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"Inferno," Part 3 of 4. While Mazikeen is drowning in the thoughts of God, Lucifer fights to expel the creature called Virtus from his mind and body. But the angel Amenadiel is armed and ready, Lucifer's name has already been called, and the price of forfeiting this duel is death. The Morningstar may be about to learn how to lose without playing.

The rulers of Hell now await in a Colosseum, with thousands upon thousands of demons chanting, longing to enjoy watching the duel that shall occur between Amenadiel and Lucifer, but oddly enough as it may seem, Lucifer is not present. Rather he is overcome with doubt and despair, incapable of even leaving his room, until Duma comes to his rescue and the two go to the painfields where Lucifer punctures his chest with the machinery. Meanwhile, Scoria shows Mazikeen the thoughts of God, to make her overcome with pain than finds a weapon upon Susano, he decides to restrain them both and finish them off. Finally, back at the Colosseum, just as Lucifer's life is to be called forfeit, he shows up at the entrance, blood spotted on his clothing.

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Though this is not the finale of the Inferno story arc, it is within these pages that the very fight I have been craving for so long finally begins, well sort of. Here we see several stories as usual, Scoria torturing Mazikeen being one I found to be very droll. But of course then there is the story of Lucifer, an amazing new side to him, when he has to fight feelings of self-doubt, when he doesn't even have the willpower to attend the duel in which he shall battle Amenadiel. Yet help comes to h...

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