says he once swore revenge on Dream for a stupid remark he had made years ago in reclaiming his Helm but as things are he now almost feels sorry for the one who embarrassed him. Delirium replies by asking what she should do and he answers, "Go and find your dog, child. Go and find your dog; it is too late to help your brother."

So it is that after Dream's death Lucifer finds himself once again discontented, yearning to put the Lux behind him as he's come to the realization that the only thing keeping him going is just to see how it all ends (the universe) but that's just not enough anymore. He tells Mazikeen of this thought and she promises to follow him wherever he might lead, his only response as they clasp hands, "If you must."

The Morningstar Option

After a few years later (in the real world), the Lucifer character was resurrected when Mike Carey decided to continue where Neil Gaiman left off with a miniseries entitled, The Sandman Presents Lucifer. In this series we learn the story of Rachel Begai, a young teenage girl whose life becomes intertwined with Lucifer when Yahweh sends Amenadiel of the Seraphim to make a bargain with the Morningstar. The deal is that Lucifer must slay some Old Gods, from eons past as they are wreaking havoc and in return he will be granted a gift. So, Lucifer goes on a journey, interacting with different individuals from Briadach and the Lilim, to Pharamond, and of course Rachel. It is learned that he needs Rachel's help to go down to the place where the Old Gods can be found and so he lures her along under the impression she can save her brother. Unfortunately, as it turns out, she cannot save her brother, though Lucifer's goal is completed, and so from it all he gains a Letter of Passage from Yahweh and a grudge from Rachel that lasts until they next meet many years later.

A Six Card Spread

Lucifer Morningstar makes his first appearance in the series, as a former god of power who now appears to be naught an ordinary man retired in Perth, Australia where he lives with his consort, Mazikeen. He seems to be a very mysterious man, never fully explaining his plans until needed, but he does have a short discussion with Mazikeen on how Yahweh seems to be giving him a second chance. This second chance comes in the form of a blank piece of paper, a letter of passage, that he now holds in his hand. As Lucifer talks with her, he goes on to say he wouldn't trust Yahweh as far as he could throw Him and so intends to see if the letter is truly heading off to Hamburg to ask Meleos to grant him a "six card spread".

Sigrid Mahler

So we next meet him in St. Pauli of Hamburg, Germany the place whose slogan is, "anyone who can't get laid in St. Pauli isn't trying" and as if right on cue, a young, scantily clad woman approaches him, sees Mazikeen and asks him if he would prefer something a bit "fresher". The response she receives is not the one she expected when he tells her that she has nothing he could desire and instead alerts her that her father has passed, leaving her horrified. Lucifer then arrives at the bookshop at which Meleos makes his living, he orders Mazikeen to stand at the door and stop any who might interrupt his meeting and then proceeds to enter. What he sees upon entering is Meleos talking with the Basanos and when Meleos wonders why Lucifer has come, the Morningstar assures him that he is not there for a book, rather he is in the mood for a "game of cards".

The two have a short conference and Lucifer explains to Meleos that he will have the divination he needs, that which will grant him the information regarding his letter of passage. However, should Meleos refuse to fetch the deck for him...he will lose his life...for he is already standing on shaky ground with Lucifer. With that Lucifer departs and gives Meleos the time he needs to prepare the Basanos for what Lucifer needs them to do.

Blood Ritual

Later that day in another part of the city, standing on his balcony with Mazikeen watching the flying pigeons, Lucifer thinks of his wings, the wings he lost, and begins to realize that with these new variables in the equation that perhaps if he does not act now, he will no longer be able to. So it is that he stretches out his arm into the air filled with pigeons and grabs one from the sky saying, "This is undignified...but in the absence of anything better, you'll have to do." At nightfall he is seen, with the blood of the pigeon dripping from his fingertips, its entrails in his hand. It can be assumed that he used it for a divination as he seems to know exactly what Meleos had done at that moment and comments that the former angel should have kept his pets on a shorter leash.

The next day Lucifer walks through the park known as Planten un Blomen, he is there to talk to Mazikeen who sits on a park bench, sharpening a knife. Advising her that in a public park such a thing is rarely allowed, he is than asked a question by her presumably about the Basanos and he tells her that they must be found before they can be fought. Holding some leaves in his hand he requests she bleed on them as he has done. He mentions that he knows the secrets of the Basanos for he was there when they were created and he knows that if they see the blood of he and Mazikeen on the wind that they shall see shadows of the two everywhere thanks to the keenness of their sight, so the deed is done. She asks if now they will go for the Basanos and he says no, for before they will attend to the Basanos he must take care of some business with Meleos, then and only then will he and Mazikeen go on their hunt.

No More Patience!

Entering Meleos' shop, unnoticed and unannounced he simply stands at the top of the stairs for some time reading Jerome's bible. Than he speaks, observing how those last twenty flights of stairs looked extremely hard for Meleos to climb. At that moment Meleos had just collapsed at the top of the stairs, on top of the chest he carried all the way up, the wound the Basanos had given him still clearly visible on his forehead. Lucifer assumes the mark is from the Basanos and Meleos tells him that he lost his concentration and that the Basanos escaped him but Lucifer replies that he already known of this. Taking the box from the weak man's arms he asks him if he meant to entrap the Basanos with it again and scoffs as he shatters the wooden box between his open palms.

Meleos begins to plea with Lucifer saying that he never meant to set them free, he was just trying to kill them but Lucifer than says what he feels the underlying issue is that Meleos disobeyed him, Lucifer had simply been planning on doing a six-card spread and then going on his way but Meleos had to complicate things. Meleos claims it was because they might have overpowered Lucifer and escaped but is simply declared a fool by the Prince of the East for such a thought. However he goes on to declare that truly Meleos had punished himself enough already so he should not see what Lucifer is doing to him as a punishment, rather a critiquing of his project.

Lucifer then walks for the door, Meleos tagging along behind begging to know what it was Lucifer did but he is told nothing other than that with his mind he should know to figure it out through observation and inference, only later is it discovered that the Morningstar had destroyed every writing Meleos fought so hard to gather, the pages within them destroyed, everything Meleos had been working to gather for eternity was gone. Lucifer now sat at a table in a bar speaking with Mazikeen about how no matter what he does to revolt against God, he always learns it had been scripted all along but he finally realized that omniscience only works because there are never any alternatives, but with his new plan he thinks he may even be able to surprise Yahweh.

Mazikeen asks him if they are going to now head off to find the Basanos so that he might consult them but he tells her, using some clever metaphors, that he cannot at the moment for they all have to be in one place but at the moment they are out searching the streets of Hamburg, searching for a Host and it seems right now they are locking in one they like, Jill Presto.

At night, Lucifer and Mazikeen now walk the streets of Hamburg and Lucifer explains what will happen to his consort, assuring her that the Basanos will try to resist him and so a show of force will eventually be necessary. He asks her whether she is carrying a weapon of some sort, anything with an edge and she replies, "Alrayszh Rroahd", which satisfies Lucifer who then leads her through some doors at the back entrance of a club. They are interrupted by a young woman who sits at a desk reading, just inside the building. She notices them entering and that they are paying her no heed so she does her best to get their attention as politely as possible.

Lucifer walks past her and is about to enter the last set of doors when she places her hand on his shoulder and tells him only members are allowed to go inside but that she is willing to grant him membership. A slightly irritated Lucifer tells her he would like for her to remove her hand but she continues trying to discourage him and so he tells her, "I don't have the time for this. Which for you is something of a mixed blessing. Excuse me." So, with a simple motion of his hand he leaves the woman hunched over in pain on her knees, spewing up chunks.

Challenging the Basanos

Inside the the theater, Mazikeen and Lucifer watch as the magician known as Hugo and his assistant, Jill Presto, perform their stage magic and it is then that the Basanos decide to make their appearance. Suddenly they overtake Jill and before the eyes of the crowd she performs feats of "magic" that astound all, even herself, she begins to feel like she has the entire cosmos at her fingertips. Mazikeen withdraws her knife but Lucifer stills her hand and tells her it is not yet time, first they must let Jill, "spend the coin of their power as prodigally as she wants. When she's down to small change, then we'll move." And so they watch as Jill uses her powers, using them to effortlessly bring about "justice" to the three men who harmed her friend, Jayesh.

Finally Lucifer shows himself to the Basanos by calling out to them as others flee from the theater, he and Mazikeen stand alone and he commands the Basanos to cease what they are doing, for he did not come to the theater for a puppet show. So, having been called out, the Basanos come forth in a swarm, in the form of cards, they attack from all sides, feinting, stabbing and retreating, it is their strategy and at first it seems to be working. The cards continue to fly around Mazikeen and Lucifer in ever-changing formations but at Lucifer's command, Mazikeen strikes when she throws her flies through the air so fast that one of the cards does not manage to escape the blade and is pinned to the wall, the knife piercing the card, the card which is "The Lightbringer".

Innocence, the speaker for the Basanos takes on her human-like form and summoning the deck so that it rests in her palm, she than demands Lucifer return her brother to her at once. Lucifer tells her that she is forgetting herself but he will pardon her for now, right now he seeks a simple divination and she shall perform it for him. She replies saying, "Your will be done, Dread Lord. As it no longer is in Hell or Heaven." Lucifer thus explains to her that at the moment he has found himself at a crossroads and now he wishes for her to show him where the paths are leading and Innocence agrees to the task.

A Six Card Spread

First she tells him that the Lightbringer, pinned by the blade represents the ruler of no realm (Lucifer himself) pinned on a dilemma, for the God of the Covenant now holds the door open for Lucifer but where it leads Lucifer does not know. Then she tells him that the card, The Mountain, crosses the Lightbringer and means that Lucifer must ascend, yet at the moment he does not have his wings, those he must find in the Windowless Rooms. Then she shows him the card of herself, Innocence, telling him it shall raise him but also letting him know that it is not she that he seeks for she is and always will be his enemy, rather the girl he seeks to light his way is someone else, and he will have to return the favor unto her. The Fool means that although the Letter of Passage shall open for him, it shall do so only once and when it closes, it shall be closed forever. Finally she shows him The Wheel and tells him that is where he begins, for he shall tread the same ground once again when the wheel comes to a full circle. Finally she shows him The Tower and tells him that is where it shall end.

The Void is Born

Finally the two part ways as Innocence asks Lucifer to grant her their injured brother as well as his pardon and he agrees but tells her that they may go on their way but that they must play their games far from him. As the two walk away Lucifer returns Mazikeen's blade to her, telling her that even though they got what they came for she must still keep the blade handy. Later that night, on the top floor of the Lux, Lucifer prepares himself, to use both Mazikeen's blade and the Letter of Passage to do something no one expected. Lucifer holds the Letter of Passage in his hands, talking to both himself and Mazikeen about the truth of it all and wonders if he is more offended by the deceit God used or the insult to Lucifer's intelligence.

Without further adue he asks Mazikeen for the knife and with it he stabs the blank letter and slices the paper in half opening up a portal that he further widens as he continues to use the blade, carving one of God's many names onto the doorway, now making it impossible to close the door, without unmaking all of creation. Mazikeen asks him in her unspoken language whether or not the Host shall come and Lucifer smiles as he answers, "Of course they'll come. I'm depending on it. It would hardly be an apocalypse without angels and trumpets." And so begins something that will lead to a series of events that were previously unheard of, all of it done by a man, a man with a knife.

It is after this act that he instructs Mazikeen in what is to come, since he will be absent for about two weeks, taking care of the things the Basanos spoke of. Lucifer tells her that while The Host and the other powers that seek the gate won't be able to destroy it, they will try to possess it, and since he'd prefer that not happen he leaves her to protect it with the promise that in his new world, she shall be at his side.

Born with the Dead

Elaine Meets the Devil

It is in London that Lucifer reappears, having sought out the girl the Basanos spoke of, the girl whom shall light his way but whom he must also repay, this girl is none other than Elaine Belloc, and the place of their first meeting is the Realm of Death itself. For Elaine had found herself kidnapped and soon to be killed by the principal of the school her murdered friend, Mona, attended, he also happened to Mona's murderer. However, while being restrained it was Elaine's wit that saved her when she tricked him into leaving so that she would have time to prepare a little surprise for him when he got back. He returned angrily, realizing he had been fooled and was most likely going to finish her off, but first he took a sip of his water and almost seconds later realized he was going to die.

This was because Elaine had utilized her knowledge of the surroundings and teeth to chew open packets of ketamine and drain them into the man's beverage, he of course was caught unawares, leaving him unable to react fast enough to save himself. However, the reason Lucifer was forced to get involved was because Elaine had accidentally swallowed too much of the drug by opening the packets with her mouth and she was drifting along with her friend's killer into the Realm of Death. But as she drifted into blackness, slowly everything shifted into a white expanse and she saw a man, in a white tux, he had been waiting for her and spoke as she came within ear shot, "Normally when people learn to juggle they don't start with chainsaws." Elaine is quite quizzical about the comment but Lucifer drops it and says that she need not worry about it, for it was only a metaphor.

The House of Windowless Rooms

Still following the wisdom of the Basanos, Lucifer decides that it is time for him to reclaim what he gave up years ago, and so he journeys into Izanami's realm to take back his wings. The journey itself is long and strenuous, complicated by her rules. So it is that for nine days Lucifer walks through the desert-like Afterworld, never stopping, for doing so would mean the ground he treads would swallow him. He is also naked because cloth, stone and metal from the realms of light cannot be inside her realm. Lucifer allows himself to be reduced to the status of something that could be classified as mortal. Even so, when the demons of the Afterworld try and slay him because of their belief he is but a mere man, they find themselves very wrong, and as such their blood dries on his flesh. At last he reaches the massive creature upon which the House of the Windowless Rooms sits and so the true adventure begins.

The Guardian's Test

The creature bears a shell around the most of his body that from a distance looks almost smooth but indeed every aspect of the being is so colossal, that it is soon revealed that the shell is dotted with protruding spikes, longer than even Lucifer is tall. He uses them to climb up the side of the creature, how long this climb takes isn't noted but it can be assumed to have taken awhile. At last Lucifer clambers onto the flat surface that is the top of the hardened shell but before he can do anything more a monstrous-looking guardian of the House greets him. The guardian than states that if Lucifer wishes to get through the gateway and into the House he must first play a little game. Lucifer is obviously not in the mood but the creature insists that it is the will of his mistress (Izanami) and so it is law.

The creature than describes the game to Lucifer saying that the cauldron beside where he stands is filled with molten lead and at the bottom of the cauldron are three different colored stones. If he should pick red than he may continue his journey, grey will bring madness upon him and white, instant death. Lucifer still seems bored with the monster and asks once again if they can just skip the "formalities" and once again the creature denies this suggestion, sealing its own fate. Moving slowly, and distracting the beast with his words Lucifer grasps his hands around the top of the cauldron and with a mighty heave of strength he lifts it with such a force that he is able to direct its opening at the beast so that the molten lead completely overwhelms it. Than, his calmness restored, the nude Lucifer bends over to pick the red stone from the lead and continues on his way. So it is that the Morningstar arrives at the door to the House and grabbing hold of the ring knocker he beats it on the stone figure to which its attached, no grand entrance for the son of Yahweh, just a knock at the door.

The Silent Queen

As Lucifer enters the Grand Hall of Izanami's house he humbly presents himself to the Divine Queen, but the reply to his words of flattery does not come from Izanami but her son Susano-O-No-Mikoto who informs Lucifer that he is most welcome. Unfortunately, his mother does not speak too often in present day not even to her children so she cannot welcome the Morningstar. Lucifer then announces how unfortunate this is for he had plans to discuss things with her as he has some business to attend to. Susano inquires as to what this business may be and Lucifer makes it clear he has come to collect his wings. Susano feigns surprise at this news, acting as if he thought Lucifer's wings were in Hell where he had left them (we know Susano is not quite so unaware as it was he who gathered Lucifer's wings for his mother earlier in the series).

Susano then tries to distract Lucifer, at least temporarily, by informing him that in order to speak with his mother it will take some long and complicated rituals and so Lucifer may as well go to a suite that has been prepared for him where he can bathe and be clothed. He then calls forth his brother Tsuki-Yomi to escort Lucifer away and the two depart, leaving Susano, his brother Kagutsuchi and their mother to plot their own evils behind the back of the Lightbringer.

Seven-Throated Chamber

Tsuki-Yomi leads Lucifer through the winding halls of the colossal structure that is the House of the Windowless Rooms, making conversation by inquiring about the letter of passage God granted the Lightbringer, as he doesn't seem to truly believe such a transaction took place. Lucifer quiets his doubts by affirming the existence of said letter, though he says it was paid to him, rather than given. Tsuki-Yomi continues to say that Yahweh's continuous alliance with Lucifer has always confused and intrigued him since Lucifer repeatedly betrays his father. The topic of conversation suddenly changes without a response from Lucifer when Tsuki-Yomi points out that their path seems to have led them to the seven-throated chamber.

The chamber is filled with chaotic souls everywhere, and Lucifer comments that since he already knows what Izanami does with the dead souls that these souls must be the live ones. To this Tsuki-Yomi says that what his mother has done is a marvel and although in the future he hopes he can travel the worlds of men he doubts he will ever come across anything as mighty as his mother's house. Lucifer questions why Tsuki-Yomi hopes to be able to travel, to which the fallen god replies that long ago he killed a woman and since she was a goddess it made his mother and sister very angry. With that their conversation ends, as Lucifer is now at the door of his suite and upon entering it he is met by a woman with the look of a geisha about her who says she shall wash him if he so wishes it. As he is sure everyone else would wish it, he permits it and thanks her for her service but she says that is unnecessary since she was sent to serve him. Her name is Musubi.

A Woman's Touch

Lucifer, still naked after all these introductions, now stands in a wooden tub of water as Musubi kneels outside the tub, washing his body with a soaked cloth. She notices that it seems to be demon blood that she is washing off his body and that must mean he is a mighty warrior. Lucifer doesn't seem to agree that such an assumption should be made merely from the presence of the blood but she is insistent, which leads their talk to the other that dwell within the House, their strengths and ways of life. As they converse Lucifer towels off, steps out of the tub and garbs himself in a kimono. Musubi asks the Lord Morningstar if he would like a massage since dinner is not for an hour, he consents seeing as he has an hour to kill and she has such an exquisite touch.

Thus, she disrobes and he seats himself on a bench so that she may bend over and massage his shoulders, but within seconds her body has now taken on the hideous shape of a monster with its hands poised on Lucifer's shoulders. A poison-dripping tail now hanging over his head, proving the maidservant's intentions may be a little more sinister then originally assumed.

Bargaining with a Fiend

However, no one seems to be bothered by Musubi's monstrous form as both she and Lucifer remain nonchalant about the whole thing, her offering him her services while she continues to caress his shoulders. That's when he shows that egotistical attitude that makes him the Morningstar by turning his neck to face her and responding, "Well you know, I'm really tempted...but to see a demon of the Shiko-Me whoring herself like that. I think it would make me feel a little sick." Dead silence falls over the room as she stares at him in shock, but the stillness doesn't last long before she swings her mighty arm, sending him flying up into the air before he smacks into the furnishings of the room and falls in a heap. As he sits amongst the mess she comes to him, outraged, even as a mere mortal he dares insult her. He defends himself but she says that due to his comment she will use her sting to kill him, a most painful death indeed, but he seems unafraid and only smiles at her saying what a pity his death would be, for if he died she would never know what it was he was going to offer her.

Musubi does not seem to be enticed by his words and claims that taking his life would be her greatest joy, so there is nothing he can offer that would be better than that, but Lucifer sees past her bullshit, he knows that she hasn't felt any joy since Kagutsuchi slew her sisters on the battlefield and made her his servant. His words initially anger her and it seems like it'll be the end for him but then he points out...that the one's who wish him dead are also the ones who had her family killed and enslaved her. She stops in her tracks, sets the still nude, Toppled Prince, back on the floor and asks him what it is that he has to offer her, he replies, "Death."

The Deal is Done

This brings about an outburst of laughter from the demonic Musubi for death would simply return her to the Afterworld and she would once again be in Izanami's clutches but Lucifer has other ideas, the way he sees it, she could instead choose to enter his service...some moments later we see the two again, but this time they are in rather different positions, now Lucifer is once again robed and in his hands he holds a long blade, Musubi once again wears a more "human" form and is kneeling on the floor, a rose in her hands. As she inhales the scent of the flower she tells Lucifer the plans of the Sons of Izanami, how they hope to trap him at every turn and in return he holds true to his part of the bargain and with a swing of his borrowed blade beheads her, then casts the blade aside, picks up the rose, and heads out for dinner to eat with those who just tried to kill him.

He enters the same chamber he had been greeted in when he arrived at the House, and once again Susano and his family are awaiting Lucifer to greet him. A table lies before the Divine Mother in her statuesque form and on it a great feast is spread. Asking if it matters where he sits, Lucifer takes his place on the steps at the foot of Izanami when no one objects and Susano orders all the dishes to the floor. As the servants work to move everything, Susano, Tsuki-Yomi, Yama-No-Kami and Kagutsuchi all take their seats around their guest. As he pours the wine, Lucifer inquires about the sword Kagutsuchi possesses for he has heard tales of it and Kagutsuchi confirms that it is indeed the Three-Named Sword and promises to let Lucifer see it before he leaves.

The "meal" continues in silence for a while, tension in the air, and at last Kagutsuchi makes the observation that Lucifer has not touched any of his food at all. However, the Lightbringer is not unprepared for such a question and makes it clear that it is a matter of respect, he would not dare eat before his host (or hostess in this case). Susano quite clearly doesn't appear thrilled at this statement.

Conversing starts anew when Kagutsuchi mentions he has heard Lucifer sleeps with a demon and therefore bestiality must not to be foreign to the former Lord of Hell. As Lucifer rises to his feet, calling Tsuki-Yomi to come with him, he shares his parting words, "But even here, Kagutsuchi, I fall short of your heroic example -- for at the time of our coupling she was neither tied nor dead." He then says goodnight to his hosts and departs with Tsuki-Yomi, leaving behind a seething Kagutsuchi, whose only restraint is his ties to the House, ties which mean much less to him then his dignity.

The Ignoble Dead

Tsuki-Yomi continues to tour Lucifer through his mother's realm, bringing him at last to the Windowless Rooms themselves. Looking through a peephole in one of the iron doors, Lucifer views a shriveled, motionless man seated on a small stool, frozen in a state of despair. Tsuki-Yomi seems quite proud of his mother's handiwork and Lucifer admits it's impressive but reveals his ignorance when he asks how exactly it works, how the dead are kept in a state of anguish. What keeps them afraid? Tsuki-Yomi is disappointed Lucifer hasn't figured it out on his own and is about to explain why when Kagutsuchi bursts onto the scene.

Shouting at Tsuki-Yomi to move aside or die, Kagutuschi throws his challenge to Lucifer, while his brother tries to hold him back. Lucifer only feeds the fire with his comments and Kagutsuchi draws his legendary sword, that cannot be stayed nor deflected and with a short leap forward he strikes, the blade cuts the cloth of Lucifer's kimono, baring his chest...

As the metaphorical dust settles, Lucifer remains standing but Kagutsuchi's sword is bathed in blood and the son of Izanami feels proud his honor has been regained when Lucifer reveals his skin has not been touched. Tsuki-Yomi weakly interrupts their conversation to say that it is his blood and a deep cut across his chest is seen clearly. This only further enrages Kagutsuchi who charges at Lucifer again, accusing the Morningstar of using magic to deflect his blade and kill his brother, but Lucifer denies the claim saying he would not have to stoop to such levels to defeat a foolish man's rage and effortlessly sends Kagutsuchi into a sprawling heap.

Seeing the End

Kagutsuchi does his best to recover for another attack, continuing his enraged threats to Lucifer, but Lucifer remains unworried, in fact he watches in a sadistic amusement as Kagutsuchi's "brains leak as tears out of his eyes". Kagutsuchi collapses to the floor, scrambling for his sword in an attempt to end his life quicker but fails to reach it before he dies. Tsuki-Yomi inquires about what Lucifer did to his brother, the answer: he used poison from Musubi's sacs and put it in Kagutsuchi's wine each time he filled the glass.

Meanwhile, with his enemy dead, Lucifer does what he's been meaning to since he arrived and rips the door off one of the Windowless Rooms, ignoring Tsuki-Yomi's warnings and pleas for comfort as he dies. What Lucifer sees within the cell is one of the living dead with dozens of screaming ghosts passing through his body. And it is then he knows, that all the cards are in his hands.

Exiting the complex of the House of the Windowless Rooms, Lucifer is greeted by a mounted Susano and Yama-No-Kami and several armored men who inquire as to whether he would like to join them on the Hunt. Lucifer swiftly cuts down Susano's steed and puts the Three-Named Sword to his throat telling everyone that if they move, Susano dies. Then he informs him that his brother's are dead and Lucifer takes his hostage with him into Izanami's chamber saying that he knows Susano only has the authority his mother grants him and for that reason this will all have to come down to the Prince and the Queen.

Walking through the giant chamber to approach Izanami as he did when he first arrived, this time with the Three-Named Sword at her son's throat. This time he has her attention. Lucifer takes advantage of this attention to bombard her with insults, and then ask for his wings once again, but this time through the cunning use of blackmail. He reveals that he has figured out the efficient system that Izanami uses in her Afterworld. The ghosts seen earlier in the Windowless Rooms are in fact not merely the deceased, but they are dreamers who have been taken from The Dreaming and used to transport and amplify the fear that fills the dead, for as they pass through each person they take a shadow of that individual's terror and spread it around. Lucifer doubts Dream of the Endless would approve of such an act and threatens to call on Dream should Izanami not grant him what he came for. Izanami raises her hand to halt Lucifer, and Susano interprets that she offers Lucifer atonement, his wings.

Reliving Former Glory

So after two days and nights in the House, Lucifer is at last granted his wings, which in their absence from the Prince of Hell regained their former glory, that of one of the Heavenly Host. Lucifer feels his mission complete, and all things in his favor as always, for now he has what he needs to travel throughout the universe he opened. What he doesn't know is that Izanami and Susano plot behind his back and removed several pinfeathers from his wings, knowing he would not notice their absence. So Lucifer leaves the House of Izanami, two of her's slain, a new enemy earned.

With his angelic wings Lucifer flies from the Afterworld and into the mortal plane once again, flying over Los Angeles until he descends on The Lux, only to find it now gutted by a massive inferno and left in shambles. He seems untroubled by this turn of events however, and casually reverts to his more human-like form, clothing himself in a tux and hiding his wings. He goes downstairs to investigate when a fireman begins asking him questions and telling him he's supposed to figure out what caused the fire but Lucifer tells him to come back tomorrow.

He then confronts Jill Presto who stands over Mazikeen (whose face she foolishly ordered The Basanos to "restore") and tells her that the beings who have attached themselves to her were told to stay out of Lucifer's affairs and if they do not leave immediately, he may lose his patience. Jill, quite unhappy, vents on Lucifer who once again tells her to leave before his good humor fades or Mazikeen awakes. She leaves in a huff and Lucifer is left alone, standing in his burnt-out night club thinking of things to come.

Children and Monsters

In the prelude to the arc, a cursed woman named Erishad has been seeking relief from the curse her gods placed on her four thousand years ago. A curse of immortality that causes her to awake every morning as she was when the gods first cursed her...and have the same miscarriage every day (that's almost 1.5 million times). She believes this relief will come to her in the form of "The Gate" Lucifer has opened inside The Lux.

So Much for Children Being the Epitome of Innocence

But when she enters the upper room of the fire-damaged building and finds what she sought, Lucifer denies her entry and informs her that it leads to a place filled with an absence of anything but not non-existence which will not help her, nor shall he (by granting her death). At this point their dealings end and Erishad seeks peace elsewhere only to learn her curse can not be removed by her diminished gods any longer. So she unleashes her frustration on them with the vengeful spirit of her unborn child and returns to her empty life.

Several cities later (as she is quite nomadic and holds on to nothing she has in life, except the spirit of her child, now contained in a jar) and it is in a Parisian outdoor restaurant that she sits when Lucifer approaches her, not to gloat but to grant her wish, in return for her child, which will be quite useful to him if willingly given. At first she seems reluctant in letting him use her child, as she did, but he promises to only use the creature once before sending it on to its own death. Erishad gives in, and clasps Lucifer's hand...a scattering of dust blows across Paris and Lucifer walks away from the diner, a good day's work completed.

Soon after, setting things into motion in the absolute nothingness of the universe Lucifer opened with his Letter of Passage, he grapples with the released spirit of Erishad's child...but try as it might, the creature can do nothing to harm Lucifer. The Morningstar informs it that since its mother gave it freely, he has become its master and it will do his work. In other words, devour anyone else who dares venture into the realm.

Returning to The Lux through the gateway, Lucifer is met by Mazikeen who wishes her lord could restore her face as not even her own abilities can do so due to the trumping power of The Basanos. Lucifer tells her that he cannot do it, at least not yet, for he must use his power against The Host whom he knows are preparing a strike. But Lucifer is not solely concentrated on holding back Heaven, he also has his eyes on a man of seemingly no importance named David Easterman.

Sending Easterman on His Own Road to Hell

Although it could be considered overdoing it, Lucifer grabs the suicidal man's attention (who has just taken a multitude of sleeping pills) through The Dreaming in such a bold show of power (by creating an endless multitude of doors throughout the realm) that residents of The Dreaming can't help but notice...and know that only someone who did not worry about incurring the wrath of Dream is sending out an invitation. The plan works, and Easterman is brought to Lucifer, but they do not meet in dreams, rather The Dreaming was merely a portal to the more private Lux where Lucifer tells Easterman that what he saw was true, his wife was the victim of a robbery and he was the only witness. The words seem cryptic to the reader but Easterman seems to know what they mean, and although the introductions are never made, he also seems to know he has just met The Devil based on his mental observations soon after the meeting.

He then summons Musubi to himself and charges her with a single mission, stand guard to the gate into the Void, slaying the host of angels at they strike at it. The two guardians indeed slay countless members of the Host while Lucifer stands behind the Source Wall, seeing everything at once. He finally focuses on what he was looking for and flies off to the location of Sandalphon, a fallen angel who holds both Michael and Elaine hostage. For some unknown reasons (at the time) Lucifer defeats Sandalphon and takes his brother and niece to the Lux, which is now completely demolished and in its stead is but a gate into the void. Lucifer orders The Host to leave and reluctantly they do so, though under the circumstance that he and Amenadiel should duel in one year's time. Lucifer than takes Michael into the void and slays him with a sword, causing the Demiurgic power to be released and Michael to be reborn.

The Seeds of Time, The Two-Edged Sword and The Ancestral Deed

It is then that Lucifer's true plan seems to be revealed as he begins to use his unimaginable power to mold the matter expelled by his brother into suns, forming a universe of his own, Lucifer's creation, something he had been planning for a long time it seems. As his world finally takes shape he at last decides to parallel his father and makes the first man and the first woman, the Adam and Eve of his creation. He teaches them morality and immorality but to them comes a serpent, the serpent begins to fill their minds with evil. Over time the man gives up on wanting life, trying to bring himself pain just to stop himself from doing what is evil. He begs his Maker for death and Lucifer grants it, than the woman too asks for death and she also becomes dust, Lucifer saying that "one out of two is not bad". We then learn that the serpent was Amenadiel, something Lucifer seemed to have known all along and that the only purpose of the mortals was to see if Lucifer could create a race that could withstand the Host or not, Amenadiel learns he was his enemy's pawn and leaves in disgust, allowing Lucifer to rest upon the seventh, picnicking with Mazikeen in his creation.

A Dalliance with the Damned

At this point in time, it seems things are going on in the bowels of Hell, and some demon nobles wish for the return of Lucifer, so that he might rule over them once again. Through some murder and deceit they summon the devil. Arriving in Hell with Mazikeen at his side, he comes to Lord Arux of Effrul and meets with the ruler, learning that it was not Arux who had summoned him, which is exactly what Lucifer anticipated and the reason he came. Announcing himself at the ball Arux is hosting, all eyes turn upon Lucifer as he's within Hell, but the true reason he is there is quite different than his summoners anticipated. He had not come to help them, but to punish them for thinking he was a servant to be summoned and he makes the suffering of his most loyal follower long and hard.

The Thunder Sermon

At this time, Michael comes to speak with his brother Lucifer, concerning his Void, as it has been causing many troubles, and so speaking on behalf of Yahweh, he demands that Lucifer stop what he is doing and to close the doorway into the Void. Hearing this angers Lucifer greatly and instead he does quite the opposite of what he is asked and as a great show of power seemingly bonds with the very energy of the Void and then splits it infinitely so that an infinite amount of doorways in an infinite amount of dimensions all lead to his creation, allowing all who wish to enter, do so. Michael leaves, angered with his brother once again, and Lucifer welcomes all into his Paradise, making just a simple rule for them, not to worship anyone, not even himself.

Paradiso and The Writing on the Wall

The Downfall of Lucifer

At this time, Lucifer's realm is infiltrated by the Basanos, and as he argues with Mazikeen in Yahweh's creation they soon take over his realm, and although he can sense their doings, he arrives too late to save his creation, solely because of the time difference he placed between the two worlds. Lucifer than comes face to face with Death and Innocence of the Basanos and swears that he will destroy them if they do not leave his realm. Of course they seem to be a few steps ahead of the Morningstar and reveal that because two of his feathers are absent from his wings, kept in the possession of Izanami, his powers are unstable. And even as he tries to use the powers for whence he was named, he bursts in flames and careens towards the earth in the mountains, engulfed in flames and left but a charred corpse amongst the rocks. We later learn that Esa-Kira, the prophetess of the centaurs in his creation had come to the Lux to warn him, but because of some confusion she decided to take back this warning to her Maker, and he caught her in the act of removing it from his wall. She told him what was going on, but his arrogance proved to be his downfall when he told her that because she had changed her mind, he did not care to hear what she was going to say, which was a warning that the Basanos were going to kill him.


Lucifer's remains were never located by The Basanos and although some of their number worried greatly about this, their leader Innocence decided they would move along with their plans and worry about Lucifer another time. What they did not know is his body had been stolen and brought deep beneath a mountain by one of the Seraphim who was trying to alleviate the guilt of what he had created, Meleos. He lay Lucifer's body on a stone pedestal and then stood there and waited for help to come from an unknowing innocent. Meanwhile, Lucifer's spirit existed in a limbo of sorts where he encountered Death of the Endless who had to come and see just how close he'd gotten to being on her doorstep.

Intimidating Death

The two talk for a while, Death probing Lucifer with questions she's always wanted to ask and doesn't know if she'll ever get another chance to, Lucifer being unamused and threatening her with a reminder that he's going to escape his predicament and she best take that into consideration with her words. While they talk, Lucifer tries to restore himself but only combusts again and Death asks what his plans are to which he replies that he just needs to await another option. Ironically, the other option comes in the form of the one The Basanos brought to his attention back in Hamburg, Elaine Belloc. It seems that Meleos has manipulated her into saving Lucifer by sending her astral spirit into his burned-out corporeal form.

Elaine exclaims to Lucifer that she can save him, pausing for a moment to look back at Death, and then informs him an angel sent her and said that she would serve as a conduit for his power so that he could use it to heal his body. Lucifer doesn't understand all of the technicalities of the process but gives it a shot and the two join hands. A flurry of energy emanates from the touch and Lucifer's withered body is fully restored to life and he awakes to see Meleos standing over him. Lucifer admits surprise that Meleos would be the one to rescue him but Meleos sees it as his revenge, the constant memory Lucifer shall have that his life was in the hands of Meleos. Lucifer doesn't acknowledge the comment at first but when he does, he plays it off as a trivial irony. Instead, what he is more intent on is knowing the fate of two feathers from his wings, as these two feathers should not have been burned and in them is contained most of his power. Now it is Meleos who is at a loss as he doesn't seem to understand what this means, but assumes it's a bad thing, especially as Lucifer infers he may not survive as the hunting dogs of Kagutsuchi - that had been given to the Basanos by Susano - run down the mountainside toward the cave mouth.

Meleos summons a sword of fire and tells Lucifer that if this means he's powerless, then he has doomed them all. As the scouting hounds of the hunting party approach, Lucifer dispatches one with merely his brute strength and says "powerless" is a relative term. However, he has other things to attend to and knows Meleos' real reason for involving himself is that he wants redemption for creating The Basanos. So Lucifer departs, telling the fallen seraph to hold them off until he falls. And then he's gone...his winged form restored (though not his power) he flies off to the tower that The Basanos erected as a monument commemorating their conquest.

The Basanos' Sacrifice

Entering through the window of an upper chamber, he awakens Jill Presto from her fertilization. She is shocked at Lucifer's presence (having thought he was dead) and immediately shifts all the blame of her actions onto the living tarot deck that possesses her. Jill tells Lucifer that they raped her and now won't even let her die until she births their child. Lucifer seems to think maybe he can help with that. So it is that eventually The Basanos realize the war they fought with Meleos (and the Lilim) was merely a distraction and they storm off to their tower to find Lucifer already waiting with his hand around Jill's throat.

He gives them an offer, an ultimatum, destroy themselves and he will not harm their offspring lest it threatens him first. After a pause and with a bitter resentment in her face, Innocence stands alone as her fellows all return to their cards which she is then holding in the form of a deck. She tells Lucifer it was not his wit that conquered them but his universe that blinded their foresight. And with that, she sets the cards (and herself) ablaze and the threat of The Basanos is eliminated.

As the dust settles, Lucifer must attend to the other matters at hand and he appoints the Lilim his army and dispatches them with Mazikeen at their head to track down Susano who has taken his two unmarred feathers. But he does not go with them for he has other promises to keep, a promise made one year ago with Amenadiel, a duel in the Inferno.


When Lucifer arrives, he makes his entrance into Hell in a manner most unbefitting the most powerful entity to ever set foot in the realm, not to mention the one who ruled over it for billions of years. Rather then fly in on his angelic wings, he comes alone (as custom dictates) riding into Hell on an Infernal beast similar in size to a large elephant. It is to Gly that he comes for Christopher Rudd, now a Duke, was chosen to be his host. Rudd does his best to show the formalities required of one in his position and Lucifer says he would be interested to hear how it was that a human soul came to have authority in Hell.

Blade of An Assassin

Lucifer is interrupted when a demon drops before him, with praises on his tongue, and a knife in his fist. The assassin leaps forward to cut Lucifer down whilst two more come from behind. Rudd unsheathes his sword and dispatches of one of the assassins, but while Lucifer kills the first with the demon's own blade, he is stabbed in the side from behind. He swiftly turns and rips the face off of his would-be murderer but the damage is done. Christopher is told the assassins were of his household, but he seems to know nothing of what has transpired. Lucifer merely requests he be shown his room so that he may wash after his travels, then he and Rudd will talk. As he washes his wounds alone he thinks of Mazikeen, his love, and their last moments before they parted ways, him to Hell, and her in a quest to restore his power.

Later, while walking along the battlements Rudd details the security measures of the fortress until Lucifer changes the course of the conversation by directing their attention to the area around the castle. Lucifer recalls that the barren wasteland was once a painfield, Christopher assures him they still are but that he merely waits a year so that the next year's crop will be more bountiful. Lucifer provokes the Duke by asking if he truly feels no guilt on harvesting pain now that he is on the other side of the system. Perhaps having been pushed too far Christopher replies with his sword to Lucifer's chest. He explains how he endured three hundred years of eternal torment for killing an innocent, something he has vowed not to do again so he asks Lucifer if it was he who designed the Infernal realm. Lucifer says that it grew around him, his only crime was doing nothing to stop it. He continues by saying that Hell has a life of its own, supply and demand, a balance but Rudd's plans to topple Hell are his plans alone, however, they could possibly talk strategies at some point, share perspectives. With that said, he leaves Christopher to his own musings.

Even Lucifer Bleeds

When next we see the two, Christopher is working hard with a crowbar in an attempt to break a steel piece off the wall of stone, as it is hooked to a chain that supports a metal chandelier over the room. Although obviously under strain, Lucifer simply stands by as they talk about the upcoming duel and it is revealed that the winner is the one who can eat the other duelist's heart because to the death can be tricky with some of the combatants. Christopher suggests removing your heart before entering the arena but it is against the rules, and should anyone cheat, the Lords who watch over the preceding would combine their power and destroy the offender. Lucifer finally lends his hand to Rudd's task while they converse and without even appearing to have put in the merest effort the steel breaks loose and Rudd passes him a cloth to clean his reopened wounded side.

This conversation is interrupted when a dismayed messenger runs to them with news that Lady Lys has insisted on seeing them. What she says to both of them is little apart from the insinuation that she and Lucifer had been with one another in ages long past, but her reason for coming is clear, a warning that her father intends to make sure that Amenadiel is the victor of the upcoming duel, with that and a few parting words with Rudd, she leaves. So it comes as no surprise that in the night come Lord Arux's two assassins, Sisyphus and Virtus. Sisyphus senses magics around a tower and effortlessly climbs its side up unto the single window near the top. Inside, Lucifer sits, waiting patiently as if bored.

The Assassin that Kills from Within

Upon entering the chamber Sisyphus is bound with mystical chains, a spell, Lucifer seems to think he has won when an unforeseen occurrence takes place. The second assassin strikes, Vitrus, a cherub that went insane and now is filled with a self-hatred that spreads to anything it touches. It takes root inside Lucifer's heart and he collapses onto the floor. Sisyphus then breaks his chains and offers Lucifer a merciful death, Lucifer retaliates with an offer of negotiation, when Sisyphus says he cannot be swayed, Lucifer seems undaunted. Within that instant the entire tower vanishes, it was the spell the being sensed, and Sisyphus plummets to his death while Lucifer descends gracefully, borne on angelic wings. Rudd does his best to appear in command over the situation, but he does not know what has truly happened to the Morningstar who only says he must sort out what has befallen him on his own.

Through the night and into the dawn of the duel's predetermined date the corrupted cherub takes its toll on the Morningstar, mocking The Mocker. However, the creature cannot take his cunning from him and in an instant Lucifer knows what he must do, and getting out of his bed he begins making his way to the fields out yonder. He collapses to the floor before he can even make it out of his room. Elsewhere in Hell, where the Triumvirate once ruled, Duma and Remiel have an argument over the treatment of Lucifer and the ever-silent Duma flies off, remembering his love for Samael. So it is that Duma finds a humbled Lucifer, helpless, and picking him up Duma takes Lucifer to the painfields, setting him down by the heavily-bladed machinery at Lucifer's request. Crawling to one of the devices, Lucifer grips his hand tightly around one of the spikes drawing a fair amount of blood. Then, he hovers over three large spikes and drops like a stone, impaling himself and unleashing a torrent of power and going completely still. But never doubt the Devil for at the last minute, when the duel is about to be called to forfeit, Lucifer appears in the doorway of the Coliseum with three bloody splotches on his garments and a willpower to be feared, ready to begin a long-awaited battle between Heaven and Hell.

The two contestants are searched by the officials, and the duel begins with the two separated by twenty leagues which normally would mean a hunt. But Amenadiel was not fool enough to let Lucifer have time to plot and with the box (given to him by Lord Arux who in turn got it from Christopher Rudd) containing some of Lucifer's flesh, he can pinpoint to the fallen angel's location with ease and flies to meet the Adversary. Crashing down on the earth-bound Lucifer, as Amenadiel rips out Lucifer's heart he spins a tale of Lucifer's legacy lacking both loyalty and love and that he never truly lived, his final vengeance to a dying foe.

An Enmity Ended

Amenadiel finishes saying he should thank Lucifer, for returning his own life to him, and with that said he devours the heart with gusto but suddenly he freezes and falls to the ground flat on his back. Lucifer rises back to his feet then and announces that indeed the heart was that of Sisyphus, instilled with the disturbed cherub. Unsheathing a sword Lucifer begins cutting open the seraph's chest, ignoring Amenadiel's warning that Lucifer's antics will die as well with his breaking of the code duello. Tearing out Amenadiel's heart and life, the last words Amenadiel hears are, "Rules are rules." And it is finished.

Yet before Lucifer can be declared the winner, Remiel descends from above and orders that Lucifer be brought before him. Confident at last that he at least will have his vengeance, Remiel orders Lucifer's execution due to the fact that he broke the code duello as his heart was not in the arena. Lucifer responds by opening the charmed silver box that Amenadiel had used to locate him so swiftly, and it is revealed that the flesh inside was indeed Lucifer's very own heart and that Christopher Rudd had intentionally deceived Lord Arux to "prevent a greater injustice".

Remiel refuses to let his own plot be so easily undone and says that as the heart was not in Lucifer's chest, a case could still be made...but before he can say anymore, a massive shock wave of energy bursts forth from Lucifer, demolishing the wooden platform upon which they stood. Now once again winged, Lucifer leaves this affair, his powers restored (for elsewhere, Mazikeen had succeeded in her own mission to destroy the feathers Susano had taken, along with Susano as it conveniently turned out) leaving behind Remiel who has no other choice but to order Lord Arux in custody for his treachery. Proving not even all the Lords in Hell can best the Morningstar in a battle of cunning and deceit.

Come to Judgment

This is a rather short moment in Lucifer's history and can perhaps be thought of as a filler arc or in-betweener segment, as it simply tells the tale of him journeying to the bowels of the Earth to ask Loki for the location of the Naglfar. Instead he is told that Bergelmir can take him to the ship so he seeks out this member of the race of giants and enters the realm of giants only to find an old man who says he can't take Lucifer to Bergelmir as long as he takes an axe and kills the first individual he should meet on their walk, him following Lucifer. Lucifer does this but he sees through the ploy when they are about to enter a cave and grabs the "old man" and throws him in, saying that he shall kill him, as the man breaks the mirror at the end of the cave. The man releases Lucifer from his oath and reveals himself to be Bergelmir and than uses the axe to bring Lucifer to the Naglfar.

Naglfar and Sisters of Mercy

In the Presence of the Presence

After Lucifer gathers a crew for the journey to the Mansions of the Silence, he sets his sights on another mission and heads off to speak with his brother Michael. The two begin discussing things until it gets to the point where Lucifer begins questioning Yahweh and tries to get his brother to question him as well. In time he gains the curiosity of his brother by saying he knows of a way in which they can know their father's thoughts and so they journey into Lucifer's realm where they enter the fortress of Scoria and submerge themselves in the mind of The Presence. Their father speaks unto them, proclaiming Lucifer's will to escape predestination an admirable trait and telling them his further plans, that he is leaving creation. The two than escape the mind of Yahweh, and just before The Presence leaves the universe he shares a final conversation with Lucifer, than goes. Lucifer at that moment is going into the Mansions of the Silence himself, the entire domain being destroyed by the sheer power he contains, and he rescues his entire fallen crew, dispatches Tsuki-Yomi and rescues Elaine Belloc and Mona Doyle, whom he later transforms into goddesses of his realm, as long as they don't ask for worship.

Brothers in Arms

In his cosmos Lucifer sits at a table with Mazikeen, surrounded by the hordes of the Lilim when two angels of The Host cut through the demons. One is Uriel, the silent and obviously superior of the two and the other is Zonaquel who plainly makes it known he has nothing but disgust for the Lilith's children and no training in humility. Lucifer decides to spare him from Mazikeen's blade despite his insults but ignores him for the rest of his stay and instead talks with Uriel who has come seeking knowledge of why The Creator abandoned them and when he shall return.


Lucifer informs him that Yahweh had this planned from the beginning and closed the Circle of Eternity...from the outside...he wouldn't be coming back. What he had planned was to be succeeded by his sons, since neither of them were interested it was only safe to assume every other being of creation would be seeking to take the throne and would do so unless The Host should begin efforts to prevent it. Lucifer finds his prediction to be true sooner then he expected when he and Mazikeen return to The Lux and find the Titans Garamas and Gyges trying to use his gateway to get to Heaven.

Confident and unshaken Lucifer makes a demeaning joke and then proceeds to expel his power upon the brothers, presumably incinerating them. However, when the fires die down the two are un-singed and Lucifer is left looking the fool. They inform him that his flames were to be feared when his father was in power but now that they are the lords of creation he is nothing to them and swatting him aside like an insect they proceed into the portal.

Lucifer follows them after instructing Mazikeen to guard the gate and if he does not return to take the Lilim to the Silver City and hold it for as long as they can, if he does not join her, she can mourn him at her leisure. Emerging from the gate he steps into the desolate red wastelands of Hell, the territory of Effrul to be exact. The Titans are unamused and know not how Lucifer tricked them and he says his will is still his own. He then walks over to the skull of Effrul and while explaining some of its history informs them that he can bring back those he killed as that is a matter of will also.

So as the colossal demon rises from the ground, temporarily restored to life, Lucifer flies into the skies, leaving Garamas and Gyges with a distraction to keep them busy for a time so that he can prepare to make his final stand. Upon arriving in the Silver City he is met with the spears of The Host who are adamant that he cannot set foot there by the will of the father. He is unimpressed and bored with the mindless seraphs and almost comes to blows with them until Uriel cuts through and grants him unhindered entry to go talk with his sulking brother Michael.

Being Fitted for Battle

The brother's conversation does not go over well as the emotionally disturbed Michael finds himself despising his brother more and more and has become apathetic towards the fate of the universe. Lucifer doesn't find his brother to be worth his time anymore and hands him a strip of cloth, telling him to wear it as a blindfold when the Titans do away with Elaine. Then he returns to Uriel, asking to see the armory so that at least he may stand and fight whatever's coming.

Uriel fits Lucifer with a suit of armor and sword that were crafted for him by Ibriel before his fall from Heaven but due to the fall, it was never used. The two are interrupted when a commotion is heard outside the tower and going out into the open courtyard they find Zonaquel with Mazikeen's sword to his throat. She came with Beatrice to warn Lucifer of the weapon the Titans had constructed to defeat him, a Duinum created from Beatrice's memories that would negate him if they should touch, destroying them both.

He sees a plan formulating in this news and speaks with Mazikeen about the fate of Beatrice as she watches on solemnly. When at last Lucifer's Duinum reaches the Silver City he immediately kills two of the Host and wastes no time in attacking his target. Lucifer is at the ready but merely uses a blast of his power to distract the creature and then vanish. Garamas and Gyges then make their entrance, catching up with their weapon and beginning to lay waste to Heaven.

Bitter Feelings

Lucifer toys with them at first, playing off of Gyges' stupidity and causing him to strike his own brother but Garamas is not so easily defeated and with but a wave of his hand immobilizes Lucifer, sending him crashing to the ground and leaving the Duinum to finish him off. As the creature wraps its hands around Lucifer's neck he grows weak but no one comes to his aid, not even the enraged Michael who rose from his seat at the foot of his father's throne to fight the Titans.

But Lucifer's not finished as Mazikeen finishes the ritual she had been performing with Beatrice by plunging a sword through the back of Beatrice's midriff...obliterating Garamas and Gyges into non-existence and causing the Duinum to lose all its power over Lucifer. Destroying it now with ease, Lucifer explains to Michael that Beatrice had been their conduit to touch him and he had used her to touch them back and killed them before they ever became Yahweh. So, with his mission completed Lucifer leaves Heaven again, still at odds with his brother.

It's not long before others heard word of this attack on the Silver City and a meeting is called by demons, hosted by the soul of a man named John Baxter Sewell, the gathering includes both those who sided with Lucifer and those who did not. They seem unaware of all that's going on in Heaven but draw some accurate conclusions, however they believe they need the Morningstar to clear things up to which one responds that he was invited and may still show up...

And indeed he does eventually show, but what the demons mistakenly took for a leader to fall behind is instead their bane. He informs them that he expects they wish to take advantage of the current chaos and for his plans to go ahead, reality must remain he closes the door behind him and leaves, claiming he's sorry for at least a few of them, as John plummets several stories out of a window to his death and the death of all those sealed inside him.

Stitchglass Slide and Wire, Briar, Timber Lock

Finally it seems that in these ending times that Lucifer has decided to put his foot down when he issues a law within his creation, all immortals but leave his realm...or be slain. He appoints Elaine Belloc to perform this feat for him, for if it was up to him he would simply kill them all but he knows she would show them mercy, or at least that's why he says he's allowing her to do it. So she does these things for him and he doesn't even have to lift a finger, though he does make sure Mazikeen will be loyal to Elaine.

The Wolf Beneath the Tree

Some undetermined amount of time later, Yahweh's universe still in peril, Lucifer Morningstar is invited to the House of Destiny of the Endless, promised that should he come that he will learn something to his own advantage. That is why, despite his better judgment on the matter, he decided to come along with Elaine, who was told someone in the House of Destiny would need her help. So they come to his abode in the Garden of the Forking Ways and sit at his table, enjoying his hospitality. This is how Michael finds his brother and daughter, and he doesn't seem to pleased at this surprise encounter, at all as he demands to know why Lucifer is present.

Gambling with Destiny

When he finds out that Lucifer was invited while he was not, he only becomes further enraged but Destiny tells Michael, that he knew he was already going to be coming to which Michael angrily replies that he hates Destiny's knowledge of what his every action and reaction will be, which is when Lucifer interrupts to comment that he sympathizes with Michael on that point as he hates it too. Eventually Michael calms down and everyone manages to act at least remotely civilized as they eat their meal, of course Lucifer has a desire to make a wager with Destiny. So he asks from across the table if Destiny would be willing to bet that before the meal is over, Lucifer will do something not written in Destiny's book. Destiny argues that all things are written in his book but Lucifer says that then they can just make the wager for the hell of it. Once again Destiny denies the offer saying that since all things are predetermined, he does not gamble. The conversation ends with Lucifer saying, "Then gamble that they're not, and you can't lose." The attitude of Lucifer is remarked about soon after by Elaine's mutter, "A glass of testosterone, anyone?"

The meal continues from that point, most likely without conversation for the most part until Elaine accidentally brings up a touchy subject when she asks her father if Heaven has returned back to normal since the invasion by the Titan brothers. Michael goes off on a huge rant at that point about how the entire universe is in peril because Yahweh has abandoned creation. Elaine seems shocked at this news at which point Lucifer clears things up for her, making it known that only Yahweh's cosmos will be affected, his are completely safe. Michael bitterly points out then at the table that since the problem does not touch Lucifer, he does not care about it, nor shall be help.

So it is that Lucifer continues to remain silent in the background, as Elaine and Michael talk of the troubles for the cosmos, and turn to Destiny whom they believe has the answer. The answer he gives them when they request he read from the book is this: "To read aloud from the book makes the book an element in the story it tells. The danger inherent in that is as great as the threat you seek to address. That this is a turning point in the history of creation is self-evident. The very script in which the book is written changes after this point. At such a juncture, the slightest word or gesture could tip the balance." These words, heard by Michael for some reason, cause him to fly off into the heavens almost immediately, and even Elaine feels it her duty to follow him. This leaves only the brother Lucifer in Destiny's house and so he speaks up, "And then there were two. As you intended from the start."

Lucifer's Rage

As they sit in Destiny's house, Lucifer and the eldest of The Endless are having a conversation, one about why Lucifer has a distaste for Destiny. The reason being is not a personal one, rather it is that Destiny represents the will of Lucifer's father, Yahweh. Destiny represents the idea of predestination, the very concept that could be considered Lucifer's greatest enemy throughout his entire existence, more so than the very one who brought it about. Lucifer than rises from his seat at the end of the table and as he walks towards Destiny, and goes on to say, that while cause and effect are tools, they are only the foundation if it is a prison you are creating.

At this point Destiny claims he does not understand the metaphor but says that as for himself, he would prefer a prison over an asylum, a comment which manages to rile up the normally cool and collected Lucifer as he realizes that comment was directed at his own creation. So, in a predetermined outburst he reaches forward, grabs several pages of Destiny's book with his hand, tears them out and incinerates them in his "light-bringing" fires. "And now we're both in the dark." Lucifer says, believing himself to be triumphant but Destiny replies, "No. Now you look at the ashes..." In surprise Lucifer looks down to see the blackened remnants of the page have fallen into a pattern that forms two words, "Fenris" and "Yggdrasil"..."And now you change your mind..."

The Wolf is at the Door!

Flying swiftly to the Silver City within Heaven, Lucifer for once seems to actually be troubled about something, the very thing that has Uriel interrogating Elaine Belloc in some tower within the Silver City. It seems she witnessed her father expelling his power to save the universe but she doesn't know how, Uriel tells her that Michael is using the Dunamis Demiurgos to refresh every atom of creation, to make it anew, sacrificing himself to save everyone else. Just as he finishes his explanation however, Lucifer appears in the window of the tower room, his wings spread wide and he joins the conversation in such a way that it can be assumed he had been listening all along as he says, "Call it what you will, Uriel. The wolf is at the door. And it's not going to work."

These words seem to bring about some response from Uriel but not full understanding as not long after, Lucifer is walking down the streets of the Silver City, with the Host at his back, and Uriel at his side, who is doing his best to discourage Lucifer from doing what he is about to. Why would it make any sense to stop Michael from saving creation? Such an idea would be ludicrous. Lucifer seems to understand more of the current situation than Uriel as he says that under normal circumstances what Michael is attempting may have even succeeded. The problem arises in the fact that these are not normal circumstances, with Fenris seeking Yggdrasil, all bets are off.

Saying nothing more he takes to the air, flying up to The Logos, the room a top a mighty tower where the Word of God resides, echoing off the walls for all eternity. Standing on the platform just outside the construct's only window he demands his brother awake but there is no reaction seen from Michael. Thus, Lucifer mutters, "Then we'll do this another way." Once again he stands on the platform of the tower, this time with Elaine and Uriel at his sides. Uriel still seems confused why Lucifer is concerning himself with Heaven's business, such a thing would normally be unheard of. Yet Lucifer says that Yggdrasil is one of the "beginning places" and so his plans to sit out the destruction of Yahweh's universe has crumbled - at this point Elaine attempts to interject with disapproval as she than learns Lucifer plan's to sit out but this confrontation doesn't take place as he continues speaking without acknowledging her question - because what The Wolf does may shake even his own creation, which he will not allow.

Destroying the Logos

With that said, he placed his opened palms on the outside wall of the tower, tells Uriel and Elaine to fly away for their own safety and than the entire tower is consumed in a holy fire, if Lucifer's powers can still be considered holy, and within seconds the formerly massive construct is reduced to crumbled shards of stone. Emerging from this wreckage is Michael and he does not seem to take long to figure out what's going long and to direct his rage as he says, "Speak quickly, Lucifer. Or I call this Host to witness -- you will not speak again."

It is left to the reader's imagination how this conflict is resolved for when we next see the brothers they are in Svartalfheim, alongside Elaine, standing upon the edge of a cliff. Flying above them is a massive host of angels, but Lucifer only speaks with Uriel, telling him to establish a guard that will prevent any disturbance of what the three are about to do. After this has been said, it is clear that Michael still refuses to trust his brother and that once again Lucifer seems to know more than his fellow member of the celestial host. Michael asks, "If the journey isn't a physical one, than why come here?" Lucifer answers the question as cryptically as usual, saying that tree expects to be approached from 'this direction' which he believes will make the journey easier, but that is just in perspective, for they is no easy way to make the trip as far as he is aware.

Meanwhile, in another place, Fenris the Wolf, a lot more knowledgeable on the subject of The World Tree, is filling in Charlie Gilmour, prepping the madman for the journey to Yggdrasil, for he is to be Fenris' chariot. So, with his wife and child promised him if he should take Fenris to Yggdrasil, Charlie begins the very rough journey, losing himself as he treks through white oblivion, on the path he at one point sees three angels, one bleeding power (Michael), the other bleeding will (Lucifer), and the other presumably bleeding humors from her eyes (Elaine). Eventually he takes The Wolf, The Trickster and Bet Jo'gie to the roots of Yggdrasil, with them none the worse for wear but Lucifer and his companions did not fare so well. Plummeting from the skies over The World Tree and surrounding areas, he, Michael and Elaine crash to the earth, only Elaine conscious and she cannot see.

"Fallen Angels"

Not far from the tree Yggdrasil, the blinded Elaine is now poised over a heavily injured Lucifer, turning him over onto his back, she begs him to wake up for she is no longer able to see and needs him to tell her what to do or for that matter if they have even arrived at Yggdrasil. Fenris and Abonsam approach, needing no disguises for Elaine could not see them anyway, Abonsam calls out to her, "Your friends are hurt. Can we do aught to help?" Abonsam and Fenris come closer until they are looking down on her and Lucifer from where they stand and once again The Trickster speaks describing the appearance of Lucifer to her and then telling her that the fountain just ahead has waters with healing properties. Elaine looks towards his voice and asks "Sceorfan" if he could please bring her some of the water for Lucifer could not die, he must reach the tree and so Abonsam says he'll go fetch it with his hands and as he and Fenris walk a little ways away from her, Elaine's begging for him to hurry follow them and Abonsam replies, "Doubt me not." With that the mighty Fenris slashes Abonsam's chest, opening several wounds with but a single swipe.

Elaine than speaks up again calling out Sceorfan's name, questioning him for the identity of the sound she just heard, the sound of Fenris ripping The Trickster's body open. Abonsam replies, his voice with less power behind it, weakened by the strike, "Nothing. It was -- nothing." Still weak he walks up to Elaine and tells her to cup her hands and receive the water he has. She does so and the blood from his chest pours into them, at first Elaine seems surprised as she notices the water feels warm, like -- but before she can identify the substance she is interrupted by "Sceorfan" who tells her to quickly drip into into his mouth, lest he die right then and there. She does so without anymore questions, letting the blood fall as Abonsam collapses and lays face down beside her and Fenris simply watches. The blood spills onto Lucifer's chin, his throat, his lips, filling his mouth...and then, his eyes snap open, his body jerked to life. He begins to cough as he sits up, his eyes white, his wings outstretched, rage clearly seen upon his face, of course Elaine cannot see his face so she simply talks to him calmly telling him that she believes they are near the tree and that they only have to -- but once again she is cut off, but this time not by someone else speaking but by Lucifer's hand wrapping itself around her throat as pupils appear within his eyes and he stares into her face, blood and bruises all over his own.

Fenris Is Born!

At that moment, Michael groggily awakes, eyes opening weakly as he mutters, "L -- Lucifer?" Getting to his hands and knees he speaks again as he sees his daughter, choking for breath while Lucifer's outstretched arm suspends her in the air and Michael speaks again, louder this time, "Brother?" Swiftly he clambers to his feet and rushes to get between the two, trying to push Elaine away from his brother, warning Lucifer to stay away from Elaine. But Lucifer's only reply is, "Morningstar? I am Fenris. I am The Wolf!" With that, the maddened Lucifer thrusts Elaine's head into the side of Michael's face, taking both of them out. Lucifer and Michael now begin their last fight, Michael holding back his brothers fists, apologizing for what is to come for his brother is not himself, and so, lying upon the ground, his wings flattened beneath his back, Michael raises his right hand and from it spews a white energy that begins to envelop Lucifer, taking its toll on him, causing him to cry out.

Within a massive crater, Michael stands over Lucifer whose on his hands and knees, both of their wings are in tatters, what's left of their clothes torn, blood streaming over their bodies. Smoke rises around their bodies and although Michael is stronger, he makes one fatal error, he tries to reason with his brother, telling Lucifer that it is not he who acts. Michael tells Lucifer to fight it, to be himself, lest all their pain and effort be for naught and creation falls. But Lucifer, still possessed simply turns his head to the side, blood dripping from his mouth as he grins evilly at his brother, "Excellent." Than in a blur of speed he grabs his brother and Lucifer takes to the air, glowing with energy as he takes his brother higher into the heavens. As they ascend Michael still pleads with his brother, "Morningstar -- brother -- I don't want to kill you --" but Lucifer simply scoffs at these words as he points out that with his broken wings, Michael's strength is failing. His own rant thus begins, "I am the furnace in which you will be unmade. I am your death." But Michael remains stubborn and responds by telling Lucifer that he will be the death of all, and that it will all be his own doing and his alone. Lucifer heeds not these words in his madness and a massive expulsion of energy erupts from within him, engulfing both sons of Yahweh, leaving them both to plummet to the ground, burning as they fall.

Michael and Lucifer crash through the upper branches of Yggdrasil, snapping them as they continue their descent, and then they are lost to view and for a time they seem to do nothing. Yet then, a broken Lucifer stumbles over to the place where his brother lays in a pool of blood, at the base of the tree, his own leathery wings are naught but spines now, jutting from his back. Cleared of mind he weakly speaks his brother's name, but it is too late. Michael is dying, the fate of creation sealed, but the latter issue is not the current problem for Michael's death provides a problem in and of itself. And so he calls out to Elaine, asking her to come to him, the blinded Elaine follows the voice of her father until she is kneeling at his side. She and her father share a heartfelt talk, and Lucifer simply listens as the two share their final words, Lucifer interrupts the two however when Michael tells Elaine she must take his power because Lucifer believes that Elaine is too weak, that she cannot do it but unintentionally Lucifer draws Michael's attention to himself. Michael asks to exchange apologies with his brother, as he never thought it would have to come to this but Lucifer tells him, that Michael is not at fault, that he himself is to blame.

Brotherly Love

This being said, Michael than returns his attentions to his daughter, explaining to her that she must not only let his power flow into her, but she must contain it as well but in fear she tells him she knows not how to perform such a feat. Meanwhile not far from the blood-covered father speaking his last words to his daughter, Sarah holds Bobby in her arms and begs Lucifer to take them away from Yggdrasil but he tells her there is no need to do so at the moment, for if she waits a little longer, it may become meaningless anyway. Close by Michael and Elaine are becoming more panicked as Michael tells his daughter that should she survive she will find herself with a great many duties, though he believes in her ability to rise to them. But Elaine simply has last regrets on her mind and begins apologizing to her father, for not trying to talk to him, for not coming to him. Than it is that her father utters his last words, proving that he can acknowledge his own faults "It would have done no good. I was proud, and stubborn. I could have sought you out. I could have --" and so he dies, Elaine hovering him, a scream ripped from his throat as his nigh-uncontainable energy bursts forth from his body, engulfing Yggdrasil and all within its perimeter.


He and Elaine are consumed as the Dunamis Demiurgos is released, but that is not there end, she reforms her body with the power and he is holding her hand, helping her through whatever trials she may face, standing at her side.

The Yahweh Dance and The Breach

At this time, Elaine accidentally creates a third universe outside of both Yahweh's and Lucifer's, in which she has omnipotent control over everything, but the place is devoid of life and just she and Lucifer are within it, confined to a boulder-like object not even big enough to run around upon, floating in a world full of similar boulders. Lucifer tells her that she must be tested and to do so must create a world and she does so, but problem after problem arises and she becomes frustrated but all Lucifer does is slide her the occasional bit of advice, he does not support the idea of intervention, or so it seems. So it is that he eventually seems to have taught Elaine "The Yahweh Dance", a thing not fully explained but presumably the understanding of utilizing omnipotence, omniscience and even omnipresence. So at last he asks to her to return them to his own creation, and she does so, creating a gateway, with her name holding it open, "Elaine Belloc" and so he and her enter it. Berim initially succeeds in holding them back, time and time again, though it is a quite a strain upon himself, but at last, Lucifer and Elaine succeed in entering the real world, their first destination, the whereabouts of Jill Presto, where she has just given birth to Noema, daughter of the Basanos.


Lucifer Returns to Hell

He confronts Noema, making it clear he intends the very thing everyone (but Elaine) suspects from him, violence. Noema also appears to have a deep hatred for the Morningstar and things almost come to blows before Elaine intervenes, under the pretense that their fight could harm the others. This seems to cool Noema and Lucifer down, so the two instead end up talking with one another, away from the group and Noema decides to bring Lucifer (and the gang) to the place where his destiny is leading him, the very Gates of Hell. Lucifer of course enters, albeit not too enthusiastically and once there he is taken in by Hell's new ruler, Christopher Rudd, as an honored guest. Eventually things come to a surprising twist when it is Lucifer himself that asks Rudd to put aside his wish for vengenace and come to the Silver City's aid. He patiently waits for Rudd, also a surprise, but after a while he finally becomes fed up with waiting and he, Elaine and Mazikeen head off to the Silver City, to finish their war. Within a very short amount of time, Fenris throws a spear at Lucifer, impaling him as he is not even at half-power. Elaine takes him to the centaurs of his creation to be healed and he is, but he refuses to rest and returns to Heaven explaining that Elaine must sit on the Primum Mobile and become The Presence. So they run to it, leading Fenris unintentionally and eventually they enter the chamber, where Elaine seats herself. But Fenris interrupts them, halting the process and drawing Lucifer into a fight, the two fight a long and hard battle, until at last Lucifer reveals he still has some power and destroys Fenris. He than turns on Noema, but not to kill her, but to use her to speak with Yahweh. The speech seems to sway his father into sparing creation, allowing the world to go living. After that Lucifer makes sure Elaine truly understands what her new position has left her as and than goes on his way to do other tasks.


These tasks include seeing Rachel one last time, after transforming the Lux back into the bar it had always been, having a little one-on-one time with Meleos, and of course closing all entrances to his creation, by reforming them as the Letter of Passage they originally were, he finds however that a piece is missing and goes to the Windowless Rooms to retrieve it. There he meets with Izanami, now in human form, lies with her, and than regains the last piece to the Letter and goes on his way. He makes a final stop with Elaine, as she's working hard to restore the universe, and he meets with Mazikeen, at last restoring her face and than handing his powers, "the Morningstar" abilities, to her. He than opens a gateway into the new Void and enters it, disappearing from this universe forever, with no hope of escaping his new and empty universe over which he is all-powerful.

All We Need of Hell

Now, the one and only inhabitant of the Void, Lucifer has nothing to do, nothing to do but fly through oblivion. Due to time not existing in the void, Lucifer is able to meet the Silk Man as he leaves an earlier creation and watch as Yaweh's creation unfolds and Lucifer observes his own past. Eventually Lucifer tires of this and begins flying again and he meets up with Lilith, Berim and the gang who were transported into the Void at a time in Lucifer's past, their greeting is not a happy one but they are interrupted by Yahweh, who comes to talk with his son. The two negotiate for a while, or attempt to and Yahweh eventually offers his son that they both give each other their selves so they can understand one another, but Lucifer refuses...and disappears into oblivion forever.


New 52

new 52 lucifer

Lucifer in the New 52 series has been significantly weaker and dimmer than his original self. he no longer has the will of God, and only is a shade of his former glory. the powers he displayed in the series Demon Knights;

  • He used hellfire to turn two demons into ashes.
  • He created a portal in his hand to transport an unwilling Etrigan to earth.
  • His arm was cut clean off by King Arthur, but he said he could regrow another.
  • He was tricked and his army defeated by rain that can wash away magic.


Lucifer is one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe. He literally has the will of God, which gives him the ability to manipulate any external force on any scale he wants. He could warp matter, energy, and even concepts and abstracts like time, dreams, emotions.... Even though he cannot create something out of nothing on a mutiversal scale, he could just break down any existing force into the most basic power, the Demiurgic power, and then warp it back into something else to achieve the desired effect. But for creating multiversal things he needs is the Demiurgic force of his brother Michael. Together, Michael and Lucifer are capable of creating entire multiverses.

His signature power is calling forth the fire of the various suns he used to birth and burning his opponents hence his name the Lightbringer. The fire is unique, for it could destroy even The Logoz and the Book of Destiny, both which are multiversal, in just one devastating blast.

He also possesses power over souls, seeing as he once created a soul for a demon so that he could be tortured, he also could destroy souls from another creation even when being in the one he created, which shows that distance is also not a problem for him (Lucifer: Nirvana).

He has the ability to nearly know things making him Nigh-Omniscient, like when he got impatient with a girl on the street, he called her by name, and told her things even she has forgot. He also could instantly know that his creation was being attacked even though he was inside his fathers creation.

His durability surpasses all others; he was able to tank a point-blank release of the Dunamis Demiurgos which could erase all of creation without even flinching.

His speed and reaction time are also formidable, as he could circle the Earth faster than light can travel 2 or three feet. His reaction time was stated to be 'As near as possible to being

instantaneous' (above light speed).

Even without his power Lucifer's intelligence makes him a formidable adversary making him Competence. While even powerless in Izanami's House of Windowless Rooms he was still able to manipulate the many gods in the realm who attacked him and drive them to their own deaths. Due to his angelic longevity he is well-versed in all kinds of magic and the set-up of almost all things. He has skill as a swordsman and is a decent hand-to-hand fighter.

Chronological Listing of Comic Book Appearances

This list is not meant to detail the comics Lucifer appears in, in the order they were published, but rather the order in which the events take place in his life, starting from his time spent in Heaven as an angel, to his time spent as the Lord of Hell, than his life as a retired man on Earth until finally his last and most likely final appearance in any comic book. This list excludes TPB's and reprints (which includes Swedish reprints that have been translated), it is also lacking The Vertigo Tarot, because even though Lucifer does appear, it is not a continuity role, rather just an "encyclopedia" of sorts, which are also not included. However, this list does include cameos, meaning an appearance in an issue where he does not talk at all, usually in the form of a single panel.

Lucifer As An Angel of Heaven

these appearances are the few times Lucifer is seen living in Heaven or in some of the later ones in this section, falling from Heaven

Lucifer As The Lord of Hell

after "falling" from Heaven, Lucifer was left to his own devices in Hell where his power and nature left him the leader, for a brief period near the end of his reign he was part of a Triumvirate but always had far more power then his comrades

Lucifer Lounging in Perth, Australia

between ruling Hell and owning the Lux, Lucifer lounged on a beach in Perth Australia

Lucifer As the Owner of the Lux

although Lucifer possesses ownership of the Lux beyond these appearances, this is the period wherein he owns it but does not house the gateway to his universe within it

Lucifer As The Creator of a Universe

these events all take place after he has first opened the Void into a universe free from Yahweh

*Thanks to some comic book continuity errors, it is difficult to judge when exactly the events told in The Witching happen in Lucifer's life, but through some clues (including publishing dates, things that are spoken of, and a "blankspot" in the Lucifer series where his doings are unbeknownst to the reader, it can be judged that the events in The Witching take place between Issues 44 and 51 of Lucifer, with 1 and 2 happening consecutively and 9 happening a few days later.

**Despite the fact that this Lucifer was toned down extensively for the comic and appears to be more of a child-friendly devil (still evil however) it can be assumed this scene was canon, and if so, chronologically I have placed it before Lucifer's first appearance in Sandman as although things did occur in Hell between his first appearance and his abandonment of Hell, it is more likely, stuff like this occurred early on in the existence of the Triumvirate.

***This appearance is based off of publish dates, although the fact that Lucifer was "gone" in his own series at this point may add to the probability that his appearance belongs there chronologically.

****Although Lucifer appears as an angel of Heaven, Lord of Hell, and such things but they are not flashbacks, rather reliving those moments in time.

Appearances Outside of Continuity

Neil Gaiman's Murder Mysteries #1

This appearance would be during Lucifer's time in Heaven and possibly his earliest appearance, however it was not a Vertigo release and does not affect Vertigo chronology. However, it was written by Neil Gaiman, Lucifer's creator.


Lucifer means “Bringer of Light” or "Light Bearer" in Latin.

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