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Current Events

Sif in Journey Into Mistery

Sif is currently starring and featured in the ongoing Journey into Mystery series written by Kathryn Immonen with art by Valerio Schiti. Sif would take over the book at Journey into Mystery #646 (November 2012) and appears in it monthly as its protagonist. It is one of the few female led comic series and generally receives critical praise as well as positive fan review.


Sif the Warrior

Lady Sif and her brother, Heimdall, were born of the second generation gods of Asgard, although their parentage has yet to be revealed. During their childhood, Sif was a constant companion of Thor, Balder, and Loki. Upon reaching her adolescence, Sif and Thor seemed to develop a romantic relationship, which even Odin approved of, deeming her worthy to one day become the wife of her childhood friend. However, Loki, who grew jealous of Sif's affection towards Thor, decided to play a foul prank on the Asgardian when he cut off the golden hair for which she was renowned. This misdeed was quickly discovered when Sif awoke and Thor forced Loki to restore her hair. Loki attempted to create a bargain with the trolls Brokk and Eitri, who made the hair out of pure gold. Unfortunately, Loki stole the newly created hair before it was able to be treated with a special potion and upon placing the hair on Sif's head, it grew darker by the minute before finally turning as black as night. Sif continued to grieve over the loss of her golden hair until her parents finally tired of her vanity and sent her to learn the way of the warriors by having her train to become a shield maiden.

During her time in training, Sif still accompanied Thor and Loki on adventures, although she never forgave Loki for his cruel prank. Sif often attempted to get romantically closer to Thor and even developed a brief rivalry with Amora the Enchantress and Brunhilde, the future Valkyrie, when she was tricked by the former and Loki into stealing the Mirror of Mycha from Karnilla's palace. Amora and Loki both told Sif that she would be able to use the mirror to permanently capture Thor's affections, but Amora used the mirror on Thor before Sif had the opportunity. Brunhilde eventually came to Sif's aid when the two put aside their differences to work together and release Thor from the mirror's enchantment. Although Thor was disappointed in Sif's initial attempts to use the mirror, the two quickly made up and rekindled their budding relationship.


Sif Sketch

Sif is a Marvel comics character based on and inspired by the mythological Norse goddess of the same name, Marvels Sif was adapted/created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby and first appeared in Journey into Mystery #102 which was released in 1964. A supporting character of Thor's stories in Journey into Mystery Sif would naturally continue this supporting role when the title would change to simply Thor two years later in 1966. Sif would make regular appearances in this title as a valued warrior of Asgard, and also a romantic context with Thor but eventually Sif would also be starring in her own plots and story-lines. In 2012, Sif would undertake a significant new chapter and for the first time would be the starring and leading protagonist of a book in Journey Into Mystery written by Kathryn Immonen. Speaking of the character she would write "Sif's got her origin story, but beyond that she's really kind of a blank slate aside from the broad strokes of her personality," Immonen says. "It's thrilling that the real estate has been put aside to develop her character in a way that hasn't really been done before."The mythological Sif is first attested to in the Poetic Edda and Prose Edda from the 13th century. Sif is also associated with the earth, hunting, harvest and fertility.

Character Evolution

Silver Age

Sif early appearences

Sif first appeared in the Thor title as it was written under Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. With some fifty issues of Thor already under their collective belt, the two creators had already had and introduced a variety of supporting characters for the titles main protagonist the mighty Thor, including the books main romantic interest for the protagonist Jane Foster. They would introduce Sif in the modern area (Sif's first appearance in Journey Into Mystery #102 was a flashback) with a storyline wherein Jane Foster would travel to Asgard with Thor, Thor hoping that she would met Odins approval and be transformed into a god so the two could marry. Jane would fail Odins test also earning failing to impress the all father. Sif would be introduced in this arc to essentially add another potential romantic interest for Thor as well as add another Asgardian supporting character as well as one adapted from the real world Norse mythology like Thor. Sif would enter the scene with the Thor character heartbroken after losing Jane Foster. Sif would be introduced as an immortal and warrior to contrast against Fosters mortality and all to human fragility. Aiding Thor in battle against the Lurking Unknown would spark new hope, romance and enthusiasm in the thunder god, and would also mark the beginning of Sif's role in the Marvel Universe. After Jane Foster failed Odin's tests to win Thor's love, Sif was introduced, and she joined Thor on many adventures as a fellow warrior.

Bronze Age

Sif and Jane Foster

Sif's role in the love triangle between herself and Thor and Jane Foster was resolved when she merged with a dying Jane Foster. This state doesn't last long, and once in their separate bodies again, Jane found love with a mortal and Thor and Sif are reunited.

Modern Age

Sif One Shot

The modern age would bring a new range of stories for the character, but not just stories set in the present, but stories focusing on Sif as a young girl and teenager. The 2004 series Thor: Son of Asgard would help establish a new timeline and period on Sif's life showcasing how she would form bonds and friendships with characters such as Thor, Loki, Balder, Enchantress and Valkyrie. Sif's relationships also weren't as centered solely on Thor in this era. She became a companion to Beta Ray Bill in his adventures. She started a romantic relationship with Eric Masterson. After Ragnarok, in the rebooted 2008 Thor title by J. Michael Straczynski, Sif's body was stolen by Loki and her soul was placed in the body of an old and dying mortal woman. Presently, Sif is herself in her recovered body. Sif would also enjoy many stories where she could be written into the protagonist role with a starring role in her own one shot Sif (2010) by Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Ryan Stegman. Further more she would become the star of the Journey into Mystery series written by Kathryn Immonen with art by Valerio Schiti. Lauren Sankovitch speaking of the character in her new role "Sif’s been in the thick of it, she’s a born warrior, she’s got a lot of fight and verve and fire to her! We talked at length about what this story could be and what her story could be, and it all came down single question: what does she want? I think Sif, above all, wants to be a better warrior." with series writer Immonen adding "I think Sif, above all, wants to be a better warrior" describing the characters new motivation to be stronger.

Major Story Arcs

Son of Asgard

Young Sif

In her early years a young Sif would often spend time with Thor and Balder, adventuring, training, fighting and laughing. One particular source of amusement for young Sif would be watching Thor fruitlessly struggling to lift the mighty enchanted uru hammer Mjolnir. She would still empathize with the son of Odin when he failed to lift it, pointing out that he may still wield the weapon in the future and that she laughs at his inability to give up. The three would discuss Mjolnir and Sif would point out how she didn't like how the inscription on Mjolnir specified the male gender when she might be just as worthy to lift it one day. Balder and Thor would agree with her idea, possibly not wishing to incur Sif's wrath. Loki overhearing the three would be annoyed by Sif's negativity towards him and so set about using magics to increase the size of three common spiders causing them to grow incredibly massive. Sif, Balder and Thor would grab more common weapons and slay the massive spiders much to Odin's pride as he would enter the room as the three teens would finish their battle. Acknowledging their teamwork and battle prowess Odin would reward the trio with a challenge, a quest and an adventure. Odin has set the objective for Sif, Balder and Thor to gather magical and rare materials that Odin shall forge into a legendary sword that shall be gifted upon a deserving Asgardian warrior. They trio are to gather a scale from the dragon Hakurei from the land of Nastrand. To acquire a feather from the massive snow eagle Gnori, residing in Jotunheim, a precious jewel from Jennia, and a vial of water from Lake Lilitha in Lilitha.

The Heart of Hakurei

Sif, Thor and Balder

Sif is journeying with Balder and Thor, on a mission from Odin. Traversing through hidden hills of Asgard, the young Asgardians have travelled so far already, yet an uneasy silence has carried with them. At the point of frustration the silence is broken with Sif and Balder venting at Thor for not giving them the opportunity to decline the adventure and just assuming their compliance. Thor would petition that its not as if they would decline, and attempt to spin a positive angle on his speaking on their behalf. Sif would get further agitated claiming that Thor and Balder did not treat or respect her as an equal or a warrior. Sif would shout then storm off in a fit of annoyance. Thor and Balder would try to catch up with her brisk pace, before all three would be awed into silence by the massive size of Hakurei. The silver shining dragon would spot his observers and begin conversing shocking the trio even further. Breathing intense fire he would scatter the heroes, each looking for cover. Thor being headstrong would shout at the dragon despite Sif telling him to wait. Thor's brashness having him paying negative effect being thrown about and slammed. Sif and Balder would attack the dragon, hoping to give Thor some respite, yet both would end up in as much danger, tossed about by the massive dragon. Sif would fall causing Balder to worry audibly which would only prompt a very aggressive reaction in Sif, her shouting at him for treating her so delicately. Balder would listen and care more about attacking the dragon, causing it damage and turing its focus away from Sif and Thor. Sif recovered would in turn provide a distraction as well and taunt the dragon before evading its attacks. The progressing team work by all three would turn the tide in their favor, they would slay the dragon with joint effort and claim one of is scales.

Tension in Jotunheim

Sif VS Ice Elementals

Young Sif, Balder and Thor head to Jotunheim, but their long travel is starting to take its toll, and there are many questions nagging away at all three young warriors, especially a feeling that Hakurei the dragon in their previous adventure seemed prepared for them. After success in gaining a scale of Harukei, they would now seek a feather of the snow eagle Gnori. Traversing Jotunheim would be especially intense however and Sif, Balder and Thor would develop a film of ice reside over their features and skin. Covered in thick snow, they would sludge through thick snow, but an uneasy tension would fall as thick, with Balder and Thor coming again to verbal blows, and Thor reiterating his apology for dragging Sif and Balder along this adventure. Balder would make a snide remark causing Thor to shove him, and Sif would intervene and tell Thor off, not just again for assuming Balder and her consent but for also being so brash with Hakurei almost getting all of them killed. She would help Balder back to his feet gently wiping his brow of snow, and then she would order Thor to walk on ahead by himself and to cool off. Thor would tell them that as soon as they accepted they were destined to travel together he'll respect them again and Sif and Balder would depart from Thor. Not before they were out of sight from each other, Balder would try to play peacemaker and call back Thor. Considering the weather Balder believes it would be a bad idea to separate. The trio are unaware that an unseen presence is watching and manipulating them, but on cue, Sif and her two companions find themselves surrounded by armed ice faeries. Their incredible miniature scale would disarm Thor, and the thunder god would reach out to one of them with more curiosity than harm, only to have one of the small ice faeries stab his hand. Sif Thor and Balder would attack the creatures only to see them reform when injured. Sif's keen eye and patience would reward her when she would recognize a pattern of attack. Knowing the ice elementals into the air they would have their victory.

The Nest of Gnori

Sif early adventures with Thor and Balder

Sif and Balder and Thor would locate the nest of Gnori the King of the Snow Eagles. Gnori like Hakurei would possess the ability to speak and welcome the Asgardians. Gnori would present himself very peacefully insisting to the heroes they would not need their weapons. Thor would let his fiery nature get the better of him and he would accuse Gnori of deceit and attempting to prevent their success. Gnori would keep his patience and explain his friendship with Odin. He would warn them though that such ice elementals do not attack as they did, and that powerful magics are at work to try and impede their quest and to take care. Gnori would also give Balder a warning with Sif questioning the prophecy since Balder was such a loved and respected individual, who would wish to harm him? Gnori would commend Sif's senses favorably and compare them to her brother Heimdall. Thor would take an opportunity to apologize for his earlier aggressive behavior and Gnori would depart, but not before giving Thor one of his feathers, bringing a part of their quest to an end. Sif always suspicious of Loki, would question whether it was the trickster god who had been impeding their progress, and the trio of gods would continue on their path, now with only two items left to collect. Sif and her two fellows would trek to Lilitha but would take the opportunity to relax and slow down, now that they were in a land that resembled more of a lush green paradise, abound with trees, fruit and waterfalls and lakes. Sif would lay around lazily referring to herself as formerly Sif the Singed, Sif the Snowy, but now enjoying her moment as Sif the Sunbather. She would smell Thor and Balder and suggest they all needed to have a wash and what better opportunity than the now.

Sif the Sunbather

Sif and Thor

Sif, Thor and Balder are in Lilitha, but they are exploiting the good weather and natural beauty. Sif decides to wash in a lake but orders Balder and Thor to gather firewood. Loki would appear in the depths of the forest and plot to have fun. Tricking Thor into believing he heard Sif cry for help, Loki would send Thor running back to the lake. Thor would arrive loudly and suddenly but would quickly turn red with embarrassment as he would realize Sif was naked in the water and in no danger or distress at all. He would apologize profusely but Sif would have none of it and chide his voyeuristic behavior. Thor would turn around and close his eyes and apologize some more trying to explain his intrusion on Sif's privacy. Sif would use the moment to quietly sneak up behind the Odinson with a devious smile and lock him in a playful hold grab, and challenge Thor to wrestling challenge. The two would tussle and fumble, grab, spin throw and finally fall beside each other. The two would burst into laughter. Balder would appear alerted by the laughter, which would cause Sif and Thor to continue laughing. After calming down the three would settle in for the night ready to continue their adventure the next day. Unknown to them not only was Loki tracking their movements but so was Karnilla, Queen of the Norns. Whilst heading to the Jennia Mines to collect their petitioned Gem, Thor would clumsily flirt with Sif much to her chagrin and insistence to be quiet, and to the increasing annoyance of Balder. Walking across sand dunes, Sif would suddenly be swallowed by the ground sinking deep down into the sand, violently and rapidly.


Sparring with Thor

Young Sif would join many of the other young Asgardians in the battle training square located in Fjornor Fields, where many practice fights and battles, and lessons in sword fighting, archery and wrestling would occur. Much training and jostling would also be undertaken here, bragging and boasting also not uncommon. Odin and Frigga would watch from a tower high above observing Sif and Thor interacting, with Odin pointing out to Frigga that many young Asgardians would be disappointed to realize that Thor had ever been smitten towards Sif and unlikely to look elsewhere for such partnership. Almost as if on cue to prove herself, Sif would square off against a particularly rotund fighter in Volstagg. Although Volstagg would be older and larger Sif would continue to motivate him to spar against her with the large man deciding to indulge her. He would swing his much larger sword down on to Sif, but her skill and balance would allow her to block and parry tripping Volstagg and sending him to the ground quite thoroughly. Volstagg would be humbled and retract his earlier comment about woman being the lesser sex. A confident Sif would turn her attention to Thor and challenge him to step up to the plate and spar with her. Perhaps her confidence too boosted after her victory over Volstagg, but Sif would not fare as well against Thor, and in a role reversal she would find herself parried, blocked and disarmed. Sif conceding, Thor would earn the cheers of the crowd. Sif being the lone girl enrolled in the school, would sulk, and hearing many boys patting Thor on the back announcing there was no way a girl could beat him, would become aggravated and when Thor would offer his hand to help her to her feet Sif would shove him away annoyed and shouting at him that she wouldn't need his pity. Loki observing from a distance would smile gleefully, having never liked Sif.

Amora and Loki

Sif, Amora & Thor

Enchantress would note Loki's resentment of Sif and offer a proposition, Amora not so fond of Lady Sif herself. Amora the Enchantress plan would be to form a union with Loki to play and generally wreck havoc for Sif, Enchantress upfront about her jealousy towards the raven haired warrior and Loki getting a chance to exercise his strong dislike. In the mean time Sif would be seated reflecting on her earlier sparring defeat to Thor. Thor would sit beside her and try and win back her appreciation asking her about the earlier moment. Sif would resist explanation but then open up apologizing to Thor. It was not his actions that annoyed her but that of the other boys comments about her gender. Thor would be confused, he had never known for Sif to care about the words or thoughts of others, but Sif would continue explaining that they were getting older now. She wasn't quite like other girls, she was the only girl in the class and all the other boys were scared of her. Thor would lean in and Sif would mirror his body movement as both leaned in to each other for a kiss, before they would be be suddenly interrupted by the Enchantress. Enchantress would insult Sif quite directly and rather cruelly prompting Sif to stand up and slap Amora swiftly. Enchantress would ready herself defensively and further pursue a confrontation with Sif with Sif also readying herself in a defensive stance until Thor would attempt to intercede and get both girls to calm down and relax. Sif would find this wholly annoying behavior and leave angrily leaving Enchantress smirking and Thor confused about what had just transpired. Sif would be reluctant to go to class the next day but proceed to, where she would be surprised to find a new student Brunnhilda had joined the class, meaning Sif was no longer the sole female student.

The New Blonde Student

Sif VS Brunnhilda

Sif would be slightly cautious of the new student Brunnhilda. Perhaps because she was no longer the sole unique female in the class. Perhaps due to her youth when she was once blond as well before having her hair lopped off by Loki and replaced with a enchanted wig that would turn jet black on her. Whatever the case Sif would arrive for training the next day to see Brunnhilda complimenting Balder on his recently required enchanted sword, and mocking Thor for his lack of such an enchanted weapon considering his status. This would infuriate Sif who would verbally assault Brunnhilda for such accusations and judgements. Brunnhilda would retort questioning Sif's merit and place at a school for warriors which would render Sif speechless with fury before punching Brunnhilda square in the jaw knocking the tall blonde girl to the ground. Brunnhilda would stand up and counter attack verbally and physically setting into motion a full blown brawl between the two young girls to the shock and awe of the rest of the male students. Sif would eventually manage to get on top of Brunnhilda, controlling the situation, before Brunn would yank Sif's hair and then follow by pinning her to the ground and laying on top of her. Their teacher would interrupt the scene and pull the girls off each other, demanding to know what occurred, and who started it. A few boys who had been watching the event transpire would speak up explaining that Sif had struck the first blow, ignoring that it was Brunnhilda that verbally attacked Sif first. Although Thor was reluctant to agree with his teammates when asked to confirm his classmates words technically Sif had struck first. Sif would glare at Thor and their teacher would send her away dismissing her from class. To make things tougher for Sif, Enchantress would interrupt her traversing the training grounds, and plant the idea in Sif's mind that Thor was tired of her and preferred the company of other females, causing Sif to sulk away.

The Mirror of Mycha

Sif and Bow

Sif reflects on recent events by a fountain, when she is approached by Loki. Loki and Sif never having a good relationship between each other would cause an already downtrodden Sif weary of the trickster. Loki would inquire about Sif's feelings towards Thor prompting a string reaction in Sif. Loki would try and convince Sif that he empathized with her knowing something of jealousy himself. He would sit beside her and sympathize over Enchantresses harsh words revealing he had overheard that conversation the two young woman had. Loki would continue sympathizing with Sif, acting unusually kind and amicable with Sif, but Sif would still remain cautious and with good reason and something she would tell Loki in an attempt to get him to just admit he hated her. Loki would concede that he had been laying it on a little thick and admit he needed Sif's help for something, insisting that Sif would benefit as well. Loki would proceed to tell Sif about the Mirror of Mycha and how only a woman's touch could activate its powers. Loki would explain that anyone to look into the mirror would fall in love with its holder, meaning that Sif could have Thor return her affections, and Loki would reveal that with Sif getting what she wanted he could also get Amora to take interest in him, justifying his reason for wanting the mirror. Sif would agree to retrieving the mirror and later in the day sneak around Asgard's palace. She would find a secret mirror that was actually a portal to a secret room. Sif would retrieve the mirror of Mycha and return to Loki showing him the item. Loki would cast a spell on it making the item ready to use, a keen Sif speeding off with it eager to earn Thor's affections. In Sif's haste she would make herself vulnerable to Enchantress who would immobilize her with a spell. Frozen still, Sif would be helpless. Enchantress would walk up to Sif and explain the petrification spell she had just cast and how she was going to steal the Mirror of Mycha and use it to make Thor fall in love with her. Sif would have to watch from a distance as Amora would go on to use the mirror on Thor, causing him to embrace and kiss her.

A Mighty Team Up

Sif VS Amora

Amora had tricked Thor into embracing her passionately causing quite a scene. Many of the students would take note, Brunnhilda and Loki included and Sif still paralyzed in place. Loki would walk up behind her and lean in close and begin to cruelly taunt her about her tears and broken heart. He would pull her up on to her feet and whisper into her ear further demeaning her character before freeing her from the petrification as he teleported away laughing. Sif would stumble still weakened by the spell, and start to slowly head towards Enchantress. Enchantress would be enjoying her moment with Thor professing his love to her, but it would be a short moment as Sif would bowl Amora over in a powerful tackle, slamming her into the ground and pinning her hands down, and readying her fist. Before Sif could punch Amora Thor would grab her arm preventing the strike. Thor would pull Sif up and tell her to leave Amora be. Sif would attempt to explain to Thor how Amora had manipulated him, but he would cut her off, confused by her attack on Enchantress so recently after her attack on Brunnhilda. Amora would cryptically threaten Sif about the Mirror Of Mycha and Sif's own role in its acquirement and purpose and abilities. Sif would change her expression from concern to a gentle smile and concede to Amora shaking her hand and departing the scene. Brunnhilda would track down Sif after observing what had just happened and the two would talk. Surprisingly despite their antagonistic past the two would realize they had more in common and actually have a bonding moment. Sif would explain her fault in the recent events but Brunnhilda would vow to help her against Enchantress and Loki. Elsewhere Amora would have trouble trying to get Thor to stop thinking of Sif despite the spell and magic she had used. Amora would not a cryptic message and look for Loki to discuss returning the Mirror. The two would however be confronted by Sif and Brunnhilda and a fight would ensue. Thor would interrupt confused by all the fighting, but Brunnhilda would explain to Thor what had happened and shatter the Mirror causing Amora's spell to break. Thor would regain his sincere senses and although he would realize he was tricked by Amora and Loki he would still feel betrayed by Sif. Sif would approach him later and apologize eliciting a friendly reply from Thor both young warriors finally kissing.


Sif adducted by Rugga

Sif and Balder would once again find Thor spending time attempting to lift Mjolnir but failing yet again. A passing comment by both would cause Thor to rush off excitedly by himself. While Thor was away Sif would be stolen and adducted by storm giants and their king Rugga. Rugga had invaded Asgard with an army of frost giants for that very purpose in fact. Thor enraged and distraught at not being around to prevent his friend and young love from being taken, would prepare to storm the giants castle by himself, with only Odin's strict order not to rush off temporarily pacifying the young thunder god. Unbeknownst to Thor Rugga had been so singleminded in capturing Sif to use as a trade item with death herself Hela, by giving Hela Sif, Rugga had been granted immortality. Arriving at King Rugga himself Thor demanded to know where Sif was, before being Rugga revealed his arrangement with Hela. Thor knowing it was Hela would seek out and serve audience with Hela. In Jotunheim walking to a precipice Thor would scream Hela's name and demand her attention. Hela would answer Thor's call ascending ominously with the sky blackening and Sif floating in mystical chains beside her. She would remind Thor that he almost died not so long ago and that she nearly grasped and had his soul for herself. She was aware that Sif had used an elixir on Thor some time before reviving him. Thus Hela had fostered a grudge towards the raven haired warrior since. She would threaten Thor coldly, threatening Sif at the same time with punishment. Thor would stand his guard and demand that Hela release Sif, and he would charge the death goddess and be flicked away casually by Hela's mere hand sway. Sif would start to stir from her slumber and begin exclaiming concern for the fallen Thor and defiantly demanding of Hela that she free her immediately. Hela would throw Sif against the ground and let her free, an empty gesture Hela was more concerned with Thor. Sif would run to the downed Thor and plea to him to wake up. She would cradle his unconscious body and curse Hela's petty actions. Sif would against all odds draw her sword and attempt to attack Hela herself, Hela more than happy to deprive Sif of her life as well. Thor would interrupt, struggling to get to his feet, he would tell Hela she could have his life freely on the condition she spare Sifs. Thor would tell Sif her life meant more to him than his own. Hela would be suspicious at first but when she would realize Thor was sincere she would be agitated. Thor's willingness for noble sacrifice for Sif would undermine her intentions. She would depart with a warning letting Thor and Sif leave of their own accord.

Heroes of Asgard

Sif and Thor

Upon reaching adulthood, the two Asgardians parted ways when Sif opted to finish her training as a warrior and Thor was eventually banished to Earth by Odin so that he might learn humility. After almost a millennia had past since the two had seen each other, Odin reintroduced Thor to Sif in hopes of rekindling their relationship. Upon Sif's return, she found that Thor had developed a relationship with the mortal, Jane Foster, whom Odin eagerly wanted Thor to abandon because of Sif's arrival. Odin would order the summoning of the Lurking Unknown despite pleas from his advisors that the creature be too powerful and uncontrollable to harness. Odin would still demand, he needed a test and demonstration to show Thor that Jane Foster was not right for him. That she would lack fortitude and mettle. The Lurking Unknown would be transported to the Chamber of Silent Repose. Jane Foster granted godly powers would be set the challenge to face off against the Lurking Unknown by herself. She would accept and enter the chamber but quickly fall victim to fear. Thor would enter after her to end her frantic terror and attack the foul creature. Jane would apologize to Thor profusely after failing her challenge, a sure sign to Odin of her unsuitability as Thor would fight the demon Unknown. Odin would banish Foster much to Thor's distress. Thor would struggle trying to contain the Lurking Unknown by himself but then receive mysterious aid in the form of a raven haired warrior. This new warrior would encourage and inspire Thor to rise to the challenge and defeat the Lurking Unknown as well as attack it herself. That warrior would be Lady Sif. After the battle Thor would recognize her as such and reminisce over their shared past. The two would rekindle fond emotions over the moment. Once Thor saw Sif again his feelings rose to the occasion and the two passionately joined together again. When they finally decided to marry, Thor's attachment to Midgard and its mortal ways continuously came between them, since Sif preferred life in Asgard in over a mundane life in the mortal realm.

Life on Earth and Thunderstrike

Sif and Two Thors

Sif tried various times to become accustomed the the dull life on Earth, during which she met Eric Masterson and even briefly entered into a relationship with the mortal that once held Thor's power. Later on, during a time when Jane Foster was dying, Sif allowed their life forces to merge in order to save the mortal woman and gain some insight as to why the people of Midgard, especially this one, had gained the affection of Thor. After the two were split from each other, Sif assisted Thor in a number of adventures. However she could still not come to enjoy her life on Midgard and so she opted to return to Asgard, leaving Thor to his deeds, and while their wedding day was postponed until they could settle their differences, the two never actually broke off their betrothal.

Beta Ray Bill

Sif and Beta Ray Bill

At one point, Sif and Thor came to the aid of the alien, Beta Ray Bill, who diligently guarded the remaining members of his race while they were in suspended animation. After helping to defend his people against a horde of demons, Sif found that she was attracted to Bill. It was during this time that her relationship with Thor was strained even more when he fell under the enchantment of Lorelei. Thor was so infatuated with the sister of the Enchantress that he angrily struck his betrothed when she tried to intervene. Sif left Asgard with Bill in order to help lead the warriors of Asgard in defending Earth from the demons of Surtur and the Dark Elves who had aligned with him. After their victory, Sif stayed with Bill on Earth for a short time before she eventually returned to Asgard and forgave Thor, realizing that his violent actions were not of his own accord, due to Lorelie's spells. It was at this time that Sif also came to accept Thor's devotion and obligation to protect Earth as well as Asgard.

Defending Asgard

Sif Battles Leir

During the time when the Heliotopan death God, Seth, and his forces attacked Asgard, Sif, along with many others helped to defend her home. It was here that Leir, the Celctic storm god, became infatuated with her. While Sif rejected many of his advances, Sif strangely agreed to marry him when the Frost Giant, Ymir attacked Asgard and heralded the coming of Ragnarök. However, Sif only agreed to the proposal once two conditions had been met, which included; finding Thor and besting her champion in combat. The two quickly located Thor in the Black Galaxy and returned him to Asgard, where he helped to postpone Ragnarök. Sif then chose to be her own champion and easily bested Leir in combat and thus refused to marry him. After this, both Sif and Thor later agreed to rekindle their close relationship.

Red Novell and Earth

Sif & Thor VS War Machine

During one of the many periods where Odin and Thor's relationship would be strained, the All Father would replace Thor Asgard's mightiest defender with Red Norvell. With Thor on Earth Sif's loyalties would be split. Although Sif would resent the notion of Thor being replaced by Red Novell who would even insist on being called Thor, she would stay on Asgard and work alongside the new "Thor" Red Novell. Eventually Sif would grow to miss Thor and after an encounter with Sigyn, Loki, Thor, Blitziana, Red Novell, Sif would ask Thor if she could accompany him and Blitziana, to which Thor would react favorably to her new decision. Sif now on Earth would pursue a relationship with Thor, both expressing happiness not felt for some time. Sif would point to missing Asgard, but missing Thor even more. Sif would face some tension however with the Godpack member Blitziana who seems jealous of Sif's place beside Thor. Also complicating matters is Jane Fosters presence around both as both Thor, Sif and Jane are aiding the High Evolutionary's Animutants and Godpack. Sif and Thor would enjoy an evenings meal in New York before being attacked by hero War Machine.

Hel on Earth

Sif & Hela

Sif and Thor break up a bank robbery in New York, Sif using her skills with a sword to slice the weapons of the robbers. However the getaway driver is offended by how easily she dealt with his comrades and drives directly into Sif crashing both against a brick war. Thor forgetting how robust Sif is frantically pulls the crumpled van away to reveal an unharmed and smiling Sif who tells him not to worry. In the mean time the incredibly strong Kurse has temporarily taken control of death goddess Hela's domain of Hel. Aided by the Enchantress's sister Lorelei Kurse sends a legion of Hel's inhabitants including the Midgard Serpent, Fafnir the Giant and Fafnir the Dragon, Nidhogg, Farsung the Enchanter, and several Ice Giants and Ice Dwarves to Earth to find and retrieve Malekith the accursed. Kurse is unaware that he is being manipulated, and an illusion cast makes the dark elf believe that the thunder god Thor is Malekith. Sif still with Thor in New York is with the warrior when he is attacked by the forces aforementioned as well as Kurse himself. Sif does her best to combat the powerful legion despite being outnumbered and out powered, she would run towards and attack the two Fafnir creatures while Thor headed to engage the Midgard Serpent. Sif would injure the giant Fafnir but be exposed to the flames of the dragon Fafnir. The two creatures pooling their resources against Sif, she would get respite when the High Evolutionary and the Godpack consisting of Zefra, Blitziana, Riger and Bellam would arrive and lend help to the two Asgardians. The arrival of the Warriors Three, Balder and Beta Ray Bill would give the heroes a fighting chance against Kurse and his undead creatures. Thor tries to pacify the former Dark Elf Kurse, but Kurse's hatred of Malekith and perception that Thor is Malekith means Thor's pleas fall on deaf ears. During the gigantic battle Sif and Jane Foster would appear to be crushed under a building causing Thor to overpower Kurse in a moment of anger. It would be realized that Sif had been fine when she would reappear a time later but reappearing with Hela whose very arrival heralded an ominous shift in sky color from blue to black. The two Fafnir's, Nidhogg, and the rest of the undead creatures all turn to obey their true master Hela ending the battle. Hela would tease invasion of Earth, before agreeing that she would leave but under a condition, and that condition being that Thor return to Hel with her to serve as her loyal subject. Seeing no alternative that would protect the ones he loves, Thor accepts Hela's conditions and swears Sif to promise not to attempt to rescue him and he departs with Hela.

The Dark Wars

The Dark Wars

Thor is now bonded to the mortal Jake Olson, however Sif's whereabouts are unknown. However that changes when Perrikus of the Dark Gods, the god of power looking to trap Thor in a plan reveals a projection of himself above the New York skyline. Perrikus tries to goad Thor into revealing himself by showing a unconscious projection of Sif captured and threatening to harm her. This would prompt Thor to try and locate the Dark Gods. He would arrive to their location in the ruins of Asgard to see Sif in bondage. The numbers overwhelming Thor could not help, yet. Forced to retreat Thor would return with Hercules, the Destroyer and a reprogrammed Replicus robot. Sif would herself be freed during the ensuring conflict and participate in the war with the Dark gods. Once Odin would be freed the tides would quickly change for the better for the Asgardians, the Dark Gods defeated and Asgard rebuilt. Sif would reunited with Thor and celebrate with a banquet and toast.

Sif Ruler of Asgard - Winters Eternal Moon

Ruler of Asgard

After many threats and battles, against the Dark Gods, against the poison of Tarakis, Odin is tired and unwell and requires the Odinsleep. Odin would appoint Lady Sif to rule in his rest, and hold the mantle of leader of Asgard, and would impart her the Ring Imperial to officially give her such authority. Though surprised, Thor and Balder among other Asgardians embrace this decision. Sif rules Asgard well for some time, a day comes however where Giraboor the seer accompanies Balder to Sif's throne to warn her that he senses and foretells darkness and evil, not just to Asgard but all nine realms. Sif would take this warning with value, announcing to sound the trumpets and have Asgard prepare its armies, cautioning that if any opposing force should think Asgard vulnerable because Lady Sif be in power that they be ready for war. In the mean time on Earth, after a delightful day in New York, Thor showing the Warriors Three the big apple, the Asgardians would brawl with the Wrecking Crew. Hogun the Grim would be injured severely. Word of his injuries would get back to Sif who grows more concerned and frustrated with the unknown, unidentifiable and ambiguous threat against it. Sif uses the her new authority to control the viewing flames of Odin to check in on Hogun and the Warriors Three. Seeing earth doctors struggling with Hogun's health Sif calls forward for Neffethesk, the keeper of elixirs. Sif would command a health elixir be crafted for Hogun to revitalize and save his life. Sif would then use the Ring of Odin to project her visage to Thor and let him know that a elixir is being crafted for Hogun and for Thor to be on the ready to deliver it.


Sif during the Ragnarök

Sif attends along with many other notable Asgardians the funerals of Eitri and his brothers in Ymir Krul, surrounded by grieving and morning dwarves. The Asgardians are there to pay tribute to the dwarves who had forged Mjolnir. When the mountain hold they are within starts to violently rumble Thor suspects something is amiss and flies upwards to see for himself what is happening on ground level, but Lady Sif is shocked to see the thunder gods body fall limp from above. Sif attends to Thor but is further stunned when it is revealed that Loki, Hyrm, Ulik and Fenris were responsible for the attack on Thor and are descending into Ymir Krul. Wielding hammers forged from the same source as Mjonir they attack Thor with both of their hammers lashing against Thor's sending an imaginably powerful shockwave out violently sweeping up many present. Sif would be severely injured losing her arm in the shockwave. This would spur Thor into a rage and the thunder god would clash against his enemies again hammer striking hammer causing another powerful shockwave. It is unknown what exactly happened to Sif as Thor is rendered unconscious and is forced to retreat after teleported away by Loki. Returning to Asgard with allies Iron Man and Captain America Thor would search for his friends and allies. It would turn out that the Warriors Three had managed to carry Sif away from the battle, the brunette warrior still heavily injured, they would head to Alfheim, home of the light elves. During the last Ragnarök, Lady Sif lost an arm during Thor's confrontation with Fenris and Ulik. Then, during the second wave of the war she avenged the Valkyrie who was slain by Durok the Demolisher, by stabbing him with Valkyries own sword, the Dragonfang. Sif along with the rest of Asgard, was killed in the third and final wave, which no one would survive, Thor having successfully broken the Ragnarok cycle defying Those Who Sit Above In Shadow.

Sif Reborn

Thor & Sif

Thor would be reborn, the sole Asgardian, on Earth. He had broken the Ragnarok cycle, and now would be a new era for Asgardian gods. He would rebuild Asgard in Broxton Oklahoma, raising the large golden realm into the sky. Thor had rebuilt Asgard however he was still without Asgardians. His friends, family, allies, and love. Sensing their faint life signatures Thor would release the spirit of Sif's brother Heimdall who had been bonded to a human in New Orleans. With Heimdall restored to his true self, he would aid Thor in locating the rest of the Asgardians. After an intense battle with the Destroyer Thor and restoring Balder to life, Thor would seemingly find and restore Sif as well, however he would be surprised to find he was mistaken and that it was Loki who had been reconstituted in a form that of a female. Eventually all the Asgardians bar Sif had been restored, the very absence of Sif alarming and suspicious. With Thor traveling to a place beyond normal space and time to convene with Odin, Donald Blake would visit to meet Doctor Jane Foster, under the possibility that due to a former occasion when Sif had inhabited Foster, that may be where the Asgardian may currently be in spirit. Doctor Foster working at a hospital would meet Blake in her break time. Donald breaches the topic of Sif somewhat clumsily invoking a strong negative reaction in Dr. Foster. She would eventually explain though that based on her former experience with being in union with Sif that she was not currently residing within her. Both Blake and Foster would be wholly unaware that a patient in that very hospital, an elderly woman, Rose Chambers was holding the life force of Sif. Sif remained trapped in the body of Mrs. Chambers, an old dying woman, due to the manipulations of Loki who was using her body in order to convince the rest of the Asgardians that he had truly been changed. Loki revealed himself to Sif while in the guise of a nurse and informed her that if her host died, so would she. When Jane Foster and Donald Blake were at dinner, Jane mentions that Mrs. Chambers was only given six weeks to live but had fought off her cancer for almost three months, although, unbeknown to Jane at the time, this was due to Sif's presence. After being banished from Asgard, and learning which human housed Sif's spirit, Thor sacrificed what was left of his Odinpower in order to restore Sif before she died along with Mrs. Chambers.

Sylvan the Model

Sif joins Thor in Exile

Sif finally restored could offer comfort and company for Thor who had recently been exiled from Asgard. She would return with Thor to Broxton Oklahoma after she refused to return to Asgard which had moved to Latveria in the interim, with Loki and Doctor Doom plotting behind the scenes. Sif using the guise of an exotic model named Sylvan in order to check into the same Broxton hotel that Donald Blake was residing in. Despite the skepticism of the Inn manager Donald Blake would manage to get Sif checked in, and she would blend in to the best of her ability in the small town alongside the Warriors Three and Doctor Blake. When Dr. Doom and Loki sent modified Doombot creations to destroy Thor in his mortal form, Sif was the first to sense their presence. She immediately deflected a direct assault against Donald Blake shielding the mortals frail form before calling the Warriors Three into battle with her. Not your typical Doombots, the enchanted robots would prove hard to destroy, until Volstagg would lash out violently. Despite that one of the Doombots would send a blast injuring Donald Blake severely, with Sif swiftly tearing its arm off as compensation. Despite the injury Blake would be close enough to his cane to transform into Thor who would end the threat of the Doombots immediately, the Asgardians ultimately thwarting Doom and Loki's plans.


Sif and Beta Ray Bill meet again

Cowed by the defilement of Loki, Sif hadn't been her true self and stayed in Broxton as an ordinary resident of the town. One evening at the bar, her former lover and mate in arms, Beta Ray Bill comes to her with a call for help. At first the meeting is awkward; Bill is seeking Thor, and Sif is annoyed at the presence of Bill's new partner Ti Asha Ra. But she agrees to help them rescue their ship the Skuttlebutt which has been possessed by an alien virus. Sif battles her way through the ship - the aliens try to use the virus to possess her, but this is their fatal mistake. Sif becomes enraged, throws off the mind control and defeats the aliens. She makes peace with Bill and Ti Asha and sets off - a hero reborn again.

The Galactus Seed

Warrior Sif

After the fall of Asgard during Siege and the subsequent battle with the Ano-Athox, the realm eternal would undergo a process of rebuilding. the Yggdrasil would still be open shooting out wonderful and glorious beams of light, Sif along with her fellow Asgardians ever vigilant defenders of both Asgard and Broxton. Seeking to find the solution to fully repairing the World Tree, Sif and Thor had donned special armors and dived into the other realm like sea that constituted Yggdrasils roots. At some point reaching a depth of 2281850.64 miles. The two Asgardians would be confronted by giant crystal like creatures, which would met their end by Sif's blade and Thor's hammer. Tethered by golden chains anchored in Asgard still, the two Asgardians descend deeper, eventually joined by Loki in his immature stage. The three would discover the Worldheart and return to Asgard. A celebration would be have, yet Sif would be the first to discover the extent of Thor's injuries as he would be restless in rest. The very next day Sif and Thor would assemble a loose band of warriors from the Nine Realms to serve as a defense for the Nine Realms. They would be known as the Brigade of Realms and Sif would tutor them in the art of battle. Specifically against a menacing Stone Golem. Sif would rescue Loki when he appeared in a spot of trouble and Thor would destroy the giant creature. A threat of larger proportions would manifest itself when the world devourer Galactus would send his herald the Silver Surfer to retrieve the Worldheart. Odin would deny the Surfer his masters request to hand over the mysterious item, and a confrontation between the cosmic force and Asgard would loom. Sif as would any Asgardians don special armor enabling flight to take the fight directly to Galactus and Silver Surfer in space.

Fighting the World Devourer

Sif and Silver Surfer

In deep space with Asgardians heading to encounter and battle Galactus, Sif ponders to Thor the nature of a battle between one such as Odin and one such as Galactus. Thor responds by explaining that they are but pawns in the battle, and their is another battle playing out on another level, and that they should attempt to distract Galactus. First however Sif and Thor must get past the Silver Surfer, Sif deflecting the Heralds energy attacks with her sword. Thor and Silver Surfer would eventually dedicate their attention to each other, with Sif and the rest of the Asgardians battling giant purple crystalline structures emanating from Galactus's hands. The battle between Galactus and All Father Odin would intensify and Sif would search for Thor and the Silver Surfer to alert them to this fact, both those warriors having strayed to Mars during the battle. Sif, Thor and Surfer would return to the origin of battle to witness Odin and Galactus falling towards the Earth after an especially powerful collision. They would eventually land near Asgard, Odin worse for wear than Galactus. Galactus would begin to rise with Silver Surfer pleading that they just leave. Loki would be acting behind the scenes to hide the World-Heart, his actions as well as Odin inhabiting the Destroyer armor enough to dissuade Galactus plans for confrontation. Sif would accompany an angry Thor confused by Odin's cryptic actions. It would be settled a truce between Asgard and Galactus, Galactus to leave, the World-Heart hidden by Loki, with Sif and Thor suspicious of Loki but appreciative of his efforts.


Sif & Tanarus

After the cataclysmic confrontation between Odin and the heroes of Earth and Odin's brother Cul the Serpent, Asgard has been redubbed Asgardia by the All Mother, the trinity of Gaea, Freyja and Idunn. Sif is the close confidante of the god of thunder Tanarus. Sif is under the impression that Tanarus has lived out and shared the relationship relationships including that with her of the thunder god Thor, as all Asgardians were under that impression. A collection of figures, Ulik, Geirrodur and Karnilla have cast an enchantment to fool Asgard into believing Thor never existed and in his place the role of Tanarus. One of the few able to resist and remember Thor Loki would cast suspicion on Tanarus, but Loki being Loki none would believe him, and Sif would go about treating Tanarus as she would Thor. Tanarus would be secretly conspiring against the All Mothers, but at the same time trying to woo Sif, enchanted by her, arguing that they should wed. Heimdall would grow frustrated with the aura that Tanarus gave off, somehow circumventing Heimdall's ability to sense Asgardians and despite Sif's protests Tanarus and Heimdall would brawl. Sickened by Tanarus's reaction and overt aggressiveness Sif would tend to her brother Heimdall and retort with disgust to Tanarus command to follow him. Tanarus would eventually reveal his deceit with King Geirrodur and a legion of trolls marching on Asgard. Sif would defend her home against the troll invasion, but the numbers were overwhelming, and the mystery of Tanarus had cast confusion over who he was attempting to impersonate. The real Thor's sudden arrival would however cause Sif to remember who he was. The Asgardians would defeat Tanarus and King Geirrodur's trolls.

Everything Burns

Sif Battles

An alliance of devastating power has formed, exploiting the bad history between the Aesir and the Vanir, Surtur has managed to drive a wedge between many of the Asgardians. Gullveig of the Vanaheim is incited and rallies several Vanir warriors to stand against Asgardia, and the war machines of the Manchester gods are being used by Surtur, Master Wilson unaware of the fact or Surturs true danger. Sif is caught among the chaos, and after many Asgardians including the Warriors Three demand justice after the discovery that the All Mothers were implicit in the release of Surtur. More than that Freyja's loyalty would be questioned due to her bloodline. The end result would be the All Mother's imprisonment to sate the majority of Asgardians. Sif would disagree with this path and sneak in to see the All Mother. They would tell her the story of the Aesir Vanir war and the role Surtur once played in the conflict. With Asgardia splintered Surtur and his machines of fire are winning, with even the world tree is burning rapidly. Loki and Thor would eventually work together to defeat Surtur, but it would require tricking Odin who was in exile at the time. An angry Odin would put Thor on trail in which Sif would attempt to stand for Thor. She would then in a showing of unity pledge herself for Thor along other Asgardians. Thor would be freed and Odin would depart.

Journey Into Mystery

Journey into Mystery.

Sif is aiding in saving and rescuing Asgardians caught in a massive fire at the Asgardia Library in the aftermath of Surtur's devastating attacks. She would happen to save Arnor, whom she knew as a child of Volstaggs, and she would remind the small child that she would visit his family in coming days. A guest of Gudrun and Volstagg Sif witnesses two of their many children fighting and tries to get the younger and smaller girl to fight back against her older brother only to get a lecture on using words not violence to settle disputes. Speaking further with Gudrun she reminisces over the last time she spent with her brother and their relationship as siblings. One of Gudrun's children makes an innocent enough remark about Asgard's constant destruction and need for rebuilding which spurs something within Sif. She resolves that she needs to become stronger, and vents frustration at Asgard's continuous woes of tragedy and destruction and crisis and rebuilding which seems to ever be the status quo instead of stretches of relative calmness. She vows to become a stronger warrior. First Sif believes she must travel and she sets towards Niffleheim, first of the nine realms. As it turns out Sif has been searching for Nidhogg, the Corpse Eater. The tremendous and large dragon is awoken by Sif who has come for information. After some back and forth Sif persists with questions of a group of legendary warriors. Nidhogg is both resistant in answering but also decides to attack Sif sending her flying against a wall of skulls and bones. This act incenses Sif who warns her patience is wearing thin. Sif intimidates Nidhogg and the dragon reveals her goal, and tells her to search for Aerndis the Teacher.

Aerndis the Teacher

Berserker Incantation

Sif is armed with knowledge, she travels past the Fimbulthul, and past the well Hvergelmir to enter the cave of Aerndis. Sif would perform a ritual (albeit haphazardly) to call upon Aerndis. Aerndis would appear, in a rush of green smoke and flame, and immediately judge Sif unworthy, striking proud Sif sending the Asgardian reeling. A battle ready Sif striking a defensive stance would begin to explain herself before Aerndis speaking of her desire to learn the berserker incantation. Aerndis continues to resist Sif challenging her motivates and wishes, engaging in battle, grabbing Sif by her throat. Sif fights back and persists asserting her desire to become a better and stronger warrior. A fiercer warrior. Her attitude still that of mocking towards Sif, Aerndis would teach Sif the berserker incantation, but patronize her at the end. Sif would appear to lop her head off in an angry dazed blur. Sif would then appear in a mortals bar in Broxton to quench her thirst. Agitated by the lazy obnoxious mortals she would leave to head back to Asgard. On her way to Asgard Sif would bump into the warrior's Three member Fandral, knocking the smooth talker off of his horse. Fandral would attempt to be charming but also show sincere care towards Sif. She would ignore his compassion and deliver a scathing verbal critique before following up with physical attacks, breaking Fandral's sword to pieces and blooding him before leaving him injured on the ground confused. Sif continue riding to the heart of Asgard and would spot one of Volstagg and Gudrun's children from earlier and cruelly toss them a shattered part of Fandral's sword daring them to catch it, injuring them in the process.

Berserker Sif

Berserker Sif

Sif does not appear like her usual self, ever since her encounter with Aerndis. She stalks the halls of Asgard's palace blending into the shadows and overhearing two woman her appear to be refurbishing a large hall. The two woman talk openly about various Asgardian figures which agitates Sif, which would also compel her to attack the two innocent woman, throwing them violently some distance. Sif would wander finding herself leaning against a giant pillar, her palm open against it. Her demeanor and mood fluctuating yet again Sif would destroy the pillar by pushing it down with her open palm. Sif's brother Heimdall would enter angry and frustrated with his sister. A tense confrontation would occur with Heimdall holding up a bad carrying the decapitated head of Aerndis with his hand waiting for Sifs retort. After a minor physical scuffle Sif explains her motivation to become stronger and more fierce and explains how she visited Aerndis to learn the Berserker incantation. The two argue of peace versus security, strength versus risk. Again they come to blows with Sif proving the stronger of the two. Heimdall would teleport Sif away hoping that some time and distance may pacify her. Where ever Heimdall had sent Sif, he had sent her to a strangely location with warriors fleeing from what would appear to be a gigantic alien appearing self declaring ruler and despot. This creature Ruler of the Earth, would roar at Sif, but find himself cut down by her blade. Sif would cut and carve away at the gigantic creature, spilling his blue blood in gratuitous amounts, defeating the creature.

The Berserkers

Journey into Mistery

Sif had just utterly sliced and diced the Ruler of the World. Standing on its slain carcass Sif has demonstrated tremendous ferocity and fighting ability, but her victory apparent her attention would slip and a strange man would tackle her off the dead body of Ruler of the Earth. Both falling onto the ground Sif would engage in battle with the man and two of his associates, all three Svip, Bodvar and Einhar. All three men also Berserkers. Sif would not pull her punches, impaling and stabbing two of the three men but defeating all of them. One of them Einhar would speak as Sif was to behead him, mentioning Asgard. Sif would stay her hand and question the man, prompting Bodvar to explain to Sif who they were, Asgardian Berserkers like her, though they would express amusement that her form had been transformed to that of a woman, failing to realize Sif had always been a woman. Despite their rough introduction SIf would come to spend time and eat dinner with the Berserker trio, finding out about their situation learning that they had been exiled to an island and exiled there for many many years. She would learn that there had also been more Berserkers in exile, but no longer. There had been at least a hundred Berserker exiled to the mysterious island, sent by Odin to live outside Asgard to kill creatures like Sif had previously killed, in service of protecting Asgard. Sif would absorb all this new information and express excitement at all the fighting and killing taking place here and jump to her feat ready and eager to slay the fiercest of fierce creatures. Sif would run towards the lake with the three men still perplexed by her brazen attitude, and follow her keen to see what she could accomplish. Sif would attack a bizarre and large insectoid like creature residing in the heart of the lake. During Sif's attack a strange portal would open, and the creature, Sif and the Berserkers would fall through traveling through the vortex and ending up in New York where they would find themselves alongside Superior Spider-man.

Sif Meets Superior Spider-Man

Sif & Superior Spider-Man

Sif's newly acquainted Berserker Warrior allies Svip, Bodvar and Einhar are slightly disorientated at finding themselves in New York city after being in exile for so long, and almost attack Spider-man, mistaking him for a monster. Sif is quick to use her knowledge of Midgard and its locals to direct the Berserker men, remembering that the portal had also displaced several monster creatures in New York as well, setting about ready to stop them. Unaware that Spider-man is currently Doctor Octopus Sif and Spider-man clash whilst she attempts to kill the King of Spider-men, the two heroes personalities clashing in a large way. Sif would drive her sword right through the spider monster the human he had in one arm dropping but being caught by Bodvar. Sif would head to the buildings rooftop and slay several spider monsters much to the pleasure of superior Spider-man who would shamelessly flirt with Sif, drawing her ire.

Powers and Abilities

Lady Sif in battle

Sif is an Asgardian Goddess granting her the conventional physical attributes typical to her race, making her near ageless, immune to most types of conventional disease and granting her superhuman levels of strength, speed, stamina, and a high level of resistance to injury. However, Sif has an enhanced physical prowess, enabling her to lift about 30 tons (whereas the typical Asgardian Goddess can only lift about 25 tons). Sif a natural fighter has also received extensive training in both armed and unarmed combat and her natural fighting ability, when compared to other Asgardian women, is surpassed only by Brunnhilde the Valkyrie. Sif also possesses a sword that allows her to cut through the barriers of inter dimensional passageways when she repeatedly performs particular patterns of swinging motions, thanks to an enchantment placed by Odin. Even in Sif's youth, she was an accomplished fighter and swords woman, able to deflect, block and parry blows from opponents twice her size and age. Even at this young age Sif would be a observant and strategic thinker, and the king of the Eagles Gnori would even compliment her senses being extraordinary much like her brothers. In hand to hand combat Sif has proven capable of beating a young Valkyrie. Sif possesses the reflexes and speed to deflect energy attacks by the Silver Surfer. Sif can endure a speeding van crashing in to her without any visible damage or harm at all, as well as endure the flaming breath of Fafnir the dragon.

Recently Sif has been training and undertook training to learn an ancient Asgardian technique known to boost strength and fierceness. This ability known as the Berseker incarnation has seemed to boost her physical strength.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 425 lbs (193 kg)
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Blue

Alternate Versions



In this reality where Thor has effectively become the ruler of Earth, Sif is a lot older and has grown apart from her old friend.



In this reality Loki is the ruler and he has cast Sif into dungeons.



Here Sif is older and had to leave Asgard when Galactus arrived to eat it.



In this reality, Sif and Thor are married by the 31st century and have a son named Woden. Sif has given up here adventurous lifestyle to stay home and raise her son.


Earth 717

Sif appears in this What If reality where she perishes fighting against a Herald of Galactus. Galactus had come to Asgard to devour it, and as Thor and Loki would attempt to destroy Galactus machines Sif would stand against Galactus Herald. After falling in battle to the Herald Sif's death would enrage Thor past breaking point as he would mercilessly slaughter Galactus's Herald killing them for their action. Galactus bereft of a Herald and impressed by Thor's power would offer a deal with him where Galactus would leave Asgard alone if Thor would become his new Herald. Thor would agree saving Asgard and he would leave with Galactus.


Ultimate Sif

Sif appears in the Ultimates universe reality.



Sif appears in this reality a What If story where it would be Loki who had found the hammer of Thor instead of Donald Blake. Thor would be killed in Ragnarok and Sif would make a heroic gesture by giving up her life to restore Thor so he may stop Loki. In Hela's domain of Hel she would give Thor Mjolnir. Sif would appear similar to her mainstream reality counterpart with similar powers, history and appearance.


Sif appears in this reality, a tale from a What If issue, What If: Thor Had Never Gone Insane. She would seem fairly similar to her mainstream counterpart, with a similar look and similar powers. At one point Thor would ascend the throne to become ruler of Asgard and he would propose to Sif. Sif would accept, however be quite distant from her husband. She would also battle alongside the Warriors Three the intimidating Mangog who had been set loose on Midgard. Sif and the Warriors Three would face the beast after it had defeated the Avengers, but they would not be able to stop it either, requiring Thor to ultimately step in and defeat Mangog.


Sif would appear in this reality also known as the Earth-Timeslip: The Coming of the Avengers reality. She would seem fairly similar to her mainstream counterpart, with a similar look and similar powers. She would have a similar relationship with Thor with a distance established when he had lived as Donald Blake. Thor would then spend more time on Earth and Sif on Asgard.


Sif appears in this reality


Sif appears in this reality.


Zombie Sif.

Sif appears in a Marvel Zombies reality. Sif alongside the rest of the Asgardian's have been turned into Zombies after Loki seeking mischief has induced a zombie wide apocalypse during World War 2. Odin wishing to examine what is going on, on Earth makes the somewhat foolish decision to investigate personally and as a result is bitten by a zombie. As Odin shares a magical lifeblood with all Asgardians all Asgardians thereby also become zombies. Sif and the Asgardians face off against ARMOR and Howard the Duck, Dum Dum Dugan, Taxi Taylor, Eternal Brain, Flexo, Columbia, Miss America and Riveter among others.

Other Media


The Super Hero Squad (2009)

Sif In Marvel Super Hero Squad

Sif appears for the first time in the 20th episode of The Super Hero Squad Show. The episode "Oh Brother!", voiced by Tricia Helfer. She gets Thor, Wolverine, Reptil, and Falcon to help her stop Loki's army.

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010)

Avengers Mightiest Heroes

Sif appears in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes episode "Thor the Mighty", voiced by Nika Futterman. She also appears in the episodes "The Fall of Asgard" and "A Day Unlike Any Other" which marks the end of season one of the series. In Thor The Mighty, Loki has revealed his hand, attacking Asgard with the aid of Frost Giants. Lady Sif leaps into action fighting the Frost Giants whilst Thor brings defeat to Loki. Later on in the series, the superhero team the Avengers are stranded in Asgard. Sif rides alongside the Valkyrior on winged horses to help aid them, in their fight against Loki's marauding forces. Loki now possessing the Odin Force. The Avenger Hank Pym finds himself in Jotunheim facing three Frost Giants. He is able to defend himself adequately for a time, but when things looked most grim, Sif and the Valkyries rescued him before teleporting away to rescue other victims of Loki's force. Sif then explains to

Pym the nature of the events around them. They go on to reunite with all other Avengers and Thor for the fight battle against Loki himself.She appears again in the ballad of Beta Ray Bill. She is intially put off by Bills appearance but after fighting alongside him against the fire demons to save the scuttlebut she comes to respect him, offering to help him protect his people until they find a new home, and coming to understand Thor's care and fascination toward midgard and it's people.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013)

Sif in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Sif is set to appear in "Yes Men", the 15th episode of the first season of the serie, with Jaimie Alexander reprising her role from the movies. In this episode she is tasked by Odin (Loki in disguise) to retrieve Lorelei. She reprises her role in "Who You Really Are", the 12th episode of the second season.


Thor (2011)

Sif in Thor

The 2011 film Thor features Jaimie Alexander as Sif. She is a close friend and ally to both Thor and Warriors Three and a well respected and accomplished warrior among the Asgardians. When Thor makes a daring and somewhat foolish move to attack the Frost Giants in Jotunheim Lady Sif accompanies him. His subsequent banishment by Odin distresses her. Eventually she and the Warriors Three fall suspicious of Loki's hand in the matter, but by the time they decide to take their concerns to Odin, he has fallen ill and Loki is now the one in charge. Despite their predicament they manage to bypass Loki and get word to Thor of the possibly deception afoot. Loki attempts to destroy them however to prevent his nefarious actions coming to light, by sending the Destroyer armor to end them. Sif in combination with the Warriors Three manage to delay it for a while. Sif even managing to viciously impale her sword within its mighty frame. Thor is required to beat it, and so he does. All turns out well in the end and Sif is with fellow Asgardians celebrating with a banquet in the end after Loki's defeat.

Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Sif in Thor: The Dark World

Jaimie Alexander will portray Sif once again in Thor: The Dark World. Set for release in November 2013, she is set to take a more active role in the sequel. Thor: The Dark World looks to also feature Malekith and Kurse.

Hulk vs. Thor (2009)

Sif in Hulk Vs. Thor

Sif appears in the animated direct-to-video 2009 film Hulk vs. Thor voiced by Grey DeLisle. The beginning of the movie has Sif alongside many of Asgard's other warriors defending the golden realm against trolls, giants, dark elves and demons. Sif would consult Thor about a bleak outlook he would be experiencing. She is tasked by Thor to defend Odin during his Odinsleep while Thor battles the Hulk. Loki and Enchantress abduct and manipulate the mortal Bruce Banner trapping him and separating him from the Hulk creature. Loki would possess the Hulk and attack Asgard in this form. Eventually Amora would switch sides and Thor would send her to stand alongside Sif as the final defense to Odin who would be vulnerable in his Odinsleep. Sif and Amora would eventually have to defend Odin's slumbering body against the Hulk, with Sif managing a respectable demonstration of evasion and offense, sweeping the Hulk off his feet, but even she would fall when Hulk would grab her as she inspected his fallen body. Eventually victory would come when Loki manages to convince Hela to transport the Hulk to Hel where Banner was residing. The two beings would merge and Hela would teleport the Banner controlled Hulk back to Earth. Thor would arrive back to Asgard as Odin would wake and Thor and Sif would embrace and kiss, Amora quietly leaving distressed.

Thor: Tales of Asgard (2011)

Sif in Thor: Tales of Asgard

Sif appears in the animated Marvel movie Thor: Tales of Asgard. She is voiced by Tara Strong. In this movie she is a friend of Thor, a fiery warrior and a Valkyrie trainee. At the beginning of the movie Sif has a pretty low opinion of Thor. He is rude, arrogant, sheltered, and because of his status as Odin's son he would get favorable treatment and often many other warriors would have to lose to him on purpose to protect his pride. Sif and Thor would briefly spar in a horse manger with Sif easily toying with Thor with a broom stick, leaving him flat on his back. Thor would learn from his father that Sif had been correct about other warriors attitude towards him, prompting the Odinson to sneak away with Loki to prove himself. In the mean time Sif would be training under Brunhilde the Valkyrie to be one of the chosen Valkyrior. She would be trained in archery and sword fight among other exercises.

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow (2008)

In Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow, Sif and Thor are the mother and father of Torunn.

Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers (2011)

Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers

Sif appears in the 2011 motion comic Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers. She is voiced by Elizabeth Diennet.

Video Games

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Sif makes an appearance as a non-playable character in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, voiced by Adrienne Barbeau. She appears in the Asgard level, alongside many other Asgardian heroes and villains. Doctor Doom would eventually go on to usurp's Odins power to use against the heroes.

Thor: God of Thunder (2011)

Thor: God of Thunder

Sif appeared in Thor: God of Thunder, voiced by Jaimie Alexander based on the upcoming live-action film.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance (2012)

Marvel Avengers Alliance

Sif is an unlockable character in the Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance. She is a Scrapper and has a range of sword-based, single-target attacks and battle buffs. Se is depicted in her classic attire and a look based on the Thor Movie Version.

Her bio says: The Asgardian warrior Sif is sister to Heimdall and close companion to Thor. She is a relentless warrior and has fought as Asgard's champion on numerous occasions. Sif is more closely tied to Midgard than any other Asgardian save Thor, and has come to love some humans. Her sword is able to cut through the barriers between dimensions.

Club Penguin

Sif in Club Penguin

Sif was part of Marvel Takeover 2013 in Club Penguin

Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes

Sif appears as a non-playable character in Marvel Heroes game.

Marvel: War Of Heroes

Marvel: War of Heroes

Sif is featured in several card in Marvel: War of Heroes mobile game in the following cards:

  • Sif
  • [Shieldmaiden Reborn] Sif
  • [Fair One] Sif
  • [Shield Maiden] Sif
  • [Worthy] Sif
  • [Betrothed] Sif

Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

Marvel Lego

Sif will be featured as a playable character in Lego Marvel Super Heroes. She is part of the Asgardian DLC pack.

Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics

Marvel Avengers Tactics

Sif is a playable character in this game.

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes

Sif in Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes

Sif is a Supporting character in the game.


Sif in Marvel Classic Figurine Collection
  • Sif is the 172nd character released in the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection.
  • Sif is part of the Mini-Mates collection based in Thor Movie. A classic look variant was released as part of Thor Stormbraker pack.
  • Sif is part of the 3,75" toy-line base on Thor Movie.
  • Sif is part of the Battle in the Frozen Land 3-pack within Marvel Super Hero Squad Collection
  • Heroclix: Sif has thre variants, her classic look, the one from Thor: The Movie and a third one from the second film Thor: The Dark World.

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