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 Lady Evinlea
Evinlea is a member of the God-like race of beings known as the First, and a minor player in House Sinister. Evinlea, along with 100 other native people from her universe, also known as the "Bright Universe", were captured for study by Charon, the ruler of an opposing universe known as the Negation. Although there were two other members of the First who were captured with her, such as the half-blooded Iress, Evinlea seemed to be the most powerful among the group of prisoners. However, this was in part, due to the fact that her powers seemed to be working efficiently in the Negation universe, while everyone else's abilities back fired, causing injury, dismemberment, or death when the others tried to use too much of their power. A minor member of House Dexter learned this the hard way when he exploded while trying to attack another prisoner for insulting him. It was unknown to the others that Evinlea's power only work correctly because she was in constant physical contact with the Sigil-Bearer named Javi Cobian, who used his powers to heal, thus allowing Evinlea access to her full range of abilities. When the prisoners are finally brought into a holding facility so that their abilities could be tested during controlled simulations, Evinlea demands to have a private meeting with General Komptin, stating that he should be honored to be in her presence and that something could be arranged to allow her safe passage back to her home.

Komptin denies her offer and quickly has Evinlea and Javi separated by placing Javi in a private holding cell. Evinlea sulks about for the next few days until Obregon Kaine comes up with a plan that would cause the prisoners to riot and take over their prison. Although Evinlea's full power was a critical part of Kaine's plan, she was forced to apologize for her rude behavior before being re-accepted into the group. She also coldly admits that she cares very little for the majority of the prisoners captured with her, and any of the injured ones, such as Thalia, should not plan to escape with the main group, as they will only slow everyone down in the long run. Thalia hesitantly agrees and creates a distraction by blowing up a section of the building, killing herself in the process. During this time, Evinlea quickly uses her superior strength and speed to disable two armed guards and rescue Javi from his prison. She fills him in on everything that has just occurred and continues to blast her way through the compound in order to meet the group at their rendezvous point. When she arrives however, some of the prisoners have already entered the ship, and Westin, who is at the controls, accidentally causes the ship to launch with only a handful of prisoners on board. Evinlea then grabs the ship with a telekinetic beam and demands that it return, however, before she can destroy the ship, Kaine calms her down. He then convinces her to create a force field to carry the prisoners to safety, however, instead of taking the rest of the prisoners, Evinlea only takes another handful, which includes Kaine, Corrin, Matua, Liz, Javi, and Zaida and her child, leaving the rest to die as their prison completes its self destruct sequence.

 Escaping the Negation Prison
Evinlea and the group are soon forced to float around space, not knowing where to go, until Javi passes out from exhaustion. This causes Evinlea's field to disintegrate, and before the group can die in the vacuum of space, they are rescued by Fluxor and his crew. While on board, the group relaxes and also reminisces about the things they miss most about their home planets. Evinlea states that she wishes to go back to Elysia so that she can attend another one of Braag's parties, where she will be surrounded by those worthy of her presence. Their peaceful interlude is soon interrupted however, when Komptin, furious at the destruction of his prison facility, enlists the aid of the Lawbringer known as Qztr to track down and kill the other prisoners. Qztr only agrees when he is told that Evinlea is among the group of escapees, since she is the only one of them who is on the same power level as him. Qztr soon locates Fluxor's ship and begins to attack it, however Fluxor and Kaine manage to get the ship to crash land on an icy planet. Here, the group sends Liz to do reconnaissance work, while the sorcerer Matua tries to teach Evinlea some of his spells that should allow her power to work without Javi's aid. However, she refuses this offer, stating she has no need to learn his mundane magics. Liz eventually returns with the location of ships that they can use to get off the planet. However, Evinlea rushes to this location, instead of waiting for Kaine's signal. Once inside, Evinlea activates the ship and it suddenly begins to fill with water as the inhabitants of this planet are aquatic in nature. Evinlea is scolded yet again for her brashness until she is forced to cause an explosion to get out of the ship. However, once the group is freed, they are soon attacked by Komptin and his men, who separate Evinlea and Javi for a second time. Eventually the ice under them breaks during the battle and everyone falls into the freezing water until Evinlea reconnects with Javi and teleports her group to safety. This gives Kaine an idea that requires that they rescue Fluxor and his men. They manage to rescue Fluxor, and Evinlea scans his mind for the location of a safe planet on which they can hide. She soon finds one and expends most of her energy to teleport the group there, although she leaves Fluxor's crew behind, for which she is chastised again.

Evinlea attacks Drake
Furious at her groups lack of gratitude for her hard work, Evinlea stomps off only to discover the ship that had initially left them back at the prison. She wanders around to discover that Mercer Drake, Shassa, Westin, Iress, and Monchito have all managed to survive. She quickly engages in a physical battle with Mercer Drake, calling him a traitor for leaving her. She easily overwhelms him with her superior strength until Shassa steps in and uses her sigil to not only evade many of Evinlea's attacks, but to hurt her as well. It is here we learn that with small steps and practice, one can effectively use their power again, which is what Shassa and her group have been doing, although none of them are functioning at full capacity yet. Becoming more enraged, Evinlea demands Javi's assistance, however, he declines after speaking with other members of the group and deciding that they should all just join together. Evinlea now becomes livid and she attempts to use her energy blasts on Shassa, but because she has not be practicing without Javi, she soon blows her arms off. Humiliated and defeated, Javi rushes to her aid in order to heal her when they are attacked by Qztr again. He manages to kill a few members of the group and is startled by the efficiency of some of the Sigil-Bearers, but he easily over powers many of them. After being fully healed, Evinlea soon launches a full out attack, but Qztr permanently separates her from Javi when he kills him by shooting a hole through his chest. Evinlea hesitantly attempts to attack him again with Shassa and Drake, although she is caught in his grasps while he deflects the two Sigil-Bearers. Qztr then shoot Zaida and her child at point blank range, however both of them survive. Confused, Qztr drops Evinlea and takes the child to his emperor Charon.

Although Evinlea discourages any thought that the child may be alive, she agrees to help rescue Zaida's baby after she and the others bury their fallen comrades. Evinlea and Iress use their god-like status to gain an audience with one of the generals of the Negation, claiming that they will give them valuable information about Kaine and the others in return for safe passage back to the bright universe. Evinlea does not seem to inform Iress of her full plan, as Iress constantly tries to gain information about the child, even though both Evinlea and the General disregard her. When Evinlea views information that shows that the baby is in the throne room of the emperor, she sends a telepathic message to Kaine and the others, although she is soon turned on by the general who noticed what she had done. Evinlea then claims that Iress is her last connection to her home, so the general shoots her in the face, instead of Evinlea. Evinlea laughs, claiming that his actions are predictable before grabbing Iress and heading to the location of the device that should take them home. Evinlea not only discovers this device, but she forces one of the workers to activate it. However, before she can go through, Iress destroys the machine, calling her a selfish cow for attempting to abandon everyone when they need her the most. With her seemingly only chance to go home destroyed, Evinlea assists her team in breaking into the throne room where they find both the child and a new ally in the Atlantean prisoner named Gammid. After escaping, Gammid reveals that his sigil, which was given by Danik, allows his powers to work in Negation space and he uses an aspect of this power to allow the others full access to their abilities as well. Although he is warned by Corrin, not to heal Evinlea, he does so anyway, and she moves to rescue Kaine, who had unfortunately been left on the Throne world and is now at the mercy of Komptin.

Regaining Power
She easily rescues Kaine from Komptin and another general, although she again fails to listen to Kaine's plea when he asks her to help Komptin's younger brother who not only freed Kaine, but told him about the leader of a resistance member who would be of help to them. Unfortunately, Evinlea leaves the boy who is quickly killed by Komptin. Once aboard their ship, Kaine chastises Evinlea yet again before sending his group to rescue the resistance leader from another prison facility. Once inside the prison, Drake and Matua are attacked by the Lawbringer known as LKQR, who easily seems to over power them. Evinlea quickly rushes to their aid, although she is brushed aside as well until Matua can release his ultimate spell which kills not only the Lawbringer, but himself as wall. Evinlea mourns his loss, claiming he was an invaluable ally and she plans to resurrect a monument in his honor back at her palace on Elysia. She and Drake then finish rescuing the resistance leader, only to find that it is another Lawbringer instead. The group his hesitant about allowing him to be free, but he claims that he will help them in the future before he departs to re-gather other members of the resistance. Fed up with her companions, Evinlea secretly enlists the aid of a Negation soldier and tells him to deliver a message to Charon, claiming that she wishes to make a deal.

Becoming Charon's War Consul
Later, Evinlea and her group rest on a safe planet, although Evinlea seems much more detached from the group. She is soon given a message telling her to travel alone to a secret meeting. Here she is met by Charon's Ligis Bearers, who seem to mock her until their leader reveals himself to be Javi. Shocked by the sight of him, Evinlea is unprepared when Javi grabs her and drains the majority of her power which forces her body to seemingly wither away as her energy fades. Evinlea uses what little power she has left to unleash an explosion to get away from Javi and alert her allies. A fight soon occurs between the Ligis and Sigil Bearers until both Javi and Gammid are killed. Evinlea gains most of her power back after Javi's death, although she is still noticeably weaker. However, most of the group members claim that they are tired of war and death and are giving up hope of ever going back to their homes. Instead they would rather live out their lives hiding in peace. Kaine is shocked by this reaction, but more so by Evinlea's choice to stay with him and Liz. However, this was just a facade to make her abdication of the group less awkward before she abandons Kaine, telling him that if they meet again, she will not hesitate to kill him. Evinlea then travels to a highly populated planet where she announces that the people here are going to be sacrificed. She then causes a nuclear type explosion that forces Charon himself to intervene, demanding an explanation for reckless destruction. She claims it was simply to get his attention as she would like to serve as his consort. She also claims this would mostly be to his benefit as she holds vital information about her people that he could use. Although he seems disinterested at first, he agrees, especially after the two have sex, however, he states that if she turns on him, or he simply gets bored of her, he will kill her.

Evinlea is then appointed as his War Consul and she leads Charon's lawbringers to Elysia, since no form of technology can locate it. She arrives just as Altwaal has returned and interupts the drama that the First so enjoy. She is quickly told to stay out of the way, until she reveals the presence of the Lawbringers after Qztr kills Raamia. A war between the two god-like races would have occurred in the next issue, however, this did not come to pass as the Crossgen company was forced to abruptly cancel the series after they filed for bankruptcy.


 Evinlea attacks a Lawbringer
As a member of the First, Evinlea is privy to a wide range of powers which include s super strength, speed, self propelled flight, single or mass teleportation, extra sensory perception, weapon creation, magic, the ability to control a number of energy types in a variety of ways, regeneration, telepathy, empathy, and the ability to survive in the vacuum of space without the need for food, water, or oxygen. She is also able to change her physical appearance including clothing clothing with a thought. While Evinlea appears to be the most powerful member of the Negation prisoners, she is in fact a very weak member of her race. This is noted by the fact that none of them seem concerned about her sudden disappearance, and the fact that Ingra can barely remember her name. There is some speculation, however, that she may in fact be a Secundae, although because of the strict caste system in the First's society, this probably would have been pointed out by Iress early on during the series.

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