Avengers Members

Self-explanatory. This is a list of everyone that's ever either been an Avenger or has some sort of affiliation with them.

Last updated on 1/6/13

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Posted by RoninTheFury
Excellent work.
Posted by doomsilver

nice list dude


Posted by Gambit1024
@RoninTheFury: @doomsilver: 

Thank you, sirs.
Posted by MrUnknown

Great job! I'm trying to think if you missed someone but I can't think to anyone.

Posted by MrUnknown

Spoke too soon, what about the Dark Avengers?!

Posted by Gambit1024

I felt that they along with the Young Avengers and the kids at Avengers Academy aren't really part of the core Avengers teams like the New Avengers and the Secret Avengers are

Posted by Hawkeye446

I think this list may have actually taken the cake for my favourite Comic Vine list so far!

Posted by Gambit1024
@Hawkeye446: Thanks dude
Posted by tamabone

Great job in keeping it current.
Posted by Gambit1024

@tamabone: Thanks :) Still needs some updates, though.

Posted by ExtraLarge

Weren't the Guardians of the Galaxy also honorary members?

Posted by Gambit1024

@ExtraLarge: If you can find me some on-panel confirmation, I'll gladly put them on, but I don't think that they were :/

Posted by BlueLantern1995

AWESOME LIST...Keep up the good work.

Posted by GothamRed

sweet list, should queen veranke be counted even though she was uncover when she gained membership?

Posted by Gambit1024

Longtime no update. I wasn't sure what the time line was between ASM #700 and Avengers Vol 5 #1 was, so I'm just going to assume that every Spider-Man appearance since Marvel NOW is the Superior Spider-Man until on-panel confirmation proves otherwise.

I also added the original GotG and the Young Avengers in as their rightful honorary statuses.

Posted by xxxddd
Posted by sithfrog

Fantastic list! Thanks for the great work, especially on keeping it current.

Posted by HammerTron

I think Jocasta originally joined in the original series in the late 100s.