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The two houses are seperated by the Eidolon Rift, a cosmic chasm that depowers any of the First that cross it. House Dexter is the House that puts the need of all others before their own. These are also the members who most likely supported Altwaal's sole rule of the First rather than a council. Interesting enough, Pyrem soon became House Dexter's leader but chooses to serve as a member of House Dexter's council, rather than ruling above it. House Dexter's Council was chosen by mutual consent and only seats the wisest members of the First. It was also noted by Ihroe, House Dexter's Council Guardian, that any member of the Dexter Council has the option of leading their House should Pyrem ever step down. House Dexter is often seen as weak, soft, and slow to take action by members of House Sinister.

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