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Ingra is a beautiful Demi-Goddess and a high ranking member of the group of god-like beings called the First, which were created by Solusandra as guardians of the universe. Each member of the First was intended to embody a single emotion that was supposed to govern their personality. Ingra represent anger, although, as made evident by the series, this was not the only emotion she could convey. Her nickname, the seething beauty, was given to her by other members of her race and she was noted by Darrow as having "passions that ran close beneath the surface, quick to love, quicker to anger".


Ruler of House Sinister.
Ingra is one of the first members of her race to be created, automatically making her one of six most powerful after Altwaal. Soon after their creation, a type of civil war broke out amongst the First  as they tested their abilities by raging century long wars to see who was the most powerful and also to simply help pass the time. Altwaal eventually ended their warring ways and allowed for an era of peace for the First. During this time Ingra began a romantic relationship with Pyrem, one of the other six most powerful members of their race, as well as a glorified war hero. While the members of the First enjoyed a peaceful existence with Altwaal as their supreme leader, some key members of their race decided that it was time for Altwaal to step down and allow a council to rule their race instead of one person. Ingra was in support of this ideal and was one of the key players who caused critical events to be set into motion. During this time, she and Pyrem also began to quarrel as they had differing beliefs about the fate of the First. Because of this, Ingra hid her pregnancy from Pyrem and pretended that Braag was the father of her child in attempts to make Pyrem jealous.The First debated the topic of who would rule them for quite some time until an assassination attempt of Altwaal occurred. The attempt failed and his lover, Raamia was killed instead. Because of his grief, Altwaal used his vast powers to bring Raamia back to life. This sparked the start of the First's second civil war. This war not only destroyed much of their home planet (which is easily restored because of their power) but it also destroyed other mortal civilizations and worlds when they took their battles to other sections of the universe. Ingra fought for the faction known as House Sinister. Altwaal soon abruptly ended the war when he forced the members of the First into staying away from each other, divided only by their ancient allegiances, and then exiling himself from their home world of Elysia allowing everyone to believe he had died when ending the war. Ingra chose to stay in House Sinister, and soon gave birth to her daughter, Persha, whom she kept hidden from Pyrem for centuries. House Sinister was first led by Orium, but he quickly went insane after Altwaal gave him the gift of true sight, and Ingra soon took control over House Sinister.  Although criticized for her ruthlessness, it was noted that she helped to unite the members of House Sinister when they were nothing more than a chaotic band of strangers.

Aligning with Seahn.
For centuries, Ingra refused to entertain the idea of a reunification of her people until the appearance of Sigil Bearers which threatened not only the First's safety, but it also challenged the notion that they were the most powerful group in the universe because they did not create the Sigils which gave ordinary humans god-like powers. This set into motion a series of events which allowed Ingra to make alliances with members from both House Sinister and House Dexter in hopes of being the sole leader of both Houses after they reunited. The main members of her alliance, Braag of House Sinister, and Seahn of House Dexter, ignored Ingra's orders when they ambushed and defeated Pyrem, the leader of House Dexter. Ingra managed to intervene before Pyrem could be killed by Seahn, who was receiving a boost in power form the mysterious Secundae of House Dexter known as Enson. It became quite evident to those around her, that Ingra was still in love with Pyrem as she  visited his prison on more than one occasion. Ingra would also not be persuaded by Braag or Seahn to kill Pyrem, and instead tried to secretly release him when Trenin and Yala came to his rescue. Braag, however, witnessed this event and accused Ingra of betraying her House, causing her to lose her temper. She quickly ended the fight by teleporting every member of the First in the immediate vicinity to their respective homes. This caused her to drain much of her power reserves and allowed Braag and Seahn the chance to overthrow Ingra and take control of House Sinister with the help of Orium and Enson. When Gannish, the Truth Seer among the First, found Ingra deposed he stated that Braag, Seahn, and Orium did not have the power to defeat even a weakened Ingra without the help of Enson, who was actually a being more powerful than the First. Gannish did not give them this information, however, before he departed on his next journey.

Rescued by Pyrem.
Persha, knowing of her mother's defeat and capture, chose to encourage her father Pyrem into rescuing her, since the only other member both powerful enough and actually willing to save her from Ervulsh, would have been Gannish. Pyrem easily defeated Ervulsh with Altwaals' Gauntlet of Power and brought a powerless Ingra back to House Dexter where she was met with fear and hostility by the Dexter Counsel. While powerless, Ingra was still capable of stealing Altwaals Gauntlet from her daughter Persha, who had stolen it from Pyrem to bind Ingra from acting in anymore of the plots that were occurring. Unfortunately for Persha, when Ingra took the Gauntlet, she cast a spell that forced Persha to think she had succeeded in binding her mother. Ingra did not remain powerless for much as she soon received aid from the Sigil Bearers she had previously deceived into believing that she had given them their new found power. She kept this extra power secret from everyone else including Pyrem as she plotted to take back control of House Sinister. When Gannish returned to Elysia to inform Ingra and Pyrem that they were not the truly the First beings of the universe, Ingra manipulated House Dexter's Counsel into attacking him and his lover Yala. Soon after this event, Solusandra returned to Elysia in order to obtain Altwaals weapons in preparation for a war with a neighboring universe. She single handedly defeated and killed a large number of the First after telling them they were not true Gods, and that she had created them. This left devastation through out Elysia, and Ingra used this opportunity to take back her throne in House Sinister. However, her plan would not come to fruition, since Altwaal returned to Elysia, taking back his leadership role and reuniting the remaining First on his own. He was in the middle of giving a speech, preparing his people for war with the Negation Universe when Evinlea returned to Elysia, only to help kill Raamia for a second time, and revealing that she had joined with the Negation Emperor Charon, and had lead his version of Gods, known as Lawbringers, to Elysia in order to destroy the First, leaving no defense for their universe.

The First series abruptly ended after this point due to the bankruptcy of Crossgen Comics. The next issue would have showcased the war between The First and The Lawbringers, but this was not seen. However, details about the outline of the remaining issues found that the only members of the First who would have survived the war were Ingra and Trenin.


The powerful Ingra.
Because Ingra was one of the first six created after Altwaal, she is one of the most powerful members of her race, second only to Altwaal himself. All members of the First are capable of the same type of power which includes, but is not limited to, super strength, speed, self propelled flight, single or mass teleportation, extra sensory perception, weapon creation, magic, the ability to control a number of energy types in a variety of ways, regeneration, telepathy, empathy, and the ability to survive in the vacuum of space without the need for food, water, or oxygen. The First are also capable of changing their physical appearance including their clothing with a thought, but many of them choose their external features based on how they feel about themselves. Some members of the First choose to perfect only a few of their abilities, although they still have access to all the rest. Ingra, however, seems to be capable of doing everything her race is capable of and is rivaled by no one other than Altwaal at this time. This is evident by the fact that even her council, which seats the 10 most powerful members of House Sinister,  would have a very difficult time defeating her, which may be the reason as to why so many members of the First go along with her plans. It is also noted that her magical spells are unbreakable by any members of her race, with the exception of Altwaal. The type of spells she has most often been seen using have involved the manipulation of others, transmogrification, and permanent banishment from the First's home world of Elysia. Ingra was also the initial and only First to discover how keep her power from being absorbed by the Sigil Bearers when they appeared.

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