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Born with the Dead

Elaine Belloc started out life as naught but a young, seemingly ordinary girl. The truth is, she always knew she was "special", different, but not nearly to the magnitude she would become later on her life. However, when we first meet Elaine she is but a schoolgirl whose friend has just been murdered and she seeks out the help of her deceased "Grandmothers". In the end she decides to summon the devil to her aid. This plan fails and so she takes action into her own hands, but through a series of events she indeed finds herself face to face with Lucifer. He saves her life and then leaves, though not without assuring her they will meet again.

Children and Monsters

Sometime later they do indeed meet, though this is after she goes through some changes. Having learned some more truth about her parentage, and learning that the Bellocs are not her parents, a man comes to her door, claiming that he is her father. The man received this idea after having a conversation with Lucifer in the Dreaming. In the end it turns out his assumption is incorrect and for it he loses his life, but he does succeed in helping Elaine learn a little bit more about her origin. Namely,  the fact that she was an experiment of the fallen angel, Sandalphon, and that her father is none other than the vessel of God's power, the archon Michael.

She also meets her brother Cal, another experiment of Sandalphon, although unlike her, he was born not completely healthy in all his mental faculties. As such he is easily manipulated, although no matter what he will always fight for Elaine -  to keep her safe, no matter what that means (even going so far as attacking Lucifer when he misinterprets his motives). Lucifer had come to rescue Elaine and Michael from Sandalphon's clutches for his own purposes and as such was forced to humiliate both Cal and Sandalphon, but he left them alive. He then took Elaine and her father to where the Lux had been, to the door into the Void. Elaine was left outside as she watched her "best friend" (Lucifer) and father (Michael) enter. She waited while Lucifer helped Michael release the energies within himself and than spoke with her father after he came out of the Void. He warned her of Lucifer but she told him that she trusted him and would stick by his side. Michael gave in and went on his way, back to Heaven.

The Two-Edged Sword

A short time later Elaine learns of an ability she possesses that allows her to do something amazing, to project her astral form outside of her body, a form with angelic wings. Though doing so was an accident, she tests out the ability, finding herself in numerous dangers, numerous places. From entering the Lilim's trial of Mazikeen and being seen by Briadach, to entering the Void and looking upon Lucifer as he creates her cosmos, she eventually finds herself in Effrul. Entering it she flies through the heavens of Hell until she is noticed by Lady Lys who shoots her down with a catapult-like device. Lady Lys and her demons than decide to torment the little angel girl and use a demonic device to torture her until she is freed by none other than the ruler of Hell, Duma. He returns her to her body and the two make a silent pact of friendship, than he leaves and she is once again left alone, as if nothing happened.


She then returns to her normal "human" life, going to school, hanging out with friends, that sort of thing. Until one day her father comes to her, enraged, and attacks her. It is then that we learn that in fact it is not her father but Cestis of the Dancing Flesh, one of the last members of the Jin En Mok race sent to slaughter Elaine. Rescue comes in the form of a fallen cherub named Gaudium. He and Elaine flee from Cestis but eventually Cestis does both fail and succeed. She fails because Elaine does not die, but succeeds for Elaine loses her physical body forever and is trapped in her astral form. She and Gaudium than flee to Lucifer's realm where they hope to seek refuge and eventually they try and locate Lucifer. They find him within a mountain...deceased but watched over by Meleos.


She was horrified at this but began talking with Meleos, who explained to her there was a way Lucifer could be brought back to life, resurrected, and that she played a key role in this. This thing the Basanos had told Lucifer of, the reason he had ever befriended her. She agrees wholeheartedly to the idea and without hesitation follows Meleos' orders, all to save the one she trusts and owes her life, Lucifer. Of course she finds him chatting with Death and she chimes in, innocent to what is occuring, not realizing what she has done. Eventually Lucifer departs, for he is reborn. As for Elaine, she is left with Death. The two talk, talk of Mona Doyle, of past escapades where Elaine nearly met Death and that is when a realization is made. Elaine can go see Mona, but that is because what she had done did not come without a price, she had given her life for Lucifer's.


From that point on she was condemned to the Mansions of Silence, the place where those go whom are not to spend eternity in Heaven nor Hell. There she remains with Mona Doyle, in the merciless care of Tsuki-Yomi. He torments the girls, makes them suffer, simply for his own pleasure. Meanwhile, a plan is in the works as Lucifer seeks to repay his debt and has sent out a crew on the Naglfar to rescue Elaine in order too regain the life she lost for Lucifer. The group do indeed arrive in the Mansions but they fail miserably against the might of Tsuki-Yomi and it seems that all hope is lost. But then, he comes, the Prince of the East himself, the Morningstar, with powers so immense the very Mansions crumble in his wake, Lucifer takes Elaine out of the Mansions of the Silence and departs, returning to his own creation, her and Mona trapped in the jar he summoned them with.

Sisters of Mercy

After they are safely in the realm of Lucifer, he releases both her and Mona's spirits, telling them that they must decide whether they want to be restored to their ordinary lives or not, but that they must hurry for the bodies he has prepared will not last forever. They begin to annoy him with their inability to make the decision so he offers them a time to return to the real world with temporary bodies to see if they wish to return or not. The two go and Elaine finds things to be very different, has a discussion with Cestis, now trapped in the form of her father, and finally returns to Lucifer just in time with Mona. The two talk again and Elaine makes her decision. She does not wish to be a mortal, rather she wishes to be a guardian of Lucifer's realm, the guardian of everything, while Mona is the guardian of hedgehogs. Lucifer initially finds this amusing but he gives it some thought and decides it could be useful and so he makes Mona the guardian of hedgehogs and Elaine of everything else in his realm, making the girl into a god and the two become renown through Lucifer's lands at the Sisters of Mercy.

Wire, Briar, Timber Lock

Some time later, after Elaine had been established as a mighty goddess of Lucifer's realm, capable of amazing things, he came to her with a mission. One that he could very well do himself, but felt that by making her do it he would be saving lives. For this mission was to evict all the immortals within Lucifer's realm, and those who would not go willingly must be slaughtered. Elaine disagreed with this until he explained that by making her do it, he was letting her reason with them while if he would do it, he would simply slay them. So she agrees, but under the condition that she can choose her own team of helpers and when all is said and done. She, Mona, Gaudium, Spera, Mizran and Mazikeen gather to fulfill Lucifer's wishes. Elaine of course, having the most trust issues with Mazikeen takes her as her own partner when the six split off into three teams. The two of them scour the realm, evicting immortals, but Elaine is angered by Mazikeen's method of simply slaying immortals and to prove there is a more peaceful approach to it, she grants Thole mortality in return for letting him remain in the realm. Eventually Elaine and Mazikeen talk about things and then regroup with the other four. The group find themselves walking through a forest where the trees are alive and Elaine meets with the forest itself, an immortal god of the wood. After talking things through with him, she convinces him to let the forest go into autumn, and he does so, dying in the process. So at last it seems Elaine's mission is fulfilled and her diplomacy saved the day.

The Wolf Beneath the Tree

The next time we see Elaine is when she and Lucifer are seated at the table of Destiny of the Endless, whom also invited her father Michael. Outraged at their presence at the table, mainly Lucifer's, Michael considers leaving. Destiny convinces him to stay and the three simply sit, Elaine feeling out of place in the testosterone-filled room and being the only one to retain her maturity through the meal.

Speeding after her father after he leaves Destiny's garden filled with rage, she flies close behind him for a vast distance, finally catching up to him in the outskirts of the Silver City. He never slows for her, never heeds her calling. That is until he lands on the ledge of an archway that opens to a room at the top of a tower, which is when he turns. Father and daughter lock eyes for one moment, and in that moment she understands. She realizes that her father's goal is to save creation, or at least preserve it for a time, and with that shared knowledge he enters the tower. Elaine follows her stubborn father into The Logos but she finds herself bombarded with a voice, a voice repeating millions of times over, filling her, with a feeling she describes as being terrible...the Word of God.

Some moments later, Elaine is now in a different tower, explaining all of this to Uriel, who uses his own knowledge and speculation to fill in the gaps she herself does not understand. He tells her that Michael is sacrificing himself to save everyone else. Their conversation is interrupted as at that moment Lucifer appears in the window and says, "Call it what you will, Uriel. The wolf is at the door. And it's not going to work." At that point, Elaine is no longer the focus of The Host's attention and more or less fades into the background as Uriel and The Host follow Lucifer on his fast-paced walk to The Logos. Reaching the tower he, Uriel and Elaine fly up onto the ledge and when Lucifer's shouts do not wake Michael, he takes more drastic measures.

Uriel stalls Lucifer at that point, asking him why he wishes to interfere in Heaven's affairs, to which Lucifer explains that these events may even affect his own universe. He goes on to say that he had been prepared to sit out the destruction of Yahweh's universe. When he says this, Elaine tries to make herself heard again by questioning this statement, as it seems to catch her off-guard, begging the question whether or not her child-like naivety is still preventing her from knowing the Morningstar's nature. He makes no response to her inquiry, leading to yet another question about why she still seems to look up to him.

Finally Lucifer places his hands on the tower, tells Elaine and Uriel to fly away and destroys the entire structure in a blazing inferno, resulting in a furious Michael emerging. The story skips ahead at this point, and Elaine is now in Svarthalfheim standing alongside her father and uncle, with The Host filling the skies overhead. It seems that as far as Lucifer knows, that to make the journey to Yggdrasil, the easiest route is from Svarthalfheim. What exactly occurs on their journey is never revealed, but as Charlie makes his own trek to The World Tree he sees three angels, and he describes Elaine as crying when he sees her, either that or leaking some liquid from her eyes (based on what happens next, it is assumed these are her humours).

The three now fall from the sky not far from the tree of Yggdrasil and Elaine discovers she can no longer see and her eyes have bled to white. As such Elaine positions herself over a heavily injured Lucifer, turning him over onto his back, she begs him to wake up for she is no longer able to see and needs him to tell her what to do or for that matter if they have even arrived at Yggdrasil. Fenris and Abonsam approach, needing no disguises for Elaine could not see them anyway and Abonsam calls out to her, "Your friends are hurt. Can we do aught to help?" Elaine wonders at their identity, as would anyone and asks for their names. Abonsam deceitfully identifies himself and Fenris as pilgrims heading to Yggdrasil who go by the names of Sceorfan and the holy man, Berumir and it is then that Elaine confirms her blindness to them by telling the two she is unable to see who they are.

Abonsam and Fenris come closer until they are looking down on her and Lucifer from where they stand. Once again The Trickster speaks describing the appearance of Lucifer to her and then telling her that the fountain just ahead has waters with healing properties. Elaine looks towards his voice and asks "Sceorfan" if he could please bring her some of the water for Lucifer could not die, he must reach the tree. Abonsam says he'll go fetch it with his hands and as he and Fenris walk a little ways away from her, Elaine's begging for him to hurry follow them and Abonsam replies, "Doubt me not." With that the mighty Fenris slashes Abonsam's chest, opening several wounds with but a single swipe.

Elaine than speaks up again calling out Sceorfan's name, questioning him for the identity of the sound she just heard, the sound of Fenris ripping The Trickster's body open. Abonsam replies, his voice with less power behind it, weakened by the strike, "Nothing. It was -- nothing." Still weak he walks up to Elaine and tells her to cup her hands and receive the water he has. She does so and the blood from his chest pours into them, at first Elaine seems surprised as she notices the water feels warm, like -- but before she can identify the substance she is interrupted by "Sceorfan" who tells her to quickly drip into into his mouth, lest he die right then and there. She does so without anymore questions, letting the blood fall as Abonsam collapses and lays face down beside her and Fenris simply watches.

The blood spills onto Lucifer's chin, his throat, his lips, filling his mouth...and then, his eyes snap open, his body jerked to life. He begins to cough as he sits up, his eyes white, his wings outstretched, rage clearly seen upon his face. Elaine cannot see his face so she simply talks to him calmly telling him that she believes they are near the tree and that they only have to -- but once again she is cut off, but this time not by someone else speaking but by Lucifer's hand wrapping itself around her throat as pupils appear within his eyes and he stares into her face, blood and bruises all over his own.

At that moment her father, Michael, groggily awakes, eyes opening weakly as he mutters, "L -- Lucifer?" Getting to his hands and knees he speaks again as he sees his daughter, choking for breath while Lucifer's outstretched arm suspends her in the air and Michael speaks again, louder this time, "Brother?" Swiftly he clambers to his feet and rushes to get between the two, trying to push Elaine away from his brother, warning Lucifer to stay away from Elaine. But Lucifer's only reply is, "Morningstar? I am Fenris. I am The Wolf!" With that, the maddened Lucifer thrusts Elaine's head into the side of Michael's face, taking both of them out.

After that Elaine seems to disappear from the massive chain of events, the fight of the Gilmour Family, the battle of two brothers, for what could she do, being unable to see? However, after all is said and done, Charlie, Abonsam and Bet Jo'gie all dead, Sarah and Bobby irrelevant to the current events, Fenris gone, Lucifer now back in a normal state of mind and Michael dying she returns, scrambling around the roots of Yggdrasil to find her father, listening as he calls her so that she might locate him until finally she kneels at his side.

She promises him that she will stay by his side till he dies if he would like but he cuts her off, for that is not why he called her. Within himself he holds a power, Yahweh's power, the Dunamis Demiurgos, and should he die, this power would be released, overwhelming all of creation and destroying it. Elaine argues that creation will be destroyed anyways, but Michael ensures her that that process will take days or even weeks but that he is dying NOW and she must act now. Seeing as she is the only other Demiurge, it is her duty to take the Dunamis Demiurgos from him. Lucifer interrupts by saying that Elaine is too weak, that she cannot do it and so draws Michael's attention to the Morningstar. He asks to exchange apologies with his brother, as he never thought it would have to come to this but Lucifer tells him, that Michael is not at fault, that he himself is to blame.

This being said, Michael than returns his attentions to his daughter, explaining to her that she must not only let his power flow into her, but she must contain it as well but in fear she tells him she knows not how to perform such a feat. Meanwhile not far from the blood-covered father speaking his last words to his daughter, Sarah holds Bobby in her arms and begs Lucifer to take them away from Yggdrasil but he tells her there is no need to do so at the moment, for if she waits a little longer, it may become meaningless anyway. Close by Michael and Elaine are becoming more panicked as Michael tells his daughter that should she survive she will find herself with a great many duties, though he believes in her ability to rise to them. But Elaine simply has last regrets on her mind and begins apologizing to her father, for not trying to talk to him, for not coming to him. Than it is that her father utters his last words, proving that he can acknowledge his own faults "It would have done no good. I was proud, and stubborn. I could have sought you out. I could have --" and so he dies, Elaine hovering him, a scream ripped from his throat as his nigh-uncontainable energy bursts forth from his body, engulfing Yggdrasil and all within its perimeter.

The Yahweh Dance

Now wielding the powers over the cosmos, Elaine needs to learn how to use them and accidentally creates a third universe in which there is no life but she and Lucifer find themselves trapped. He tells her that until they can leave she must get a hold on her powers, and create life, figuring out how to do things as she goes. So she does, she creates an entire planet full of life, yet makes it almost too small to be seen with the naked eye. As problem after problem arises, solution after solution is done with the use of her god-like abilities. She begins to complain to Lucifer as she does not see the point in all this, for it seems imminent that she will fail, until that is she gets the hang of it and feels she truly understands her powers. Lucifer compliments her progress and asks her to create a doorway so they can return to his creation, she does so writing her name, the name of The Presence, upon the doorway to keep it open.


Berim does his best to keep Lucifer and Elaine trapped inside their third universe so they will not interfere with his plans, but eventually even he fails, and they enter the world, but not for him, but for Jill Presto who had just given birth to a child, the child of the Basanos, Noema. Almost instantly after birth Noema matures and begins her conflict with Lucifer, but Elaine intervenes, stopping the two of them, simply to protect some innocents caught in the crossfire. Afterwards things seem to calm down until Noema decides she is going to take Lucifer somewhere and everyone, including Elaine, follow them, finding themselves transported to Hell's Gate. They enter but their time in Hell is mainly uneventful though Elaine learns how to see without her eyes, at last Lucifer decides to leave Hell, to protect the Silver City from Lilith...and Elaine follows, unknowing of what event that shall change her forever, is to come once she enters the Silver City, something Lucifer had been planning all along.

Within the Silver City, Elaine learns of what is happening after Lucifer "dies" and has his life is restored when she learns that a new plan of Fenris has began as he intends to destroy the Primum Mobile, the throne of Yahweh, that would destroy all. Lucifer than says that as a descendant of Yahweh, it is Elaine that must sit in the throne and take the place of Yahweh, she asks him why not he but he tells her that he can also sit there but that he'd rather watch creation fall than sit in that throne and tells her that she can do the same. Obviously though, unlike Lucifer, she is not willing to just let creation die and agrees to go sit upon the throne and following Lucifer she goes up a long staircase with a band of "heroes" so that creation can be saved. Reaching the summit she sits in the throne and begins speaking the words that come to her when Fenris suddenly interrupts the group and begins destroying. At that moment, Yahweh summons Elaine to him, and the two talk about the fate of creation. Lilith too is summoned and the three talk, Lilith asking that creation be destroyed, Elaine that it be preserved and Yahweh being the one whom they try to sway. Eventually the three are interrupted by Lucifer who uses Noema and after some more talk it is decided that creation be saved by Elaine becoming the Presence.


Elaine completely changes from that point on and after bringing a balance to the universes, she has one final dinner with all the women she had met through her travels, from Rachel and Jill Presto, to Mazikeen Morningstar and Mona Doyle. All of them she is united with for as long as she can be but finally she tells them that with her powers she is bound to "bend the rules" too often should she remain living life as a mortal and so she takes on her full duty as The Presence and omnipresence.

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