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Battling Gisele

Animora is a member of the God-like beings known as the First. Although she was considered young by their standards, she was still exceptionally beautiful and powerful, thus allowing her to move in the elite inner circles of House Sinister. Animora eventually began to plot a way in which to take Ingra's position as the leader of House Sinister and the two of them seemed to toy with each other. Eventually Ingra began a romantic relationship with Ahrroh, who also began to see Animora in secret. Animora and Ahrroh were conveniently caught by Ingra, and as it turned out, both women were only using Ahrroh in order to get to each other. The two of them quickly engaged in a physical confrontation and although Animora had a considerable amount of power, she was sorely out-matched by Ingra, who easily took control of the battle. After Animora's defeat, Ingra placed a curse on her, transforming her into a demonic creature that was quite hideous, but left enough of her beauty to remind Animora of what she had lost. This form also allowed Animora access to only a fraction of her true power and she was permanently banished from the First's home of Elysia, a fate many of them consider worse than death.

Animora landed on the planet of Ciress, a rich world with so much access to the Universal Energies, that nearly every mortal on the planet knew some form of magic. Animora tried to conquer this planet, but was defeated by the original Guild Masters of Ciress, who trapped her in the spiritual plane, tying their souls to Ciress as well. For many years, these original Guild Masters guided their successors in the ways of magic until the day Giselle Villard received her Sigil and accidentally trapped the ancient spirits inside of her. Furious over their loss, and with no clear way to remove the spirits from Giselle, the current Guild Masters tried to take her life, hoping that the spirits would return when she died. Their efforts proved to be unsuccessful and so they released Animora from her prison, believing she was the only being powerful enough to kill Giselle. At first, this seemed like a feasible plan, until Giselle used her sigil to absorb Animora's energy and life force, causing Animora's second defeat on Ciress before locking her back in the spiritual plane. Unfortunately for Giselle, she also removed the curse placed by Ingra when she drained Animora of energy.

Her true form revealed

Animora waited for her full strength to return before she easily broke free of the spiritual plane and sent her sentient creatures on a rampage across Ciress. Animora seemed to effortlessly conquer and ravage much of Ciress and it seems that she would have been successful in conquering the planet, had she not insisted on facing Giselle a second time. Animora boasted that this was her true form and no human could defeat her, however, Giselle used her sigil to again drain Animora's energy and life force. While it would seem that Animora had been defeated for a third time, the subjugation of Ciress was not her true goal. Instead, Animora had her eyes set on Elysia and planned on using Giselle to accomplish her objective. Animora knew that the more energy Giselle drained from her, the more the two of them would be connected, revealing why she allowed herself to be defeated by Giselle for a second time. Animora used this connection to manipulate Giselle into finding another member of the First named Sniq, and ordering him to take her to Ingra herself. Animora continued to manipulate Giselle into battling Ingra in hopes of using Giselle's sigil to absorb Ingra's energy thus adding it to her own and eventually allowing her to rule House Sinister. However, this did not go according to plan, as Ingra had already learned how to keep her energy from being taken by Sigil-Bearers. After this, Animora tried to sever her link with Giselle, but was caught by Ingra before doing so. Soon after, Ingra took Animora back to Elysia as her prisoner.

Animora's name is derived from the word animosity. This emotion is supposed to govern her personality and while she does show a range of emotions, this appears to be accurate, as there is no reason for her initial hatred of Ingra, other than jealousy. Animora is not seen again after Ingra takes her prisoner, although readers were told they would eventually see the ramifications of her return to Elysia. The reason this did not occur is most likely due to the fact that the Crossgen company filed for bankruptcy and were unable to tie up many of the loose ends before having to cancel their titles.


Animora is a member of the God-like race known as the First, and as such is privy to a wide range of abilities. Although she is considered to be young, she is still quite powerful and has been seen using energy manipulation, flight, enhanced strength, teleportation, and telepathy. However her most powerful skill seems to be the ability to create energy based constructs and sentient life which she used to nearly destroy the magical planet of Ciress. Had this been her true goal, she most likely would have succeeded due to the fact that her creations were difficult to destroy and were easily respawnable.

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