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The two houses are seperated by the Eidolon Rift, a cosmic chasm that depowers any of the First that crosses it. House Sinister houses the First who put themselves before all others. They were also the members of the First who supported Braag, Ingra, Gannish, and Orium when deciding that the First should be ruled by a council rather than one person. Interesting enough, while House Sinister did indeed create a council of the most powerful members of their house, the leader of House Sinister is in no way obligated to head the advice of their counsel, allowing them to make any decision without consequence. House Sinister is often seen as ruthless and battle driven by members of House Dexter. In fact they proceeded to engage in civil war with each other even after Altwaal ended the second war. This was until Ingra gained control of House Sinister and forced the chaotic band of strangers into a united House.

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