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In this standalone story, the fallen cherub/miniature bodyguard Gaudium steps into the spotlight. Along with his even more delinquent sister, Spera, he ventures into the Realms of Pain in quest of a powerful magical artifact. Demons, slug monsters and man-eating staircases bar his path, but Gaudium's an imp with a mission: to get in and out before the archangel Michael realizes how badly he's screwed up.

This story takes a turn from the regular stories, also showing us two new characters, Gaudium and Spera, brother and sister respectively, more importantly, cherubs that had fallen from Heaven because of Lucifer's deceiving them. Gaudium seems to be quite the foul-mouthed, pessimistic one of the two and often brings the spirit of the group down. Now the two fallen cherubs are on a mission, and throughout the comic the one ordering that they should do this is unknown. However, in the end, after their failure is assured it is revealed it is Michael who is leading them, as he has been cast from Heaven and wishes to save his daughter.







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