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. In "Sisters of Mercy," a stand-alone story guest-illustrated by noted indie cartoonist David Hahn (Private Beach, ROBIN), hybrid angel Elaine Belloc and her dead best friend Mona get three hours to run around London while their futures hang in the balance. Will Lucifer finally break even on his debt to Elaine?

In this issue, the fate of both Elaine Belloc and Mona Doyle is decided and the Sisters of Mercy are born unto Lucifer's Universe, but how so you ask? The tale begins with Lucifer being reprimanded for destroying the Mansions but he does not care for things have changed. Meanwhile he releases Mona and Elaine from their captivity as a repayment of his debt and gives them a choice to be alive once more but first they go to their former homes to see if life is really what they want. When they return Elaine suggests a new idea, that they become rulers of his realm, not to be worshipped but simply to watch over, and Lucifer surprisingly agrees making Mona Doyle the "goddess of hedgehogs" and Elaine Belloc the "goddess of everything but hedgehogs" which is why the centaurs give them the name, Sisters of Mercy.

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