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Goddess of Death

Hela is the daughter of Loki and the giantess Angrboda. When Hela came of age, she was appointed Ruler and Goddess of the northernmost kingdom of the dead, allowing her to rule in the realms of Hel and Niffleheim. Although her dominion was only over those who did not die as heroes, as Odin was the ruler of these in Valhalla. Still, Hela often sought to expand her kingdom by conquering Valhalla as well which often brought Hela into direct conflict with both Odin and his son Thor. On one occasion, Hela attempted to persuade Thor into entering Valhalla when he was on the verge of death, although he eventually refused. Hela also entered into an uneasy alliance with the other Death Gods of Earth.

Hela patiently waited for the chance to take over Valhalla and even forced her minions to build the enormous ship, Naflgar, out of the finger nails of the dead in order to attack Asgard, however this ship was destroyed by Skurge the Exocutioner and Hela was forced to begin reconstruction of the ship. When Odin entered the Odinsleep, his attention to Valhalla waned and Hela had the chance she had been waiting for. Once he was aware of her intentions a great battle took place. Hela corrupted the Valkyrie's causing them to lose their physical form & remain in a wraith like state. Danielle Moonstar was also stuck in this state, she and the New Mutants journeyed to Asgard to battle Hela's army. The battle with various forces brought the Hulk and Agamemnon, the leader of the Pantheon, to Hela's realm. After a long fight against Hela's surreal forces, Agamemnon requests, based on a vaguely hinted upon relationship, to allow them to leave. Hela surprisingly agrees. This incident sheds light on the fact that in Marvel, Hela is supposedly the half sister of Agamemnon. The fighting continued on until the mutants were able to wake Odin. Hela soon gave up her conquest of Valhalla when Odin vowed to keep a better watch over it in the future. After many failed attempts to defeat the Asgardians, Hela finally helped her father bring about the events of Ragnarok when she finally finished building Naflgar and allowed Loki to use it in order to attack Asgard.

Hela was recently resurrected after supposedly being killed in the events of Ragnarok. Hela later tells Loki that she has lost much of her realm and power, however this could be due to the fact that so many Asgardians were resurrected by Thor, making her realm devoid of the Asgardian souls that she had collected over so many years. Although she still appears to be a member of a group of Death Gods when she attended a meeting to discuss the fate of the Limbo realm. Hela now patiently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, and even assisted her father, Loki, in enabling him to complete a task that caused Thor to be banished from Asgard.


Hela is a Marvel Comics character, adapted for Thor comics by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby based on the Norse mythological Hel. Collections of Old Norse poems and writings such as the Poetic Edda, and Prose Edda, describing and detailing Hel. Appointed as ruler of the underworld, and having a gloomy disposition as well as appearing half flesh and half blackened. Much like the traditional Norse mythological version, Hela is the goddess of the dead who resides and rules over the Asagrdian death or afterlife realm. Also known as Niffleheim. Her interactions and relationships likewise mirror that of her Norse mythological inspiration. Hela's first appearance being in Journey into Mystery #102, released in March of 1964.

Character Evolution

Much like many of her Norse mythological inspired and themed characters, Hela has enjoyed a steady development, throughout her publication history, starting off as a somewhat one dimensional character to play antagonist to gaining and gathering more complicated motivations and characterizations over time. Her status and relationships with other characters can be inconsistent to ambiguous, such as asserting whether she is the progeny of trickster god Loki or not. Unlike her original inspiration death goddess Hel, Hela exists alongside many other pantheons death gods and goddesses, and as such she has over time been shown to interact, plot and war with such other characters. After one particular Ragnorak, Hela's resurrection took her to find residence in the United States city Las Vegas, as she lacked her own dimension and realm.

Major Story Arcs


Hela and Sif

Many millennia ago a young Thor would have his best friend Sif stolen and adducted by storm giants, and Rugga, their king. Rugga had invaded Asgard with an army of frost giants for that very purpose in fact. Thor enraged and distraught at not being around to prevent his friend and young love from being taken, would prepare to storm the giants castle by himself, with only Odin's strict order not to rush off temporarily pacifying the young thunder god. Odin would demand Thor position himself at Asgard and leave Sif's rescue to an army of Asgardian warriors. Thor would attempt to stay in position, however his thoughts would stray to his friendship with Sif, and of a prior warning by the fates that he must also face death again. A calm would come over Thor. He cared about Sif very deeply, he would walk to Odin's trophy room and for the first time his grasp around the mighty weapon Mjolnir would lift and find agreement with the weapon. He was worthy. Unbeknownst to Thor Rugga had been so singleminded in capturing Sif to use as a trade item with death herself Hela, by giving Hela Sif Rugga had been granted immortality. Thor had marched into the heart of storm giants territory, he had smashed the two giant guards to the castle, and with Mjolnir in his hand for the first time, he had tore through dozens and dozens of frost giants to find Sif. Arriving at King Rugga himself Thor demanded to know where Sif was, before being Rugga revealed his arrangement with Hela. Thor knowing it was Hela he must speak to, would make his way to the very highest point of Jotunheim to seek out and serve audience with Hela. Leaping to an extremely high altitude Thor would land near the the top of the highest point of Jotunheim and slowly walk up a forbidding cliff edge. Walking to the precipice Thor would scream Hela's name and demand her attention, even creating a thundering boom to mark his presence.

Second Touch of Death


Hela would answer Thor's call ascending ominously with the sky blackening and Sif floating in mystical chains beside her. She would remind Thor that he almost died not so long ago and that she nearly grasped and had his soul for herself. She was aware that Sif had used an elixir on Thor some time before reviving him. Thus Hela had fostered a grudge towards the raven haired warrior since. She would threaten Thor coldly threatening Sif at the same time with punishment. Thor would stand his guard and demand that Hela release Sif, and he would charge the death goddess and be flicked away casually by Hela's mere hand sway. Hela would smile cruelly enjoying seeing Thor in such strife and Thor himself, would gather himself and ready himself to attack Hela again. Summoning as much strength and power as he could muster Thor would hurl Mjolnir with an almighty boom, but Hela would smirk as she slowed the weapon, halting its velocity and changing its direction, then sending it with as much force right back at Thor sending the Odinson flying yet again. Sif would start to stir from her slumber and begin exclaiming concern for the fallen Thor and defiantly demanding of Hela that she free her immediately. Hela would oblige throwing Sif against the ground and letting her free. Hela was much more concerned with Thor anyhow. Sif would run to the downed Thor and plea to him to wake up. She would cradle his unconscious body and curse Hela's petty actions. Sif would against all odds draw her sword and attempt to attack Hela herself, Hela more than happy to deprive Sif of her life as well. Thor would interrupt, struggling to get to his feet, he would tell Hela she could have his life freely on the condition she spare Sifs. Thor would tell Sif her life meant more to him than his own. Hela would be suspicious at first but when she would realize Thor was sincere she would be agitated. Thor's willingness for noble sacrifice for Sif would undermine her intentions. She would depart with a warning letting Thor and Sif leave of their own accord.

Even in Death

Death's Call

Thor has had much of his power stripped, and Loki has created an enchanted weapon that will bestow great power upon any who should wield it. Though intended for himself, the enchanted crowbar weapon is picked up by Dirk Garthwaite, who becomes the Wrecker. This combination and situation setting up a clash between Thor and Wrecker. The thunder god weakened, he fights valiantly, but moment by moment his newly weakened stamina, makes his struggle the more futile. After Wrecker brings down a building on the Asgardian, he appears all but dead. Hela making her appearance to claim Thor's soul. Though seemingly killed, a flicker of life remains in Thor and he points this out to the death goddess Hela, as well as pointing out that she can not claim him until that flicker is snuffed as well. Thor manages to find Wrecker in his faint astral form, but can not stop him. He returns to his physical body and manages to reawaken it. Sif stops Wrecker by using the Destroyer armor. Hela must bide her time before getting to claim Thor. She does take opportunity to remind him how close he came to belonging to her when Sif is seriously wounded, and further more teases Thor with the glory and gain he will receive when he does eventually enter the afterlife. Thor continues to resist deaths pull however.

Odin and Infinity


Hela orchestrates a cunning plot in which unbeknown to Odin, she manipulates and steals a portion of his soul and power as he lies in slumber in the Sea of Eternal Night. With this part of Odin, she creates a being dubbed Infinity whose influence starts to upset the natural order and manages to defeat Odin, and take control of the All Father. Thor after much truth searching and information gather, comes to realize that this terrifying being Infinity is actually an aspect of his father Odin. Through much of the combined forces of Asgardians and Odin's own resolve the All Father comes around to his senses and Hela's plan failed. Knowing that she will be bitter in her denial of Odin, the All Father warns his son that Hela will be looking for an outlet for her wraith. Hela's plan adapting, as she asserts that with Thor's death Odin's spirit will be broken allowing death to succeed over life. She also curiously wonders why mankind should fear and find terror with her and death itself. Know Thor is on Earth, the death goddess Hela heads there to find him and take his life. Disguising herself she attracts the attention of some common thugs who attempt to rob her. Their actions and attitudes annoying her, Hela casually dismisses them killing them allowing them early entry into her realm. Odin's illusions obscuring her goal of finding Thor, she decides to make trouble as to alert the thunder god to her presence. This works, as Thor has no choice but to reveal himself to the powerful death goddess. Hela sheds her disguise and Thor feels he must fall to her in order to prevent innocent humans from being collateral damage. Still he tries to avoid Hela, and reality itself seems to bend to her will as she pursues her prey. Odin himself struggles with the idea of Hela pursuing his son, as he realizes that Hela is integral to balance. Still Thor is his son. With Thor's demise looking likely, Odin appears and his choice is to strike at Hela. He does and death comes to the death goddess. Thor however knows that Hela is more important than Thor in the grand scheme of things. He speaks to his father and Odin understands this as well. Odin revives Hela and Thor seems lost to Hela and the thunder god begins to wither and die. Sif makes a desperate appeal to Hela, and Hela hears Sif plea and seems silent. Sif's words have appealed to Hela and granted Thor a stay of execution and Hela emphasizes this as she takes her leave.

Hela on Earth

Hela on Earth

The astoundingly strong Kurse is on a warpath attempting to hunt down the accursed Malekith, and his hunt takes him to Hel, where he is all to quick to attack the death goddess as indiscriminately as he has all so far. He appears to usurp and dempose her beneath a tower of rubble. Aided by the Enchantress's sister, Lorelei, Kurse then takes his leave from Hel to continue his search for Malekith. On Earth, New York specifically, Kurse views Thor but illusions mean he views him only as the one he pursues, Malekith. Kurse claims and then demonstrates that the creatures of Hel, are his to command as he summons the mighty Midgard Serpent to Earth. He fights Thor and calls on increasingly more denizens of Hel to cause destruction. Kurse continues to claim he is master of Hel and Niffleheim and calls forth even more of Hela's subjects, he calls forth Nidhogg the Dragon, an Ice Giant, personal guard to Ymir, Farsung the Enchanter, King Fafnir, Fafnir the Giant, and several Ice Dwarfs. Thor tries to pacify the former Dark Elf Kurse, but Kurse's hatred of Malekith and perception that Thor is Malekith means Thor's pleas fall on deaf ears. The Godpack, a group of young gods led by the High Evolutionary appear, to help bring the destruction caused by the dead Asgardian creatures to a halt. Beta Ray Bill even appears to try and turn the tide. Warriors Three join the fray and finally the odds seem favorable for the heroes. Things however get from grim to worse when Hela appears and reclaims her authority and rule over the dead. Her very presence turns the day into pitch black, and caused ominous rumblings to the ground. Many of the creatures summoned by Kurse seem confused, claiming that Kurse had led them to believe he had killed Hela. Hela seems almost offended by the idea, as she states she has been away in the far parts of the nine realms, and that this was probably Malekith deceiving Kurse by impersonating Hela. A confused Kurse orders his monstrous undead army to attack Hela, but with a simple gesture she deadens all of them in their tracks. The two Fafnir's, Nidhogg, and the rest of the undead creatures all turn to obey their true master. Kurse then attempts to over power Hela, but his vicious and powerful strikes are dismissed casually by the death goddess. Viewing Kurse as beneath her in power, persistent but simple, she enlightens him of further deception, by allowing him to see it has be Thor he has been attacking all the while and not Malekith. Kurse rushes off enraged by being fooled by Malekith yet again and Thor thanks Hela for her actions in bring the titanic brawl to its close. Hela warns against gratitude from the thunder god, nor arrogance in attempting to tell her to return her minions to the Hel realm. She teases invasion of Earth, before agreeing that she would leave but under a condition, and that condition being that Thor return to Hel with her to serve as her loyal subject. Seeing no alternative that would protect the ones he loves, Thor accepts Hela's conditions and departs with her.

Wolves of the North

Wicked Hela

Hela conspires with a particularly powerful and ambitious demon king Skald in a war against Asgard. Skald has been carving a deadly path of destruction destroying many small Viking villages for tactical advantages. As a part of Skald's demon army movements, an offense against Redhangir is charged and in the bloody battles that ensue the chief of a small viking village, Thorvald Thorvaldsdottir is killed. His stubborn and strong daughter Einar Thorvaldsdottir succeeds him as the villages chief. Hela has emplyed powerful magic to hide the Bifrost Bridge making it difficult for Asgard to mount proper defense. Thor was able to make his way to Redhangir despite this alone, and weakened he is also struggling to ground himself to the location. He requires mortal help. Thor explains to Einar that Hela has used Skald to move her armies across the mortal world and this has enabled her to sneak right to Asgard's doorstep allowing them little time to prepare. Thor requires an anchor, a way to keep him grounded and free from the disturbance Hela's magic on Bifrost is wrecking. Einar offers Thor a humble lock of her hair and it is enough. Thor mounts a counteroffensive against Hela and the demon King Skald. At first Thor battles against Hela herself, and is unimpressed with her abilities and powers, and supposed awe that his father speaks of when referring to the death goddess. Thor has underestimated Hela though and through cheating and power she has injured the thunder god significantly. Hela leaves the downed Thor for Skald to finish, as per his request to personally kill Thor granted by Hela. With Einar's help weakened Thor manages to defeat the demon king. Hela reluctantly retreats with Skald's demon army in disarray without a king to lead them. She taunts Thor that she could kill him it would be an empty victory without seeing all of Asgard fall.


Thor had broken the cycle of Ragnorak and Hela like many of the Asgardians and creatures of the nine worlds are put into a state of non-being. Eventually Thor is the first to return and he uses his newly inherited power from his father Odin to recreate Asgard on Earth in Broxton, Oklahoma. Thor then goes about reviving as many Asgardians as he can. During this process Hela herself positions herself in Las Vegas. Blending in with her surroundings Hela still has a realm to rule over, it is however a mere shadow of its former glory. Loki is the first to locate and speak to Hela after the revival of Asgard and the Asgardians however Loki is now inhabiting the body of a female. Their mutually exclusive goal of the downfall of Thor still apparent Hela decides to lend support to Loki and his new scheme to bring Thor trouble.

Avengers Prime

Hela Reigns

Asgard has fallen after Norman Osborns Siege, and the three most important members of the Avengers have reunited after many years apart, but they are splintered not only by time, but ideological differences and scars of past confrontations. Iron Man, Thor and Steve Rogers wander the ruins of Asgard, but are swept away into a mysterious dimensional vortex. The three are separated across the Nine Realms. Thor finds himself in the presence of the Enchantress and a legion of creatures who attack him. He resists and fights back, but realizes eventually that it is not Enchantress who masterminds the attack, but Hela, goddess of death. Hela is all too aware of the instability of the Nine Realms and Odins absence. She will take her opportunity to rule all Nine Realms with keen hands, and she engages in direct battle with Thor, the very effects of such a clash between two foes echoing throughout the Nine realms. Thor and Hela's encounter would tremble and be known to distant onlookers, the sky filled with blackness and thunder. Hela has had her power boosted, she has been able to transform the very Nine Realms to a darker more twisted version. Thor is mystified by her magnified powers and demands explanation. Even with Hela a threat, even as Hela more of a threat than usual, even outnumbered Thor attempts to fight back. Hela allows her underlings a chance to fight the thunder god as she taunts and mocks him. Inevitably Thor falls, Hela's power too much, but as fortune would have it, Amora the Enchantress would intervene at the last moment teleporting Thor away to safety and facing the wraith of Hela herself. Before Hela had the chance to kill Thor Enchantress had teleported him away to an area near Jotunheim. Captain America and Iron Man would come across his wounded and battered body and tend to him. They would take him to a nearby cabin in the Jotunheim woods where an elf Mageth would aid in healing him.

Hela Against The Nine Realms

Hela Strikes Thor

Hela had been temporarily neutralized by Enchantress's surprise teleportation attack. Both her and Enchantress lay unconscious. Amora the Enchantress would be the first to stir, slowly rising. She would spot Thor's dropped hammer Mjolnir and attempt to lift it in desperation. Unable to lift Thor's prized possession she would glance over at the still silent motionless Hela, and attempt to lift the death goddesses sword. Hela's eyes would glow signaling her consciousness she would rise rapidly startling Amora. The two powerful woman would engage in a battle, but Hela ordinarily too powerful would be too much for Enchantress and she would struggle against the queen of Hel. Hela would demand to know where Thor was, and admonish Enchantresses pathetic actions to delay the inevitable. She would abuse and assault a helpless Amora trying to grill answers out of her. Thor elsewhere would be recovered but confused at the shape of the landscape around him. Questioning Mageth he would explain to Captain America and Iron Man that things were very wrong. Thor would slowly come to realize that Hela had power to twist and alter the very landscape of the various Nine Realms. Hela herself finished with Amora for the moment, would turn her attention to Thor's Mjolnir, still left laying in their vicinity. She would attempt to lift it but to no avail, something she would curse Odin for. Even using her Nightsword powered up in a glowing green flame to violently rear down on the hammer attempting to destroy it. Hela recognizes the threat Thors hammer possesses and she is determined to find a way to be rid of it. Realizing that although she may not be able to move or destroy the hammer, as a death goddess she may be able to call on a minion who could have better odds at moving the weapon. Hela would call forth the legendary and powerful Bor, father of Odin, Grandfather of Thor. Hela would lie to Bor and tease him with freedom if he could move Mjolnir. Despite previously being able to, Bor would find his efforts to move the hammer futile. He would also realize Hela's deception and lie at the claim Thor was dead and an annoyed Hela would dismiss mighty Bor.

X-Factor Investigations

Hela recently appeared in the pages of X-Factor as a client of X-Factor Investigations. She meets with Madrox and Longshot and refers to herself as Miss Halja. Longshot, a mutant with the ability to attract women is smitten and taken aback by her beauty. She wants the team to retrieve an object that's been stolen from her. Her "Thor's Hammer" or ancient Norse pendant has been stolen from her by a man named Goffern. She pays Madrox with gold coins and says she assumes that will cover their services. Later, Madrox and Banshee track down Goffern to a tavern in New York City. After recovering the pendant he is revealed to be Pip, The Troll. Hela materializes in the alley and takes Pip back to before her disappearance; she brings to a close her business with X-Factor Investigations. Multiple man feels that he had made a mistake by reclaiming the pendant for his client. He decides to take a group into a campaign to locate the troll. As Hela tortures Pip, she demands an explanation of why he did not honor his part of the agreement. Details of the deal are revealed. She granted to Pip a change in his physical appearance for one year. In return, Pip will serve under her command for an extensive period of time. Pip ran away as he did not think he had enjoyed his look for a fair period of time.

Las Vegas

X-Factor #212

Hela becomes aware of the presence of X-factor when Longshot goes on a winning streak at the Caesar’s Palace Casino. She sends two Norse zombie warriors to intersect them as she realizes their intention of finding the whereabouts of the troll. Two Norse warriors are easily defeated by X-Factor. She sends a new bulky group of reinforcements. They have an evident advantage in numbers over X-factor. As soon as the fight is going to start, Thor comes down to find out further information about this confrontation. He sides with X-factor to free Pip. Thor leads the group into hell as Layla Miller stayed behind. Hela frees the troll as she thinks he is not worth the effort of keeping him. The rescue team is allowed to leave. They use the same way in but they are surprised by finding that the original entrance is closed permanently. Hela points out that the only way out is going through the center of hell where her army of cursed souls is waiting for them. If anyone dies in the battle their souls will belong to her. Thor leads the battle. Hela is confronted by Madrox. He insists that the whole situation with the talisman was a pure distraction to bring Thor into hell for the battle. She doesn’t accept it. She launches herself to kill Multiple Man for good. She is surprised by Darwin who places himself in between them to protect his friend. Darwin’s power of evolution affects her since he is constantly evolving to survive death. He absorbs some of Hela’s powers. He is able to remove the cloak that shows a part of the true self of Hela. Using the distraction, the group is able to escape the battle. They are brought back to Vegas by Layla Miller one by one. Hela is left to face her own army.

The Fine Print

Close Up of Hela

The realm eternal lies in ruins (after the devastating events of the siege of Asgard - brought about by Loki). The flooding city was brought down outside Broxton, Oklahoma. Hela lost her domain in hell when the gods came to earth, with no place to host the war dead. She intended to let their spirits wander free…Until Loki convinced her that the Disir - the fabled , ancient Asgardian Soul- Eaters - Did indeed exist and where hunting and eating fresh souls. To protect the souls, Hela assented to a deal brokered by Loki (giving her a piece of Mephisto`s Hell to serve as Hela`s Hell. Unbeknownst to Hela, Loki had the Disir on a leash. It was the domination over the Disir that Loki traded for the tract of land in Mephisto`s Hell. Mephisto gave the Disir permission to attack the souls Hela had thought protected in her own hel. Thinking she possessed the Bane of the Disir - The magic blade Eir-Gram Hela sped to Hel to defend the fallen Souls, only to find herself overwhelmed and the Eir-Gram stolen. Using the last of her power and strength, Hela transformed herself into a fortress to defend the souls of the dead from the Disir and she has appealed to her Asgardian Kin to help defend her charges. Thor and Tyr go to her aid, but the situation is already quite dire. To defeat the Disir, the Asgardians must secure the Eir-Gram, while Tyr stays to defend the Citadel Hela, Thor confronts Mephisto (who attempts to strike a deal with the God of Thunder in exchange for the Eir-Gram.

Fear Itself

Hela is giving a portion of Mephisto's hell to call her own, but when she is approached by The Serpent, though an emissary known as the Tongue, Mephisto gets worried she might join the Serpent and try to usurp him. The two meet to discuss this matter, and Hela learns that Mephisto has her Disnir under his control. Before the two rulers do battle, Loki, who is now a child, intervenes and makes a deal with Hela and Mephisto. Loki will take Leah, Hela's hand maiden, and Tyr, Hela's commander and four Disnir, and stop the Serpent from gaining power. in return Loki will get Hela back her own Hell and do several other task yet to be revealed. While Loki is away he hears news that Hela is under attack but she has called her Valkyrie to her aid and is able to hold back the Serpents attack.

Shattered Heroes

Hela is granted a new Hell under the command of the new All Mother, Freya, but Hela leaves Leah behind with Loki to make sure he keeps the other part of his bargain. On her way back into her new home Hela also reveals to Tyr that he could be her King if he so wished showing that Hela has feeling for the once God of War. Later Hela shows up at Leah's home, a cave in the ground, with a package for Loki and a note. The package is a litter of puppies from a chance meeting between Garm and Hel Wolf, a meeting Loki made earlier. Hela blames Loki for the demon puppies and demands he be responsible for them.

The Night Mares

Hela and Amora

Hreidmar a dwarf representative of Nidavellir appeals to Thor a request as a part of the Asgardia rebuilding process. Overseeing the construction of a certain section Asgardia Hreidmar has come across an obstruction that bears a warning from Odin not to tamper with. Despite Odin's instructions to leave the sealed cave alone, Hreidmar's curiosity and Thor's brashness encourage both to travel inside to see what contents are inside. Thor enters a deep dark cavern and finds himself in the presence of large stationary statures. He is subsequently attacked by a long forgotten race, the Mares. These dark mysterious creatures lack the ability to communicate save for through dreams, they overwhelm Thor and put him into a deep slumber. They had been sealed within that very cave by Odin who saw no other solution for the chaos caused by such creatures who would cause any other species to fall into a slumber save for sealing them with a cave. Now they were free, the seal broken the Mares can once again run rampant throughout the Nine Realms. Enchantress and her Keep happen to be aware of the panic Agardia is experiencing because of the Mares, but even she is shocked when traveling to Hel to see that even Hela and her army of the dead have fallen to the Mares. Surrounded by frozen stature like dead Hela is unconscious raised above on an alter with a Mare sitting on her chest, all that is required to send one into a deep slumber. Hela herself awakens into a collective nightmare, made up of the victims of the Mare, there she finds herself attacked by the Deconsecrator a creation of one of the Mares victims Jeffrey Fischer. As the gothic death metal god attacks Hela she is awoken from the nightmare by Enchantress and her Keep. Enchantress explains and updates Hela on the release of the frightening Mares. Hela is short with Amora wanting to know what she wants. Enchantress merely wishes permission to travel Hel, which Hela grants her. She warns Enchantress her new company and recent actions will infuriate Thor.

Everything Burns

Hela becomes tangled in Surturs plot to make everything burn. The world tree has been set aflame, Surtur has exploited bad blood between the Aesir and the Vanir, managing to drive a wedge between many of the Asgardians. It is revealed to many Asgardians that Loki, and the All Mother were implicit in the freeing of Surtur furthering more internal Asgardian conflict. Gullveig of the Vanaheim is rallying several Vanir warriors to stand against Asgardia and they are empowered further by Surtur himself as well as the war machines of the Manchester gods. Loki would try to appeal to Hela in order to stop Surtur but the death goddess would decline.

Fearless Defenders

After Valkyrie tasked with finding a new host of Valkyrior fails to assemble the Shield Maidens, specifically Earth heroes, it foretells the reappearance of the Doom Maidens. Hela would appear before the All Mothers and Valykrie, as the actions of the Doom Maidens would invariably affect her as well. Hippolyta would accompany her as well, Hela's own chosen Warrior Woman.

Powers and Abilities

Queen of Hel

Hela has all of the typical Asgardian traits including a long life-span, super strength, immunity to disease, enhanced metabolism and resistance to most injuries. Hela is one of the strongest Asgardians, being able to lift in excess of 100 tons. She is proficient in both armed and unarmed combat, can wield the mystical Nightsword in battle and is able to even face Thor in hand-to-hand combat and come to a stalemate, however she rarely relies on her physical prowess. As a goddess of death, Hela holds power over life and death with her kinsmen, the gods of Asgard. Death for an Asgardian is somewhat different than death for a mortal. In both cases, the corporeal body ceases all functions and activities, but whereas mortal spirits flee the physical form at the moment of death, the spirits of gods remain in their bodies until the death-goddess draws them out and leads them to their final resting place. Those spirits (or astral-selves) remain integral for eternity and reside in certain twilight realms in the dimension of Asgard like Hel and Niffleheim, where they take on a quasi-physical tangible existence. Although Hela is usually content to wait until an Asgardian is on the verge of succumbing to fatal wounds before she touches him or her and draws the spirit from the body, she can also touch perfectly healthy Asgardians and kill them if she so chooses. By using mystical energy, Hela can accomplish a number of tasks, such as levitation, causing one to rapidly age or die, and she can even enhance her fists to increase her strength and cause powerful blows, which are often referred to as her Hand of Glory. She also has the power to restore life to recently deceased gods as long as their spirits have not left their bodies although, she does not exercise this power often. Hela is powerful enough to slow and even stop Mjolnir in flight and redirect it.

Hela in Hel

While Hela’s touch is also fatal to mortals, she does not generally leave the dimension of Asgard or have much traffic with human lives since the souls of the Asgardians are her province. Hela is able to travel about in her astral form, possessing the same powers of death as her physical form has. Because of her Asgardian metabolism, she does not have any limitation on the amount of time she can spend out of her physical form, unlike mortal astral projectionists. It should be noted that the left side of Hela's body is dead and decayed although it appears alive and healthy when she can physically touch her cloak. If her cloak is taken from her, it is revealed that she herself is half dead already, half her body rotted away. She even loses her physical strength, although this does not mean she is required to wear the cloak since only touching the cloak replenishes her power.

Physical Characteristics

  • Hair: Grey
  • Eyes: Green
  • Height: 7'
  • Weight: 500 lbs.


Alternate Realities


Ultimate Hela

The Ultimate version of Hela is much like her mainstream counterpart. After Valkyrie is killed during the events of Ultimatum. As Thor was in a relationship with Valkyrie as soon as he found out he sought her revival. Ultimate Hela is introduced and first appears when Thor travels to Valhalla in order to search and find his lover, Valkyrie, seeking to rescue her from death during the aforementioned Ultimatum storyline. Eventually finding his way, Thor arrives in Valhalla, it can be implied that Hela, not Odin controls this realm, contrary to the 616 reality. However, Hela still refuses to allow even Thor to be granted such a divine gift so freely and challenges him to defeat her army of undead warriors before she would return the soul of Valkyrie. Once Thor was successful, Hela allowed Thor's request, but only as long as he stayed in her place, as she explained the price of a soul was another. She then asks Thor for a child. Wishing to do this for Valkyries sake, Thor does as requested. Thor is eventually released by Valkyrie who wishes to take his place. Hela then takes Valkyrie under her wing as Valykrie becomes a servant of Hela, a warrior and transporter of Asgard's dead.

Hela goes on to give birth to her and Thor's child Modi Thorson. Hela's appearance, powers, characterization appear similar to those of er mainstream version, save she seems to prefer using the color red more, as opposed to green, in her personal stylings.


A What If story supposing if Loki would have been the one instead of Donald Blake to find the hammer of Thor. Instead of Donald Blake finding a humble wooden cane and using it to turn into the almighty thunder god Thor, he is killed by the alien invaders the Kronans. Loki disguises the wooden cane as a tree hoping to hide it until he can circumvent the worthiness enchantment. Donald Blake's death also meaning that Thor would die, the Asgardian thunder god was now in Hela's realm. Hela refusing to give up his soul engaged in battle with all father Odin who had journeyed to her realm to seek pardon for his son. With Loki's schemes prompting Ragnorak, Hela eventually allowed Thor to depart her realm revived, for the price of Lady Sif's soul. Thor revived opposed and stopped Loki's machinations. Hela appeared and had many of the same powers and characteristics as her mainstream counterpart.


Hela appears in the Loki Triumphant reality, which details the trickster gods rise to power. Hela appears and has many of the same powers and characteristics as her mainstream counterpart in this alternative reality.


Also known as Earth X.


A What If Story.


The Timeslip reality, Hela is defeated by Avenger Jack Fireheart after Thor is required to assemble a team of Earth heroes to battle Asagrdian's proving to his father Odin, they are worthy beings. Hela appears slightly differently but appears to have many of the same powers and characteristics as her mainstream counterpart.


Hela appears in Millennial Visions. The thunder god Thor seeks his father who is missing and absent. Believing the All Father Odin to be in Hel, Thor finds himself in Hela's domain eager to find his father. Hela sends her armies to oppose and stop him from causing havoc. Hela appears and has many of the same powers and characteristics as her mainstream counterpart in this alternative reality.


In this reality Asgardian's are Zombies. Loki seeking more mischief has induced a zombie wide apocalypse during World War 2, curious to see how his brother Thor would react to this. It is the Nazi's that benefit from this and as zombies they attempt to take over the world. A curious Odin makes the somewhat foolish decision to investigate personally and is bitten by a zombie. As Odin shares a magical lifeblood with all Asgardians all Asgardians thereby also become zombies, including Hela. A collection of heroes including Howard the Duck, Dum Dum Dugan, Eternal Brain, Taxi Taylor and the female superhero team the Suffragists must try and stop not only the Zombie Nazis but Asgardian Zombies as well.


Hela appears in X-Men The End, an alternative reality focusing on the alternate future of the X-Men. Danielle Moonstar is separated and held in confinement in the mutant concentration camp Neverland situated on the Moon, when Hela appears before her. Near death from torture and confinement a struggling Dani pleas are only heard by Hela. Materializing before the Cheyenne mutant, Hela reminds her that she is a Valkyrie and as such, cherished by the Goddess of Death. After Moonstar invokes both Asgardian and Cheyenne chants after her telepathic bond with Rahne Sinclair lets her knows she is dead, Hela revives her and grants her enhanced powers. Moonstar is also enhanced with additional Cheyenne patterns and symbols. Danielle Moonstar lays waste to the X-Men foes in charge of Neverland before heading to Vahalla. Hela appears and has many of the same powers and characteristics as her mainstream counterpart in this alternative reality.

Other Media


Hulk vs. Thor (2009)

Hela in Hulk vs. Thor

In the Hulk vs. Thor DVD, Hela appears, along with many of her Asgardian brethren. Although she wishes to claim Thor's soul after he is gravely injured after fighting the Hulk, she is forced to wait after Amora the Enchantress comes to his aid and heals his wounds. Hela is then tricked by Thor and Loki into transporting the Hulk to her realm and claiming him as her own. However, the Hulk proves to be too much of a nuisance and runs rampant through her dimension. This angers Hela and she agrees to assist in re-joining the Hulk with his Bruce Banner alter-ego, which she had claimed earlier after Loki killed him. As a price for this inconvenience, Hela claims the soul of Loki, although she admits that, as her father, she will not keep him forever. Hela is voiced by Janyse Jaud.

Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers (2011)

Hela appears in Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers, a webcomic released in 2011. Hela is voiced by Katharine Chesterton.

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010)

Hela in Avengers: EMH

Hela appears in the season one finale "A Day Unlike Any Other", when the Avengers are scattered amongst the nine realms. Captain America finds himself in Niffelheim, Hela's realm of the dead, where she makes a deal with him. If she sends him to help the Avengers aid Thor in battle against Loki and death should claim him in the battle, then his mortal spirit belongs to her forever. Hela is voiced by Nika Futterman.

Video Games

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006)

Hela is an indirect enemy in this 2006 video game, letting the dead of her realm, wander out to impede your players heroes.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Marvel: Avengers Aliance

Hela is a boss in the game. Her first appearence was in the Special Op 24: Land of Fire and Ice.

Her bio says: While Loki is responsible for her "birth," there is no love between the god of mischief and the goddess of death. In fact, Hela cares not for her fellow gods and only wishes to rule over all the nine realms.

Marvel: War of Heroes

Marvel: War of Heroes

Hela appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

  • [Goddess of Death]Hela
  • [Ruler of the Dead] Hela
  • [Death Pact] Hela
  • [Hel's Queen] Hela

X-men: Battle of the Atom

X-men: Battle of The Atom

Hela is featured in the mobile card game "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" based on the comic book story with the same name. Her cards are:

  • Hela

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