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Empher is a Secundae and a member of House Sinister on the planet Elysia, home world of the First. His name is derived from the word comfort and is supposed to govern his personality. This seems to be accurate as he often wishes to please others through out the series. Empher is usually seen with Persha and her friends, including Tiena and Shinnsa. Although he is only randomly seen through out the series, it becomes quite clear that he has a fondness for not only Persha, but for helping others as well. When Persha abandons House Sinister in order to speak with the Dexter Council, Empher is easily persuaded by Tiena to help overthrow Seahn in order to "reserve" the throne for Persha after Ingra's defeat. Although this was not Tiena's true intention, Empher only agreed to go along with her plan after he found out how it would benefit Persha. Both Tiena and Empher were soon confronted by House Dexter's all seeing Guardian, Ihroe, who had received visions of their plans becoming successful if all three worked together. Empher, however, was disinterested in much of the ordeal, and insisted on trying to couple with Ihroe instead. After being knocked through a mountain by the Dexter Seer, Empher reluctantly chose to go along with the plan when Ihroe revealed her secret alliance with Sinister's mad seer, Orium.

Empher holding back the tides of Orium
Ihroe then takes the two Secundae to Orium's watery palace where they are almost immediately attacked by him. Both Tiena and Ihroe quickly become overwhelmed by Orium's power, however, Empher is fueled by their defeat and manages to hold back Orium's assault. Little else occurs after Orium becomes infuriated yet again when Tiena attempts to cast a secret spell but inadvertently draws Shinsa to the group. Orium seems to attack the Secundae, but in reality, he simply teleports them out of his home. Empher is last seen battling the Hound which was sent across the universe searching for the creator of the First Solusandra, who leads the Hound directly to Elysia. As Empher single handedly battles the Hound, his power is increased exponentially by the members of his House and their desire to see the creature destroyed. Unfortunately, Empher is not seen again due to the sudden cancellation of the series after the Crossgen company was forced to file for bankruptcy.


As a a member of the First, Empher is privy to a wide range of powers such as super strength, speed, self propelled flight, single or mass teleportation, extra sensory perception, object and sentient life creation, magic, the ability to control a number of energy types in a variety of ways, regeneration, telepathy, empathy, and the ability to survive in the vacuum of space without the need for food, water, or oxygen. However, because he is a Secundae, is power is relatively weaker than other members of the First. Although he is able to increase his power exponentially when he is pleasing those around him

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