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Brunnhilde: Valkyrie in Training

At a young age, Brunnhilde and Sif were two of the few female Asgardians to enter into training in order to become warriors. The two girls started out as rivals due to Sif's jealousy, believing that the blonde Brunnhilde would be more competition for winning the affections of Thor. Even though the two initially got off to a rough start, they eventually became allies when Brunnhilde helped Sif to break an enchantment on Thor which was placed by Amora when she used the Mirror of Mycha. To this day, Sif is perhaps the only female Asgardian who may be equal to Brunnhilde in combat. Once Brunnhilde had grown and completed her training she was appointed by the All-Father, Odin, to lead the Valkyrior in combing the battlefields for worthy mortals on the brink of death and leading them to Valhalla. Brunnhilde was so proficient at this task and so renowned for her skills that she was able to maintain this position of power for centuries.

Recently, Valkyrie's ascension to a Valkyrie has been explored more in depth. During her youth, Brunnhilde frequently trained with Odin's finest warrior Sigmund, learning many life and combat lessons from him. During a battle, Sigmund is hit by an arrow to his heart whilst protecting Brunnhilde. Cradling Sigmund's body in tears, Brunnhilde is found by Odin who demands she flee and leave the dead. Valkyrie refuses, much to Odin's anger, saying that the dead have to be buried so their souls can be cared for, calling Odin a Usurper and a monster. Odin questions that she would challenge a God over a corpse, in which Brunnhilde draws her blade, ready to battle Odin. Impressed, Odin says that the slain warriors must have a heaven, offering Brunnhilde as the guide to show the men to Valhalla, making her a symbol of hope, turning Brunnhilde into the Valkyrie.


This Valkyrie is the true Asgardian Goddess and first appeared in The Defenders issue 4 (1973). Before that Amora the Enchantress was seen pretending to be Valkyrie in The Avengers issue 83 (1970) and there is also a human named Samantha Parrington whom first appeared and received the powers of the Valkyrie in The Incredible Hulk issue 142 (1971) before the original Valkyrie appeared.

Character Evolution

Valkyrie in action

Valkyrie has consistently been an actual Asgardian Valkyrie throughout her comic book career. However the character has been represented in different forms and body's. Being reborn a number of times and in different bodies. Including Barbara Norris, Sian Bowen and the Samantha Parrington, the latter being the one who's appeared the most. However the original, Brunnhilde, always returns whether it be serving in Asgard or protecting Earth. While her loyalties remain to Asgard, Brunnhilde has been named 'The Defender of Earth' and frequently fights for Earth. Most notably with the Defenders. However after the team disbanded she returned to Asgard and her Valkyrior. Much later, she was killed in Ragnarok but was reborn again. Most recently she has joined the Secret Avengers and fights for Earth once more. Brunnhilde is strong and fiercely loyal and one of Asgard's most fearsome warriors. Her combat skills are matching to Thor and is a force to be reckoned with in battle.

Major Story Arcs


Classic Valkyrie

Circumstances forced Odin to order that mortal warrior Siegmund must be slain. Brunnhilde recognized that Odin was acting against what he wanted and sought to protect Siegmund. But Odin killed Siegmund himself. Odin removed Brunnhilde's Asgardian powers and immortality and cast her into a trance because of her defiance. However, she was awakened by Siegfried, the son of Siegmund and Sieglinde and another mortal incarnation of Thor. The two became lovers and she made him invulnerable so long as his back was not turned on his foe. Siegfried fell under the influence of magic and betrayed her but was then murdered. Still in love with him, she leapt into his flaming funeral pyre. Odin restored both of them to life, restoring their Asgardian roles and powers, but removed their memories.

Valkyrie's success and combat prowess caused Odin to revere her so much, that she was even tasked with subduing his son, Thor, when he destructively tore through the mortal realm of Midgard after the humans he had been protecting ate his beloved steeds. Although Brunnhilde was doing well in combat against the Thunder God, the two were forced to join together and defeat a Storm Giant who came to destroy Midgard. Afterward, both Asgardians seemed to enjoy a brief tryst before returning to their respective duties.

Trapped by the Enchantress

Later, however, Odin entered into a deal with the other Gods of Earth and the ancient Celestials, forcing him to cut off all interaction with Midgard, leaving Brunnhilde and her Valkyries only slain Asgardian warriors to choose from when performing their duties, leaving Valkyrie bitter and searched Asgard, attempting to occupy her time by finding new adventures to face.

However, Brunnhilde met Enchantress in a tavern on the outskirts of a village. Enchantress offered her a life of adventure and excitement and accompanied the Enchantress. Although when Brunnhilde tried to move on to other tasks, Amora turned on her and trapped her essence inside a soul crystal, keeping her there for centuries. Amora often used this crystal to access the Valkyrie's superior physical abilities for herself, or to enhance her pawns. Amora used Valkyrie's physical appearance to lead a handful of female super-humans, including the Black Widow and Medusa, to form the Lady Liberators and attack the male Avengers. However, her true identity was discovered and her plan was thwarted.

The Defenders

Valkyrie's revenge on the Enchantress

Centuries later, Amora used her crystal to bond Brunnhilde's essence to the mortal Barbara Norris, who was given her power and consciousness. While Barbara's mind, trapped in Brunnhilde's body, was trapped in the other realm. Brunnhilde eventually joined the Defenders. Brunnhilde was unaware that she was not in her real body and Brunnhilde's personality lacked much of its usual strength of will. Also, she was constantly being pursued by Barbara's husband, Jack Norriss, who refused to accept that she was not his wife.

Eventually, the two Valkyrie’s met for the first time. The two fought and Valkyrie’s body, possessed by Norriss' mind was trapped in Niffleheim, while Brunhilde’s mind in Norriss' body went back to Earth. At the time, Brunnhilde was not concerned with reuniting her mind with her true body. However, Barbara Norriss' body was murdered and the Valkyrie's spirit and mind were freed from their mortal host. Doctor Strange helped Brunnhilde regain her true body, full memory and normal warriors personality as well. Finally, Brunnhilde battled Amora and banished her into the same crystal of souls in which she had been trapped. Feeling estranged from Asgard and Odin, she chose to remain on Earth and continued to serve with the Defenders.

Dragon Of The Moon

Valkyrie as a member of Dragon Circle

Later, the powerful Moondragon was placed in Brunnhilde's care by Odin in order to teach her humility and take action against her if she became trouble. She served in the Defenders. Although she reformed, she was taken control of by the Dragon of the Moon. Moondragon attacked the Defenders, but Brunnhilde, given temporary additional powers by Odin for this occasion, including the power to grow to gigantic stature, opposed her. Brunnhilde defeated Moondragon, with thanks to other summoned Valkyries, Angel and Cloud. Moondragon escaped and attacked again. To defeat the Dragon, Brunnhilde and the Interloper projected their immortal life forces against it, joined by Andromeda and Manslaughter, because their life forces must pass through mortals so Moondragon could be defeated as well. When the other Defenders returned, they had all seemingly been transformed into statues of ashes and dust, and the Dragon of the Moon was gone. After this, it seemed Brunnhilde's spirit lived on as a Valkyrie and appeared to Doctor Strange when he was on the brink of death. Drawn towards the afterlife, he saw Brunnhilde, who had come to escort him. Brunnhilde was restored to life by Doctor Strange, now in the host body of Sian Bowen. The other Defenders that were killed in the battle against the dragon were restored to life as well and they formed the Dragon Circle to battle the Dragon of the Moon again. After its defeat, Brunnhilde returned to Asgard to resume her role as leader of the Valkyrior.

Returning to Asgard and Exploits on Earth

Moonstar and Valkyrie

Whilst returning to her duties as leader of the Valkyries, Valkyrie was summoned by Jennifer Kale to help battle enemies of Ghost Rider. After reverting one to their human form with Dragonfang, Valkyrie turned her attention to the other two villains, but was buried under a van hurled by them. When coming out from under the van, she saw that the other villains already defeated and confronted Ghost Rider and Kale. Learning that she’d fought the Furies, she vowed to ask Strange about her familiarity with them.

Later, Malekith captured most of the Valkyrior, seeking to use their powers to dethrone Odin. He sent Fenris against Valkyrie who greatly weakened her in battle. Valkyrie crashed to Earth, near Moonstar, formerly of the Valkyrior. Valkyrie asked Moonstar to help, giving her a bit of her life essence to protect her, just as Valkyrie was snatched up by Fenris and returned to Asgard. Malekith bound Valkyrie with the other Valkyrior, petitioning her to relinquish her power to span dimensions. Moonstar brought X-Force to Asgard to liberate the Valkyrior. To stop Malekith, the Valkyrior had surrendered their life essence to Hela, but Moonstar returned the essence Valkyrie had given her, restoring the Valkyrior to life. Malekith was soon defeated. Possessing the knowledge that Warpath had been killed but not gone on to his rightful reward, Valkyrie transported herself to the team and told them where he was before transporting them to Blackheart’s hell to save Warpath. After this, Valkyrie gathered alongside Hellcat and many of her friends to aid her against Mephisto.

Later, Pluto and Lorelei use the Valkyrie spell to change Samantha Parrington into the likeness of Brunnhilde once again. Along with the Valkyrior, Brunnhilde traveled to Earth to aid the new Defenders against Pluto and Lorelei, who had put the world in danger with an invasion of the dead. After Zeus appeared, the villains fled. Brunnhilde gave the new Valkyrie, Samantha Parrington, Dragonfang and Aragorn, and encouraged her to remain with the Defenders.


Valkyrie fighting at Ragnarok

Sensing a great need back in Asgard, Valkyrie returned to the Valkyior from Earth, again wielding Dragonfang and riding Aragorn. The Valkyrior witnessed the beginning of Ragnarok, the death of the gods, and grew weary from all the death they’d witnessed. Valkyrie found Sif and blessed her with chiefdom of the Valkyrior, needing fresh eyes to continue the battles. Brunnhilde and her horse then join the battle with Fenris the Wolf. Both were slain in battle by Durok the Demolisher, however, she passed on her leadership of the Valkyries and her mighty sword, the Dragonfang, to Sif, who cradled her whilst she passed. Sif avenged Brunnhilde's death, just before Loki's ultimate destruction of Asgard during the Ragnarok. Volstagg made a large funeral pyre for Valkyrie and the others. After Thor was reborn, he restored many of the Asgardians with the Odinforce, although not revealed at first if she was revived, much later, Brunnhilde was shown to be amongst the living again.


Valkyrie reborn

Brunnhilde was reborn as Valerie, a hotel desk worker in New York City. One night, after three years of working in the hotel business, patron Ryan Sanduski summoned a worker to his room for a problem, and Valerie went when her coworker was too scared. When she got there, he demanded that she meet his sexual needs. When Valerie refused, Sanduski threw her from his balcony to her death. She later awakened in a flash of thunder as EMTs worked on her. Struggling with her memories in the ambulance, and with her sword magically in her hands, she burst forth to investigate Sanduski, and angrily confronted her former friends at the hotel. Avoiding the police, she went to the home of the Wasp to learn more about herself, and Brunnhilde began to regain her memories. She realized Sanduski was really Piledriver of the Wrecking Crew, and had a premonition that one of the EMTs, Ziggy, would be in danger. She rushed to the hospital, where she found Piledriver threatening Ziggy and his wife and son. As he held her out the window again, she was overcome with memories of her life, including Siegfried, the Defenders, the Enchantress, Barbara Norriss, and Samantha Parrington. The battle with Piledriver took her onto a construction high rise, where she soon defeated him, then commandeered a policeman's horse to rush Ziggy to the hospital. Valkyrie, remembering who she was, swore to protect the lives of others again.

Secret Avengers

Valkyrie: A member of the Secret Avengers

After becoming the Valkyrie again, sorcerer Ian McNee drew a mystic tarot that revealed Valkyrie as one of Earth's representations of Justice. After Norman Osborn caused the destruction of Asgard, Valkyrie assisted in rebuilding Asgard. Brunnhilde was then personally invited to join the Secret Avengers by Captain Rogers, which she accepted. As a member of the Secret Avengers, Valkyrie participated in their mission to Mars and their mission to the Far East. During their mission to the Far East, she battled the Super Soldier John Steele and defeated him by impaling him with her enchanted sword Dragonfang.

When a Troll called Gunna was apprehended by the Thunderbolts, Valkyrie, appointed by Rogers, explained that she was a half-Asgardian/half-Troll girl. As Luke Cage and Songbird listened, she argued with John Walker about jurisdiction, then agreed to leave Gunna in their care until Rogers could make a decision. She also taught a class at the Avengers Academy: Superhuman gender roles, even though she was supposed to teach the girls combat. She taught the girls that men will ultimately disappoint them in all aspects of life, including in the bedroom. Tigra shouted at her for serving the girls mead and made them move onto combat training.

Brunnhilde was also shown to be friends with many heroines in Heralds, helping diffuse the Frankie Raye/ Frances Hyatt situation. In a pie eating contest with her fellow Avengers at the Annual Avengers Picnic, Valkyrie lost to D-Man. Working with the American military, the Secret Avengers, with Valkyrie on Aragorn, battled the Hulk at Cape Canaveral. But just when they thought him defeated, he revealed he'd been faking and was joined by his allies. Valkyrie traded blows with Red She-Hulk until Rogers and Hulk settled things, and the Hulk's group soon flew into space to deal with another threat. Also, Valkyrie along with Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye and Justice traveled to Norway to battle an army of Super-Synthoids, aiding Ant-Man and Wasp in a mission against AIM. She was also one of the many heroes summoned by Hercules to fight the Chaos King during the Chaos War. Also, along with the other Avenger teams, she confronted the Illuminati and subsequently hunted for the Hood who had begun to steal the Infinity Gems from their hiding places. During the pursuit, they find the Hood who waves his hand, containing three of the gems, making all the Avengers disappear, leaving only Valkyrie's sword behind, however she recovers it later.

Fear Itself

Valkyrie leads the U.S. Army during Fear Itself

Valkyrie chose not to return to Asgard when Odin demanded they all return, instead staying on Earth. When Sin's and the Serpent's forces started attacking the Earth, Steve Rodgers sent Valkyrie to lead the US army into battle. When asked to speak to the troops, Valkyrie told the men and women that most of them were going to die. Valkyrie joined the fight against Sin's forces. During the battle she saved one of the troops lives, whose boyfriend just died in her arms. She tells the soldier to run, as the retreat has begun, but the woman won't leave him, reminding Valkyrie of her past life and the way her lover Sigmund died and how she refused to leave him, thus becoming the Valkyrie she is today. She then offers to carry the man and see her off the battlefield. Leading the troops off the battlefield, carrying the dead soldier, she is reminded that wherever she is, she will always have the duty of carrying the dead and will always be Odin's Valkyrie.

Whilst on the battlefield, Valkyrie joins her Avengers team-mates, directly confronting Sin and her forces, however she is one of the Avengers to witness Bucky's death and is with him in his moment of passing.

Fearless Defenders

Valkyrie was given the task of reforming the Valkyrior. She failed to do so which lead to the rise of the Doom Maidens. She ended up reforming the Defenders instead, this time with an all-female lineup. Valkyrie learns that she is one of the original Doom Maidens. She was the Maiden of Rage. She loses control. Annabelle Riggs, a normal human, who had come on the adventure because Valkyrie saw that she was a potential member of the Valkyrior, stopped Valkyrie but at the cost of her own life.

Valkyrie felt horrible about her death and called in a favor from Clea. Annabelle was indeed restored to life, but she and Valkyrie now share a body. They switch back and forth between identities.

Post AXIS Avengers

On the ruins of the former mutant island kingdom of Genosha (previously ruled by Magneto), the Red Skull had built "Reeducation Camps" to systematically torture and kill "genetic filth" (i.e. Mutants, Inhumans, Atlanteans, etc.). In doing so, he had attracted the attention of Magneto and the mutant members of the Uncanny Avengers. After a brief battle, Magneto let his rage get the better of him, and killed the Red Skull. This act of violent rage, however, only resulted in the unleashing of the Red Onslaught. Now with the telepathic brain of Charles Xavier and the violent rancorous resolve of Magneto, the Onslaught was nearly unstoppable. Reinforcements arrived - in the form of heroes (mostly members of the Avengers and the X-Men) and villains (a cabal put together by Magneto including mutants, magicians, Asgardians, and others). Doctor Doom and the Scarlet Witch were able to cast an Inversion Spell which transformed the Red Onslaught back into the Red Skull. It also, however, affected many others - both heroes and villains - on the island, causing some heroes to turn more villainous, and some villains to become more heroic. Among the inverted were Doctor Doom and the Scarlet Witch. Doom returned to Latveria, feeling changed and wanting to do good. He also knew that the vengeful Scarlet Witch would come for him. He built a contraption to entrap the Witch so that he could tap into her powers and do good things with them. He charged his goddaughter, Valeria Richards, with the task of recruiting a team of Avengers to aid him during this time when so many former Avengers and heroes were turning more violent and untrustworthy. Valeria went first to recruit Elsa Bloodstone, who had been working on shooting a reality TV show about monster-hunting. She later found Valkyrie and recruited her to Doom's Avengers. Among the others recruited were U.S. Agent, 3-D Man, and Stingray. Agent Phil Coulson also joined under orders from SHIELD Director Maria Hill. Valeria donned a suit of armor built by Doom, and together these new Avengers went to battle their biggest target: the Scarlet Witch! The Witch conjured up dozens of robots similar to the Vision to do battle with Doom's Avengers while she herself sought out Dr. Doom.

Powers & Abilities

Brunnhilde rides Aragorn into battle

Valkyrie has superhuman strength, able to lift 45 tons. She has the typical longevity, immunity to diseases, and resistance to injury that is common of all Asgardians. Her agility, stamina and endurance is also better than the average Asgardian due to her battle training and experience. Odin has been able to further enhance her powers before specific battles, although these enhancements are temporary. Valkyrie is also able to sense the "deathglow", or the coming of death, of nearby individuals close to dying. She has also occasionally been able to sense impending danger, particularly of a magical kind. She can also transport herself and others to Valhalla.

Brunnhilde has had extensive training in armed and unarmed combat, giving her expert swordsmanship and horsemanship. Brunnhilde is also proficient in the uses of spears and swords, with her primary weapons being the mystical sword, Dragonfang, and her enchanted spear, Geirr. The Dragonfang is an indestructible sword created by the ancient wizard known as Kahji-da. It also has an enchantment which allows Valkyrie to change her attire at will. The sword remains invisible while sheathed and can also absorb and redirect electrical blasts. The Dragonfang is fabled to have a mystical connection to actual Asgardian dragons. Valkyrie often rides her genetically altered steed, Aragorn, into battle.

Valkyrie maintains mental links with other Valkyrior, including inactive ones such as Danielle Moonstar. While acting as the leader of the Valkyrior, Valkyrie has access to mystical skills and dimensional traveling powers unavailable to her otherwise. These might be the powers and knowledge going with the rank rather than unique to her. She can also pass a portion of her life essence to others.

While inhabiting the body of Barbara Denton-Norris, Valkyrie was affected by a spell of the Enchantress which prevented her from defending herself against other women, regardless of their nature or threat level. Another spell of the Enchantress enabled a part of Valkyrie's essence to pass to other women, transforming them into Valkyrie avatars/look-alikes with varying degrees of her powers. So far these women have included Enchantress herself, Samantha Parrington, Barbara Denton-Norris and Lorelei. It should be noted that Valkyrie and her avatars have at times been concurrently active, causing some identification confusions.


  • Real Name: Brunnhilde
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 475 lbs.
  • Known Relatives: None
  • Citizenship: Asgardian
  • Place of Birth: Asgard
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Occupation: Chooser of the Slain, Warrior
  • Education: Asgardian schooling, extensive training in many forms of combat and weapons.

Alternate versions

Ultimate Valkyrie

Ultimate Valkyrie

On Earth-1610 the Valkyrie was originally a non-powered teenage girl named Barbara who was a member of the Ultimate Universe's version of the Defenders. The attractive, but not too bright, nineteen-year-old also had a superhero fetish and managed to have a brief affair with Hank Pym when he was a member of the group. Originally her abilities were limited to physical fitness and minimal martial arts training until she reappeared in the company of Thor with a magic sword, a winged horse named Pegasus, and real powers and combat experience. Although she still talks like a normal teenager, both she and Thor appear to be in a committed relationship. While assisting the Ultimates on a mission in the Savage Land, she is forced to live her deepest fear of returning to a meaningless and normal life after Mastermind trapped her in an illusion. When Pyro suggests sexually assaulting Valkyrie, a mysterious figure appears, claiming to have given Valkyrie her powers before helping her to break free of the illusion, at which point she murders Mastermind and dismembers Pyro. During the Ultimatum story line, Valkyrie is killed and Thor seeks out Hela in order to regain her soul. After completing a task, it seems that Hela honored Thor's request when Valkyrie wakes up confused outside of New York, but well aware of the fact that Thor remained with Hela in her place. She attempts to inform Iron Man of the situation before heading off to assist the rest of her team in dealing with the chaos. Valkyrie vows to personally kill Magneto for all that has occurred as she and the rest of the Ultimates agree to gather what's left of the world's heroes.

Killed by Loki

It was later revealed that Valkyrie's newly discovered powers were given to her by Loki and Amora the Enchantress. The two Gods also revealed that they had empowered her former teammates from the Defenders. When the Defenders attacked the Ultimates at their base, it was revealed that their goal was to obtain Thor's hammer, which Valkyrie had taken possession of. Once the Defenders were successful, Valkyrie was interrogated by Captain America, though she opted to jump through the window rather than tell him the entire truth about her connection with the Defenders and the origin of her powers. She, along with Zarda, were then manipulated by Amora into attacking and defeating the rest of their teammates. When the Ultimates were freed with the help of Carol Danvers, Amora is shot through the chest by Hawkeye, freeing both Valkyrie and Zarda from her spell. Valkyrie independently attempted to attack Loki, but is killed after being stabbed through the chest by her own sword. She later died in Captain America's arms, and claimed that the only good thing she ever did was die, so that Thor could return to Earth.

A true Valkyrie

However, Hela turned Barbara into a real life Valkyrie, making her a liaison between the living and the dead and leader of the Valkyrior. She was given new powers and a set of wings, turning her code-name into a reality. She was re-united with Thor on the battlefield after he killed Loki. Mistaking her to be alive, he immediately kissed her but realized her lips were cold. She told him that she now serves Hela as a true Valkyrie. Taking Loki, she flies away disappearing into a ray of light into the other realm, but not before asking him that if their love meant anything, he'll fight for the humans, as she was once one.

The Games (Earth-5692)

Valkyrie was a competitor in the Games, which the Skulls organized, pitting superhuman against superhuman.

Canververse (Earth-10011)

A twisted version of Valkyrie is present in the Cancerverse dimension, where she is part of the Defenders.

Forever (Earth-161)

Valkyrie is still a member of the Defenders and attends Beast's funeral.

Ruins (Earth-9591)

Phillip Sheldon witnesses Valkyrie flying on Pegasus.

Appearances in Other Media


Hulk vs. Thor (2009)

Valkyrie in Hulk Vs. Thor

Brunnhilde appears with many of her fellow Asgardian Valkior brethren in the "Hulk vs. Thor" DVD. Riding her winged steed Aragorn, Brunnhilde leads the Valkyries and a number of Asgardian warriors into battle against the Hulk, who had been transported to Asgard and controlled by Loki, in order to prevent him from gaining access to Odin's chambers while Odin was partaking of "The Odinsleep." Although she fights valiantly, Brunnhilde and her warriors are quickly defeated by the rampaging brute. Brunnhilde apparently manages to recover while Thor engaged the Hulk and, along with Sif, servies as Odin's last line of defense when the Hulk manages to breach Odin's chambers. In this DVD, Valkyrie is voiced by Nicole Oliver.

Thor: Tales of Asgard (2011)

Thor: Tales of Asgard

In the film, Brunhilde is a skilled warrior from Asgard. When she was younger, she fell in love with Fandral but he scorned her. After this she formed the Valkyries, a group of all-female warriors and made their base at Kona Lifandi. Later on, she recruited Sif, but was followed back to their base by a spy. When discovered she battled and killed the Asgardian spy. After this, she caught Thor with Sif and took the Elderstahl sword from him and later engaged Thor in battle and tried to kill him, however she was was stopped by an invasion of Frost Giants. She joined forces with Thor and the others during the battle and after realizing that Sif still loved Thor, she let them all go. In the film, she isn't called Valkyrie, but Brunhilde, and with only one n. She also has white hair, while all the Valkyrior have blonde hair and braids. She is voiced by Cathy Weseluck.


The Superhero Squad Show (2010)

The Superhero Squad Show

Valkyrie appears in the episode "Mental Organism Designed Only for Kissing". Thor falls in love with her when she helps the team defeat MODOK, Fin Fang Foom and Abomination. When Iron Man tries to invite Valkyrie out on a date, she declines noting Iron Man's failure to gather the Infinity Sword Fractals. She is voiced by Michelle Trachtenberg

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2011)

Valkyrie in Avengers: EMH

Valkyrie has a cameo in the episode "Fall Of Asgard" as one of the Valkyries that assists Sif in saving Giant-Man from the Frost Giants. She is voiced by Colleen O'Shaughnessey.

Video Games

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006)

Valkyrie in MUA

Valkyrie is a NPC in the game. The player can talk to her and she has special dialogue with Deadpool and there is an optional mission to find Valkyrie's sword Dragonfang somewhere in the god's graveyard near the Bifrost Bridge. If the player finds her sword, Asgard will be easily freed with her aid, Loki will be imprisoned in chains, and Ragnarok never comes to pass. If the player doesn't find her sword, Valkyrie will die in the battle to prevent Ragnarok, Balder will die trying to save her, and the people of Asgard will be forbidden to contact Earth for a century. After Odin is freed from his dark magic confinement in Castle Doom, Valkyrie calls him back to Asgard to recover. She is voiced by Nika Futterman.

Superhero Squad Online (2011)


Valkyrie is playable in the online MMRPG . She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.

In her description she goes by " Thanks to her trusty sword, a wicked spear, and an amazing singing voice, this Asgardian warrior doesn't need a magic hammer"

Marvel Avengers Alliance

Avengers Alliance´s Valkyrie

Valkyrie appears as a playable character in Marvel Avengers Alliance game. She in an unlockable character that could be won in Special Operation 5: The Wild Hunt.

Her bio says: The Asgardian Brunnhilde confronted Odin All-Father rather than leave the body of her fallen friend. So impressed was Odin at her courage and strength that he made her the Valkyrie, guide of the honored dead to Valhalla. Armed with Dragonfang, her indestructible sword, and riding her winged steed Aragorn, she is one of the greatest warriors of Asgard, and a champion of Earth.

Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes

Valkyrie is featured as a non-playable character in this game. She is voiced by Michelle Arthur.

Marvel: War Of Heroes

Marvel: War of Heroes

Valkyrie is featured in the mobile game Marvel: War of Heroes. She appears is these cards:

  • Valkyrie
  • [Escort of Souls] Valkyrie
  • [Death-Glow] Valkyrie
  • [Maiden of Rage] Valkyrie
  • [Shield Maiden] Valkyrie

Awards and Honours

Valkyrie was ranked 65th in Comics Buyer's Guide Presents: 100 Sexiest Women in Comics.


Marvel Legends Valkyrie
  • Heroclix: Two different standard versiòns of Valkyrie can be found within this game piece collection. A very rare third one was released along with her winged horse, Aragorn, as part of "The Hammer of Thor" Set.
  • Valkyrie is included with her long-time teammates as part of the Defenders Mini-Mates four pack. This four-pack includes Namor, the Sub-Mariner, the incredible Hulk and Dr. Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts)
  • Valkyrie is the Ninety-third issue/character released by Eaglemoss Publishing as part of "The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection." These pieces are manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom.
  • Valkyrie was released as part of a Two-pack, alongside the Hulk, as part of the Marvel Legends Fans Choice Winner series manufactured by Hasbro. Valkyrie comes with her sword, Dragon Fang and her spear as accessories.
  • A one-sixth scale (Full-size) statue has been released as part of the Bowen Designs line of Marvel collectible statues and mini-busts. Contrary to what most characters who have been made into a full-size statue, Bowen Designs has not made a mini-bust of Valkyrie as of yet.
Valkyrie in The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection

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