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An epic new storyline begins with the launching of the ship Naglfar - a vessel made from dead men's fingernails. Its mission: to sail beyond Heaven into the Mansions of Silence in search of Elaine Belloc's lost soul. Its unlucky crew: hand-picked by Lucifer Morningstar and unlikely to return.  
The mission of the Naglfar is revealed, to enter the Mansions of the Silence and restore Elaine's life force, and the Asgardian ship is crewed by many former affiliates of Lucifer, both friends and enemies. Lucifer however cannot go with them for his power would destroy the Mansions and as such he is forbidden, but they have a very small chance of returning alive, for they have no idea what is ahead of them. Right from the start troubles arise, will the crew make it to their destination or die trying?

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