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Ghirretur is a powerful member of the First and was apart of the group who felt that Altwaal no longer represented the First as a whole and should step down, allowing a council to rule over them instead. Ghirretur was one of the First who vocally expressed this opinion at their grand debates that the First held night after night to discuss this subject. Ghirretur was present during the civil wars that broke out after an assassination was attempted on Altwaal. Ghirretur soon took a seat on House Sinister's High Council when Altwaal ended the war. Because positions on this council are fought for, only the most powerful members of the Sinister First obtained seats. Ghirretur and the rest of the Sinister Council members were next seen giving a portion of their power to Ingra, in order to further her latest plot. Ghirretur was not seen again until Seahn defeated Ingra, taking over House Sinister. Seahn proceeded to defeat the rest of the Sinister Council members, but does not directly fight Ghirretur. Instead, Seahn convinces Minity to seduce Ghirretur, coupling with him and releasing an enough energy to cut another council member, Syeniess, off from her power source. Ghirretur is later seen with fellow council members Minity and Mharrut at a secret meeting with other members of the First, discussing ways to defeat Seahn and take back their House. Ghirretur is next seen trying to help defeat the Hound which pursued Solusandra, the creator of the First, to Elysia. Ghirretur's name means irritation and this attribute was supposed to govern his personality and his title is Ghirretur the Bold. He did not appear again before the series was abruptly canceled after the Crossgen company filed for bankruptcy.

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