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Darrow is a member of the God-like race of beings known as the First and was once the consort of Ingra, but was later dispatched after having an affair with Animora. Although it turns out that the two Goddesses may have simply been using him to get to each other. His true name is Ahrroh and is derived from the world sorrow, which is supposed to govern his personality. This may be accurate as he has described himself as miserable and alone. Darrow was later sent to Ciress in order to investigate the newly created sigil bearer Giselle Villard in order to regain Ingra's favor. He soon seduces Gisele but later turns against her after Animora is released from her mystical prison. During a battle with Gisele, Darrow is completely drained after Gisele uses her sigil to absorb a portion of his power, stripping him of his godly appearance and abilities. He again teams up with Animora in order to use the sigil bearer to take on Ingra, however Animora is soundly defeated. Although Ingra informs Gisele that she will have Darrow dealt with, he is next seen as a prisoner of the Geometer Guild, unable to access his powers due to a machine that negates the energies that fuel magic and the First.  When the Dark Magi Guild Master smashes the machine, Darrows powers return. He reluctantly accompanies Gisele to the lands of the Tantric Guild where he helps to defeat the treacherous Vashua. It is here he finally notices the beauty in mortals and opts to remain with the Tantric Guild in order to learn more about them. Darrow is not seen again before the series was canceled after Crossgen filed for bankruptcy.

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