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With unknown parentage, Amora was born in Asgard and at a young age she began to learn the ways of magic as an apprentice of Karnilla. However, she was soon banished for being too undisciplined and Amora quickly decided to train herself in the ways of magic by seducing other sorcerers and forcing them to reveal their ancient secrets to her. In time, Amora became one of the most powerful sorceresses in all of Asgard and was also very adept in the use of manipulation and charm in order to get her way.


Amora first appeared in Journey into Mystery #103 and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Character Evolution

Silver Age

The Enchantress

Amora first appeared as a foe of Thor, albeit with the intention of seducing him and then soon after as an enemy of the Avengers.

Modern Age

Amora's adolescence was explored in the Thor: Son of Asgard mini-series. It was later revealed in the Thor mini series Thor: Ages of Thunder and Thor: Reign of Blood that although not strictly a god like other Norse figures in the Marvel Universe, Amora had been known by many 'Godly' names throughout history after reaching adulthood.

Major Story Arcs


From a young age, Amora had always desired Thor, although she admitted that this was only because he preferred Sif over her. This caused a bitter rivalry with Sif to ensue after Amora attempted to seduce Thor in hopes of keeping him for herself. To do this, Amora allied herself with Loki and the two of them developed a plot in which they manipulated Sif into stealing the Mirror of Mycha from Karnilla's palace. Once in possession of the mirror, Amora took it so that she could use its power to have Thor for herself. After their success, Amora and Loki decide that the mirror must be returned to its rightful place, lest their plot be discovered. However, they could not do this without the cloth that the mirror was originally draped in, at which point Loki showed his true colors when he stated that he had no connection to their crime, leaving Amora to take the blame if the mirror is not returned. Before Amora could chastise Loki, Sif and Brunnhilda appear, demanding that Amora revert her spell on Thor as payment for the return of the mirrors cloth. Amora immediately refused, and the four young gods quickly entered into a brief battle until it is interrupted by Thor who threatened to inform Odin himself about the whole ordeal. Brunnhilda then shattered the mirror, breaking the spell placed on him. With his mind clear, Thor admitted he expected no less from Amora, but was disappointed in Sif because she attempted to use trickery to gain his love, although the two made up before the story's end.

Ages of Thunder

Amora with the Golden Apples of Idunn

The gods of Asgard have repeated their lives endlessly through the ages; they have lived, through Ragnarok countless times with their roles and personalities shifting slightly during each retelling of their story. Amora has been known as Freyja, Iduna, Mardol, and Gefn, though even in these iterations she always retains her core attributes: control of powerful magic and unparalleled beauty.

In 'Ages of Thunder', which tells the story of a long-past cycle, Amora is known as Iduna, the goddess tasked with an immensely important task of collecting the Golden Apples which grew from Yggdrasil, the life tree. The Golden Apples were consumed by the Asgardians in order to maintain their youth and power. The apples would only grow if Iduna were present, and only she, the essence of feminine perfection, could remove them, unspoiled, from the tree. During this time, The Enchantress was the object of desire for many. Her beauty caused her to be sought after by a stonemason who was assigned to repair the great wall which surrounded Asgard after an attack by the Frost Giants.

In a second story of the same cycle, a lost and wandering Loki bargains the Enchantress to the Frost-King so that he may find his way to the Bifrost bridge and back to Asgard. After this deal is struck and the Asgardians are reminded that only the Enchantress can retrieve the Gold Apples that sustain their power and vitality, the Frost giant is slain by Thor, thus allowing the Goddess to return to her garden.

Amora also obtained the mythical story that centered around the Nordic Goddess Freyja, where she gave herself to three Dwarves in order to obtain an exquisite jeweled necklace that they had created. It was also noted during these stories, that Amora had many lovers and would openly reject Odin, by refusing to bed with him. This caused him to violently take her newly acquired necklace while also informing her that she had defiled herself when she gave her body to the Dwarves. Out of humiliation and anger, Amora cast a spell which caused the dead on Earth to rise and torture humanity, forcing Thor to intervene and defeat the newly risen army of the dead.

Masters of Evil

The Enchantress

After Amora's initial encounters with Thor left her love-struck, she decided to seduce the God of Thunder in his Donald Blake identity. Amora also attempted to destroy Thor's love interest, Jane Foster, so that he would belong to her completely. Even though Amora was often aided by Loki, her plans were never successful, at least not for long. Amora was soon accompanied by another man named Skurge, who seemed to have fallen madly in love with her and did anything that she required. Amora only took advantage of Skurge's willingness by stringing him along with her feminine wiles, often withholding her favors, and simply using him as her "muscle". Amora also briefly served as one of Loki's lieutenants when she and Skurge aided him in his attempt to conquer Asgard. After a streak of crimes against Asgard and Thor, Amora and Skurge were both banished to Earth, where they joined Baron Zemo's original 'Masters of Evil'. During this time, Amora and Skurge had allied themselves with Arkon, The Mandarin, and Loki, when they repeatedly faced off against Thor and the Avengers. Amora was occasionally challenged by the Scarlet Witch's mutant gift, when she attempted to divert her divine spells.

During her time with the Masters of Evil, Amora is noted for giving other super humans their original powers, such as Power Man and Barbara Norris who were given the power of Valkyrie. In order to create the original Power Man, Amora used the deceased Zemo's equipment to give Erik Josten superhuman powers when he helped her fool the public by making them believe that the Avengers had gone berserk. When the "mad" Captain America was defeated, many people began to believe that Amora and Power Man were actual heroes. Eventually an unknown man attempted to become their agent, which would make them both rich and famous in the process. However, Power Man admitted their wrong-doing when he confessed that they were not true heroes. Amora then noticed something strange in the "agents'" briefcase and forced Power Man to open it, which revealed an active tape recorder. The man revealed himself to be Captain America and entered into a fight with Power Man, though Power Man quickly defeated him. Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch arrived soon after to continue the battle with Amora. However, Amora, decided to flee after realizing that she had chosen the wrong man to aid her. Power Man clearly lacked a "killer's" instinct. Without the Enchantress' protection, Power Man gave himself up, thus allowing the Avengers to clear their name.

Amora and Skurge the Executioner

Enchantress is soon amused by a man who was able to best her guards and break into her palace. He reveals to her that his only goal is to worship her and that he would give up his birth-right and estate just to do so. Enchantress, grants his wish by turning him into a tree and stating that "in the spring, the wind rustling through thy leaves will sing my glory. In winter thou shalt stand in mute admiration of my incomparable beauty." The Enchantress soon travels to the Fountain of Forever where she learns the location of a dimensional rift that would grant her mystical power that would rival Odin's. Amora soon travels to the location of the rift, which is forming inside a Disco club in Manhattan. At the disco, the Enchantress encounters the mutant known as Dazzler for the first time when Amora attempts to take control of the rift by auditioning as a performer for the club, confident that her voice and physical beauty would easily win her the part. This would have been the case had Alison Blaire not auditioned as well. The club manager, though obviously was infatuated with Amora, reluctantly admitted that Dazzler's voice was indeed superior. Enraged at having her plans thwarted and losing to another woman, Amora sought both to claim the mystical energies of the rift and destroy her new found rival by aging Alison to her death during her performance. Unfortunately for the Enchantress, many of the city's super-powered heroes, who saw Dazzler as one of their own, were in the audience in order to lend their support to the young woman. They quickly came to her aid, and in the ensuing battle, Amora was forced to use so much magic that the rift was destabilized. With ultimate power now beyond her grasp, the Enchantress chose to flee, rather than continue to fight a pointless battle.

Enchantress vs Dazzler

The next time the Enchantress and Dazzler run into each other is at an airport, Dazzler spotted a tall blonde woman surrounded by a group of admiring men. The woman was of course Amora, who quickly teleports Dazzler back to Asgard where they have a brief conversation until the Warriors Three take them to the Court of the Vizier. Once there, Amora claims to have been disrespected by Dazzler and demands a duel, to which Dazzler readily accepts. Although the duel started out with the two women evenly matched, Dazzler is soon able to gain the upper hand, forcing Amora to cease "playing" and instead, fight more seriously. She soon begins to drain Dazzler's life force and would have succeeded had it not been for Odin's timely arrival. When Odin demands to know what is going on, Amora again claims that Dazzler disrespected her when she won the singing contest back at the club. Odin then decides to see who truly has a better voice and sets up another contest, choosing Amora to go first. Although Amora's siren-song mesmerized all of the men in the room, including Odin, Dazzler still proved to be the better singer when Odin declared her the winner and sent her back to Earth.

At a later point, Amora halts a fight between Hercules and his half-brother Ares by offering both Gods a drink. It quickly became apparent that this seemingly kind gesture is actually a conspiracy to take control of Hercules planned by Amora and Ares when Hercules, after taking a drink from a cup which was filled with water obtained from the Fountain of Eros, begins to declare his undying love for Amora. With Hercules now under her control, Amora immediately decided to take Hercules to Earth in order to battle and defeat the Avengers. When the two Gods arrive, Hercules quickly takes out Quicksilver while the Scarlet Witch sends a help signal to Hawkeye and Wasp. However, when the two Avengers arrive, they find that Hercules has already taken down Goliath with ease and the Scarlet Witch had just lost a magical battle with the Enchantress. Hawkeye then shoots a special arrow in Hercules' face and with the explosion, Hercules comes back to his senses. Realizing what has occurred, he tells Amora to leave, otherwise he would unleash his wrath upon her. Amora quickly departs in order to avoid this consequence. Soon after, Zeus appears and exiles Hercules from Olympus for one years time, since he left without permission and chose the love of an Asgardian over his place of birth (although this was told to Zeus by Ares). Hercules quickly opted to become a member of the Avengers right after. Meanwhile, Amora wonders to herself why she did not stay to engage Hercules in battle, and in the end, she comes to the conclusion, that she may possibly be in love with the son of Zeus.

Amora and Lorelei

Amora later used her magic to allow Barbara Norris to become the Valkyrie and join the team known as the Defenders, although at one point, Amora poses as the Valkyrie herself and attempts to fight the Defenders with her team of Lady Liberators, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

Later during the Secret Wars, Amora was placed on the villains side, although she despised the thought of participating in a gladiatorial event for the amusement of a higher being. Because of this, Amora joined forces with Thor to simply leave the others behind and return home to Asgard. However Thor was eventual forced leave in order to help his friends against the villains. It was here that Thor was was apparently killed by Ultron, and though the Enchantress helped neither side, she was remorseful over the outcome. Amora soon returns to the side of the villains and during the final

Enchanting the Hulk

battle, using her seduction powers,she overcomes the Hulk and knocks him out. She tries the same tactic on Captain America, but fails and is ultimately defeated by him. With the final battle at an end, Amora kidnaps Volcana by attempting to take her soul to Asgard in order to stop Doctor Doom, who had obtained the power of the Beyonder. Amora is stopped by the Molecule Man and flees, however when Amora teleports herself back to the Beyonder's world, she accidentally teleports the Lizard as well, who scratches her face upon their arrival. As a result, Amora punches the Lizard and while holding her face and absorbs his soul before ultimately returning to Asgard for good . It was during this time that Amora's sister, Lorelei appeared, and it became quite clear that the two had somewhat of an estranged relationship due to some form of rivalry. Part of this rivalry stemmed from a sort of competition to see who would successfully seduce Thor first.

After this, Amora joined in the battle against Surtur when he attempted to conquer Asgard, however, he was soon defeated by the united Asgardians. Although it should be noted that Amora most likely joined for selfish reasons, for if the world ended, so too would Amora. Soon after this event, Skurge learned that Amora had been dallying with Heimdall. Heartbroken, Skurge sacrificed himself after joining Thor and helped in rescuing his allies from Hel. Surprisingly, Amora was grief-stricken after hearing the news of Skurge's death. After his death, Amora still continued her adventures whether or not they were considered 'good' or 'bad' as long as they served her needs in the end. During a later event, Amora refused to sacrifice her life in order to save her sister Lorelei and as a result her sister perished. The Enchantress soon went to Valhalla in order to make amends with Skurge and when he harshly rejected her, she used her powers to have Brute Benhurst serve as her new Executioner instead. Amora later returns to Midgard under the guise of Leena Moran, the new roommate of Susan Austin, who worked alongside Eric Masterson. Amora used Susan's connection with Eric after assuming her form to kidnap Eric simply to lure Thor into a trap. Thor was forced to fight against Loki in order to save Eric. Although Amora had failed in defeating for, she attempted to seduce Eric, but ultimately returns to Asgard where she attempts to duel with Karnilla. Amora is again defeated by the superior sorceress, and her unconscious body is found by Heimdall.

Amora seduces Wonder Man

Some time later, Amora again returns to Midgard, only to kidnap Wonder Man by placing him under her power. She then disguises him in the guise of Hank Pym in order to successfully kidnap Wasp. However, the Avengers soon come to rescue their comrades, although they end up defeated and trapped in a machine that drains away their powers and places them into Wonder Man. Wonder Man soon receives God like powers and cosmic awareness, which causes him to free himself from Amora's control. He quickly destroys the machine and Amora is forced to flee yet again. However, she did profess true love for him and began to cry before finally departing which almost caused Wonder Man to stop rescuing his friends. Later, Amora attempts to once again seduce Wonder Man in order to help her take over television studios, making her self the star and filling it with "subliminal suggestions" that would cause every man in the world to fall in love with her. This would cause a global fan worship, making Amora stronger since she believes that it is through worship that the Asgardians gain power. Her plans would have been successful, but she and Wonder-Man were attacked by the West Coast Avengers and the Scarlet Witch used her mutant powers to change Wonder Man's natural synapses, giving him a chance to fight off Amora's control. However, Simon accidentally knocked out Iron Man, and then punches Amora from surprise. Despite this, Amora was still certain she would defeat them all but Wonder Man reminds her Odin sees everything and this forces the Enchantress to flee from the scene.

Acts of Vengeance

During the " Acts of Vengeance" storyline Amora seduces Doctor Strange while using the alias of Amora Incantare, she asks him out on a date, which Strange quickly accepts. However, it instead turns out to be Rintrah disguised as Strange who accompanies her. Amora quickly defeats him believing him to be the real Doctor Strange. However, she and the Executioner are then attacked by the real Strange, who gains the upper hand after when he receives help from his lover Clea. The duo manages to defeat the duo, forcing Amora to leave and abandon this Executioner. Later, Amora enlisted the aid of Arkon, hoping that his brawn may succeed where her beauty did not. Armora demanded that Arkon destroy Doctor Strange and marry Clea, and although reluctant. Arkon was forced to accept her task because Amora had stolen his Bolts of Transport, making it impossible to return to his home world unless he performed as Amora demanded. Arkon confronted Strange and bested him in hand to hand combat. Although he was ultimately defeated by Clea who sent him back to his home when Amora abandoned him.

Amora is later seen in New Orleans, planning to steal a jewel from the Countess D'arcy. To do this, Amora seduces abducts the Vision without the Scarlet Witch noticing. Wanda of course, goes in search of her husband only to discover him kissing the Enchantress. Amora soon takes Vision to seal the jewel for her, however when Vision arrived at the jewels location, he noticed that it was already gone and soon began to fight against the seductive power of the Enchantress. He soon proves to be successful and quickly escapes in order to meet back up with his wife, Wanda. Meanwhile the Enchantress wonders why the Vision is taking so long when she is attacked by both the Vision and the Scarlet Witch. However, Amora quickly stops the fight when she realizes that Wanda simply wanted her husband back. Amora then chooses to leave and simply says; "Treasure him Witch".

Death of the Enchantress

Later, Amora lends her aide to Thor and the Warriors Three in order to return Odin back to to his throne. During this time a romance between Heimdall and Amora begins to flourish and she even battles the powerful enemy known as Nightmare on behalf of him when Heimdall is incapacitated. However, Amora eventually rejects Heimdall when she learns that he wants to be married and she does not. When he asks her about this, she simply says that he is the reason why she was so repulsed.

Some time later, Thor was banished to earth and de-powered by Odin, forcing him to make an alliance with Amora and the two of them lived together as lovers. After Thor returned to Asgard, restoring it to its former glory, Odin died and Thor became the new leader of Asgard. Amora, again inveigled herself in Thor's good graces and became his consort until Loki brought about the events that caused the Ragnarok that killed every Asgardian, including Amora.


After Thor returned to life and recreated Asgard on Earth, Loki manipulated him into awaking every Asgardian, including his enemies, with Amora being among them. Unlike many of her brethren, Amora did not immediately return to Asgard and instead began to manipulate reality by attacking the World Tree, Yggdrasil, in order to resurrect Skurge and ultimately end her loneliness as she finally realized how much he meant to her. She was ultimately thwarted by Thor, Loki, and Balder who convinced her that she was not only hurting the other nine worlds with her magic, but also dishonoring the death of Skurge by resurrecting and releasing him from Valhalla.

Amora faces Hela

Amora later appeared to return to her villainous ways after attacked Thor when he was teleported to her location. Amora continued to unleash a barrage of spells against the Thunder God, while she also chastised his, Loki's, and Odin's arrogant behavior. Thor initially refused to even listen to the Enchantress, calling her a liar as he charged forth to attack her. Though he nearly succeeded, Amora unleashed a spell powerful enough to halt the God of Thunder, and then continued to scold him. It was then that Thor began to heed Amora's word, when she claimed that she, and now Thor himself, were trapped in this realm due to Asgard's placement on Earth. She explained that this was the main cause for their dilemma since, Hela, Goddess of Death, had significantly grown in power and would no longer allow them to leave. When Hela appeared, Thor quickly engaged in her in battle but was nearly defeated until Amora intervened, teleporting him away. Hela then turned her wrath toward the Enchantress and the two engaged in their own battle. When Amora was nearly defeated, Hela revealed the source of her new found strength, the Twilight Sword, before unleashing its full power on the Enchantress.

When Thor engages Hela in one final battle and is nearly defeated, Amora again intervenes to save the Thunder God by teleporting him to the location of his hammer Mjolnir. Amora agrees to put aside her problems with Thor, opting to continue assisting him instead. After she teleports both herself and Thor to the battlefield, Amora unleashes a devastating spell against Hela, allowing Thor to unleash his power upon the Death Goddess. When Hela is finally defeated, Thor uses the Twilight Sword to return the realms to the state in which they were before Hela had intervened. Amora then offers to teleport the three Avengers back to Earth, and jokingly asks for the Twilight Sword as payment. Amora does not return to Asgard with Thor, though he noted that her assistance would not be forgotten.


Amora decapitates Blake

Amora later returns on Earth in Oklahoma with Dr. Donald Blake. She manipulates him into making a pact that he believes will return some of the former glory, that he bitterly misses, when his body was used as a host for Thor. She later decapitates Blake, using his blood and life energy to create a twisted new God. She casts a spell to keep Blake's head alive, forcing him to watch the process. Amora and her new creation attempt to invade Asgard and confront the All Mother, but they are ultimately defeated and banished from the realm.

Joining the Sisterhood

Enchantress vs M

Amora was recently freed from the Odinforce barrier, which kept her trapped and powerless in an isolated cabin in Norway, by Lady Deathstrike and Typhoid Mary. The duo were searching for fragments of a metor which Arkea, Sublime's younger sister, had used to reach Earth. The trio then decide to form a new Sisterhood of Mutants and head to Dubai, where Yuriko's friend, Reiko, has set up a new Body Shoppe. However, Reiko makes contact with the Arkea fragment from Norway and becomes her new host. Yuriko then bargains with Arkea for power upgrades in exchange for their service. Amora's upgrade gives her back the powers, previously been suppressed, which allows her to go toe-to-toe with M when she attacks. Monet finds herself outnumbered and is quickly defeated by Amora, who grabs her from behind and chokes the mutant, breaking her neck and killing her. (M is brought back to life shortly afterwards). The new Sisterhood flees Dubai on foot into the desert, where Ana Cortes, the host for the Deathstrike consciousness, begins to see the reality of life as a supervillain and Amora points out that they are now servants of Arkea.

Arkea then sends Yuriko/Ana and Amora to a bank in New York with a secret chamber in the back that is holding Selene's soul bound to the air molecules in the room. Amora then recombines the atoms and brings her back from the dead. Arkea arrives and Selene pledges her service to her before the group leaves for Japan to locate the Sisterhood's next recruit: Madelyne Pryor. Shortly after Madelyne and Selene joined the group, the Sisterhood disbanded. They were quickly defeated by Storm's X-Men. Selene and Madelyne did not fight. Storm allowed them to leave as they hadn't done anything wrong yet. Amora was given a humiliating beat-down at the hands of the returned Monet, and left the Sisterhood.

Avengers & X-Men: AXIS

You will love me!

The Enchantress was a member of Magneto's Cabal. The group, including Sabretooth, Mystique, the Hobgoblin, Carnage, Loki, Dr. Doom, and Jack O'Lantern, traveled to Genosha to battle the Red Onslaught and his special sentinels that had been built by Tony Stark and were specifically designed to take down heroes. Magneto's Cabal was made up of villains, and the group tore the sentinels apart. They had less success against the Red Onslaught. Amora had managed to hold his powers at bay, and nearly conquered him herself by casting a love spell. The spell eventually worked, and Amora was considering using the Red Onslaught as her puppet. She would have him fight for her and crush her enemies, but her concentration - and therefore, the spell - was broken by a blast from a sentinel. Amora lost her control over the Red Onslaught, who was soon stopped by a more potent Inversion Spell cast by Wanda Maximoff and Doctor Doom. The Inversion Spell undid the Red Onslaught, transforming him back into the Red Skull, but it also affected some others, both heroes and villains, including Amora.


Amora attacking the World Tree

The Enchantress possesses the conventional attributes of an Asgardian woman ("goddess"), as well as a mastery over certain sorcerous disciplines. Her physical abilities include; superhuman strength as she is able to lift roughly 25 tons, along with enhanced speed, durability, agility, reflexes, and stamina. Amora's physiology also grants her an extremely long life span, as well as a regenerative healing factor. While she cannot regrow organs or limbs, she is immune to all known Earthly diseases and infections.

Sorcery: The Enchantress' magical powers are among the most powerful of all Asgardians. Her skill is high enough to rank her among the top twenty magical practitioners in all of Asgard. She able to utilize enough power, even in the Earthly realm, to cloud the sight of Agamotto through Doctor Strange's Orb and has bested Nightmare in his own dimension.

The Enchantress' powers derive from two main sources: her innate capacity to manipulate ambient Asgardian magical energy, honed through practice, and her acquired knowledge of Asgardian spells and enchantments. She can use her sorcery to generate powerful blasts of concussive force, heat, or light. She can also alter her appearance, taking the shape of other humanoid beings or teleport herself and others across great distances.

One kiss is all it takes

The Enchantress has used her mystical prowess to enhance her natural beauty and allure so that both men and women, mortal or otherwise, are overwhelmed with desire for her. She has enchanted her lips so that a single kiss is sufficient to make virtually any man a slave to her will for about a week. Thanks to her powers, Amora was able to seduce the majority of Asgard's most experienced mystical practitioners in order to learn their secrets. Subsequent kisses have enabled her to dominate someone's will indefinitely.

Her knowledge of arcane lore enables her to cast spells with a variety of specific effects. The many spells she has employed include telepathy, illusion-casting, paralysis, deflection of matter and energy, inter-dimensional travel, time control, sleep induction, and elemental conversion. Once, at the maximum peak of her magic, Amora’s transmutation enchantment upon the Black Knight changed him into a statue, which not even Doctor Strange could break for an extended period of time.


Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 450 lbs.


Known Relatives: Lorelei (sister)

Citizenship: Asgardian, with criminal record, pardoned

Place of Birth: Asgard

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Sorceress

Education: Extensive studies of arcane arts.

Creators: Amora the Enchantress was originally created in 1964 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Alternate Realities

Earth 9811

In this reality, also known as Battleworld, the Enchantress and Thor had a son called Bravado. Amora also had another son with Victor von Doom called Malefactor. Although she is not seen for the entirety of this issue because Malefactor claims that Doom had previously killed Amora.

Earth 2149

The Zombie Enchantress

The Enchantress becomes a zombie in Marvel Zombies vs The Army of Darkness during The Marvel Zombies miniseries. She is imprisoned in the castle of Dr. Doom so that she cannot contaminate other people. However, Amora continues to portray herself as a non-zombie in order to attract the attention of Ash and convince him to free her. Upon her release, she infects Dazzler, who was trying to show Ash what Amora was really doing. Doctor Doom, understanding that both women were beyond hope, kills them.

Earth 3515

Amora in Rule of Thor

In an alternate future where Thor conquers the Earth, seemingly for its own good, Thor and the Enchantress marry and produce a child known as Magni. However, when Thor realizes that he has acted without honor, he thanks Amora for staying by his side and proceeds to change the future by traveling though time in order to warn his past self of what would happen, thus neutralizing this future and its Enchantress.

Marvel Adventures

Amora seduces Spidey

Amora first appeared in the guise of a teenager who was attacked by a thief who stole her suitcase, which happened to hold an exquisite jeweled necklace. Before Amora could get it back on her own, Spider-Man suddenly appeared, dispatched the thief and returned the stolen property. Amora seductively asked if there was anyway way in which she could repay Spider-Man, and although tempted, he quickly left the scene to avoid being late for school. The next day, Peter was confronted once again by the Enchantress, as she was still able to recognize him without his costume. Amora then revealed her true self and admitted the necklace was actually the Nor Stones and she now wished to make Peter an offer. Peter assumes that she is implying a date and immediately agrees. Amora quickly took him to the Rainbow Bridge and the two of them are confronted by Heimdall, who managed to resist Amora's charm in order to fulfill his duty of guarding the Bridge. Although Spider-Man initially refused to fight at her behest, Amora kissed him and Spider-Man quickly went to battle with and defeated Heimdall. Once inside Asgard, Amora sat on Odin's Throne, but is immediately attacked by other Asgardians. Knowing that she was out matched, Amora gave Spider-Man the Nor Stones, giving him powers similar to Thor so that he can easily defeat the Asgardians coming at them. Soon after, Thor arrives and defeated the empowered Spider-Man, forcing the stones from him and bringing him back to his senses. Amora attempted to seduce Thor, saying she only wanted to impress him. However, Thor is unconvinced, knowing her true desire, and asked Balder to place her in the Royal Dungeon.

Some time later, Amora managed to free herself and returns to Midgard in order to capture Live-Wire . She managed to convince him to attack a guard who had accused Amora of stealing a number of items. After the guard was dealt with, Amora admitted to stealing the items, much to Live-Wire's surprise. However, she kissed him before he could protest further. Skurge then appeared and knocked Live-Wire unconscious as Amora teleported them to the Masters of Evil Headquarters. Live-Wire awoke, only to discover that he was being held captive and interrogated by Amora while the other Masters of Evil battle with Dr. Doom and his Circus Freaks. Amora easily gathered the information she desired from her captive before Skurge appeared, claiming the rest of the Masters of Evil had been overwhelmed by the Circus Freaks. Doom then appeared, claiming that the entire thing was a test and that he wanted the Masters of Evil to join with him.

Amora and the rest of her team were later seen on an alien planet, with the mission of capturing an alien named Quinn. Amora managed to restrain herself, though Blastaar came to the aliens rescue and despite being out-numbered, he managed to gain the upper-hand against the Masters of Evil. Doom then used illusion gas to trick the hero, allowing them to capture the Alien Quinn with little effort.

Heroes Reborn

Amora in Heroes Reborn

The Heroes Reborn reality was not an alternate reality, but rather a parallel Earth, located in the Earth-616's reality. Here, Amora the Enchantress assisted Loki in attempting to take over Asgard and defeat the Avengers. Loki created a team called the Lethal Legion, which was made up of himself, Amora, Skurge, Wonder Man, Ultron and the Scarlet Witch (who had mistaken Amora for her mother). When the entire team, minus Loki, attacked the Avengers' mansion, Amora was able to seduce Iron Man and effectively take him out of the battle. When the Lethal Legion was on the verge of defeat, Amora and Wanda were forced to abandon their team in order to escape. Later, Amora used her powers of mystic seduction after kissing Thor and effectively causing him to join with Loki, who had also turned the other Avengers against each other. After a second attempt to defeat the Avengers, Amora easily defeated Hank Pym, although any victory was short lived, as Loki had managed to absorb an abundance of magical energy from a reactor and quickly turned on his teammates. By using Amora, Agatha Harkness ,and Wanda's vast magical energies, the Heroes were able to deceive Loki by making him believe that Thor was actually Odin. Despite being previously defeated, the Thunder God was able to hold his own, giving the Avengers the time they required to undo Loki's schemes, which caused him to lose his excess power, at which point he was easily defeated.

Later, during the Onslaught Reborn saga, Enchantress (and the Lethal Legion) ambushed the Invisible Woman, Ant Man, the Vision, Franklin Richards and Bucky (a female version of Captain America's sidekick). The Enchantress and Wanda were quickly dispatched by the Invisible Woman, but were quickly awakened by Loki. Together the two witches took down Ant Man. However, later Amora and the others joined forces with the heroes so that they could defeat Onslaught once and for all.


Ultimate 1610

Amora recently appeared in the Ultimate Universe aiding Loki and a team of Asgardians who attempted to take down the New Ultimates. It is revealed that Amora and Loki were the ones responsible for giving the Ultimate Defenders, including Valkyrie, their new found powers. Amora also played a central role in manipulating Carol Danvers, Zarda and Valkyrie (whom she gave a new sword) into betraying their teammates Iron Man, Captain America and Hawkeye. It is later discovered that Amora's hypnotic powers worked only through direct eye contact and that Carol Danvers had use night vision lenses to avoid actually being manipulated by the Asgardian Goddess. After Carol freed her teammates and led an assault against the forces of Loki, Amora was shot through the chest by one of Hawkeye's arrows, causing her control over Valkyrie and Zarda to fade. After Amora regained consciousness, she abandoned Loki, warning him that playing with Thor's heart may have been a grave mistake.

This version of Amora appears to have similar powers to her 616 counter-part, though she is capable of manipulating women just as easily as she does men. However, she does not appear to be in love or obsessed with Thor in this time-line.

Appearances in Other Media


Hulk Vs. Thor

Amora in Hulk vs. Thor

In the Hulk vs. Thor DVD, Amora is among the many Asgardians to appear. She initially assists Loki by helping him to control the Hulk when she separates Bruce Banner from his alter ego. Loki then uses the Hulk to battle against Thor before Amora's spell is broken and the Hulk goes on a rampage through Asgard with no one to control him. After he brutally defeats Thor, Amora comes to Thor's rescue when she heals him and admits that she only assisted Loki because Thor had chosen to be with Sif and not her. She then takes Thor to Loki in order to place Bruce Banner back inside the Hulk, however, Loki has already dispatched the mortal. Thor then tells Amora to go to Odin's side with Sif to protect the leader of Asgard while he sleeps. Amora and Sif share a few insults before the Hulk arrives. Amora unleashes a powerful magical assault against the Hulk, however, she is knocked unconscious before being able to subdue him.

Thor: Tales of Asgard

Tales of Asgard

A young Amora makes a brief appearance as Loki's magic tutor seductively showing him how to manipulate a pool of water.


Super Hero Squad

Amora in Super Hero Squad

The Enchantress, like all villains in the show, is a member of Dr. Doom`s Lethal Legion. She first appeared in the "Night in the Sanctorum" episode, where she used magic to cause "bad luck" to the heroes. This caused the Falcon to crash into their headquarters, forcing the team to find a new base of operations. When they opted to

stay at Doctor Strange's mansion, the team is kicked out when the Enchantress causes Thor to accidentally free Baron Mordo. The plan was to make the heroes tire out so that they could easily be defeated by Enchantress` minions. However the Super Hero Squad still manage to defeat them, forcing Enchantress to engage in battle herself, where she easily trapped Thor, Silver Surfer, Falcon, Iron Man and Hulk. Doctor Strange was able to later save his friends, though Amora proved to be more than a match for the sorcerer until other heroes rush to his aid. This allowed him enough time to unleash a magical assault powerful enough to force the Enchantress to flee.

Amora next appeared in the "Mental Organism Designed Only for Kissing" episode. She revealed here that Thor, at one time, had a rock-band, and refused to allow her to join due to the fact that she was a girl. With her feelings hurt, Amora attempted to retaliate by blasting Thor with a love spell, however the plan backfired when the spell accidentally hit Ms.Marvel, forcing her to fall in love with MODOK. Later in the episode, Amora gave Hawkeye a magic arrow that cured Ms.Marvel from the love potion before she teleported away.

Amora seduces the Super Hero Squad

During Valentine's day, Amora was seen refusing Mole Man's request to be his valentine. She then made a bet with Mystique and Screaming Mimi to see who could seduce most of the Super Hero Squad by 6pm. Amora used the Mole Man's monsters by unleashing them on the city in order to draw the heroes out. As the heroes battled the monsters, the Enchantress used a love spell that made the entire Super Hero Squad (with the exception of Iron Man and Hulk who were elsewhere) fall in love with her. Amora later attempted to seduce the Hulk, but he appeared to "dumb" to feel love and simply swatted her away. Angered, Amora ordered her seduced heroes to take her to Shield's helicarrier, where she found Mystique fighting with Iron Man as she had failed to seduce him. Screaming Mimi later arrived with the Hulk. Amora attempted to send her enraptured heroes to attack Iron Man and the Hulk until Mimi unleashed a powerful scream which freed all of the heroes from Amora's spell. The villainesses managed to escape in a S.H.I.E.L.D plane, agreeing

not mention this day to Doctor Doom.

Amora eventually returns to Asgard,where she requests a meeting with Odin, after waiting 45 other Asgardians have their turn, she finally manages to speak to him. As Odin asks what she wants, she merely answers “Thor, of course, but if I can't be happy, at least I can be royal“ and then throws a heart shaped object at the All-Father ,after being hit, Odin declares his love for Amora and asks her hand in marriage, however, Odin's wife, Frigga appears and reminds Odin he is already married, freeing him from Enchantress`s spell, however,his will is soon re-controlled with a second heart. After the marriage, Odin contacts Thor to tell him the ''good news'', however, the God of Thunder realizes there's something wrong and flies off to Asgard.

Although Amora enjoys being the queen of Asgard, Loki appears and shows her a tablet of rules, which said that ''Should the King marry someone that isn't royal, he is abandoning the throne''. Using this rule, Loki claims he should be the new king of Asgard, but Thor comes in just in time and is chosen as the new king. Angered, Enchantress teleports away with Odin. After some time, she returns and orders Odin to destroy Thor and Loki, so that she may reclaim the throne. However, after a brief fight, Thor manages to free his father from Enchantress`s spell. Returning to his senses, Odin annulled his marriage with Amora and returns to be the king of Asgard, she accepts defeat and teleports away.

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Enchantress and Skourge

The Enchantress makes several appearances throughout the series as an antagonist of Thor and the Avengers. She is voiced by Kari Wahlgren, and is shown to be in league with Loki and The Executioner in various plots to destroy the Avengers and otherwise disrupt Thor's activities on Midgard. She first appears in the episode "Thor the Mighty," assuming human form in order to manipulate Thor into leaving Asgard and attack the Wrecking Crew. She later appears in the episodes "Some Assembly Required," "Living Legend," "Everything is Wonderful," "

Gamma World, Part II," and "Masters of Evil" playing a pivotal role in the recruitment of the Masters of Evil. Most recently, Enchantress has been shown in the episode "The Casket of Ancient Winters" working with Malekith the Accursed to obtain the Casket of Ancient Winters but she is frozen and betrayed by Malekith in the beginning of the episode. After the Avengers defeat Malekith, Enchantress manages to overpower Thor, Iron Man and Black Panther and escape to Asgard with the casket in tow. Later she is seen hunting down the masters of evil in revenge for betraying her as well as reclaiming the last rune stone from Baron Zemo which even Loki feared to use. Confronting Zemo h

e uses it's power to protect himself from her but when her spell backfires both disappear. It is revealed that the stone is connected to musplheim and that it's power broke the seal containing Surtur who captures the enchantress. The final scene shows her screaming in horror as the demons flaming hand closes around her.


Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Amora in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

The Enchantress makes an appearance in the video game Marvel Ultimate Alliance and is voiced by Gabrielle Carteris. Here Amora and Skurge appear as Doctor Doom's lieutenants in his version of the Masters of Evil. The duo fights the player's team at Asgard, after Heimdall and Tyr are freed. During the battle, Amora uses Skurge as her bodyguard, doing the physical work, while she heals him and casts spells on the player's team of heroes, which may also cause them to stop attacking her. If she kisses a player's character, preventing them from moving, the hero will suddenly say "I don't know why I wanted to hurt you, Enchantress". Amora also has a special dialogue with Thor and Spider-Woman. During

the battle, there is a bug that, when exploited, stops her from moving. I n the PC version of game, there is a fan mod that enables the player to use Amora as a character (along with many others characters), as well as a fan mod for Dazzler, which comes with a simulation mission, where Amora is the boss at the end.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

MSHQ Online

Amora is one of the bosses in the Super Hero Squad Online game. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Enchantress became a recruitable character.

Her bio says: This Asgardian mistress of magic has been a thorn in Thor's side for years! Beware... the Enchantress!

Marvel Avengers Alliance.


Amora is a boss in several misions in this game.

Her bio says: Hopelessly smitten with Thor, this Asgardian sorceress has tried for millennia to seduce him and embroil him in her plots to take over Odin's throne. She will stop at nothing to win his heart.

She bacame a playable character, recruitable after completing the Enchanted Collection Lockboxes.

Her bio as a Hero says: An embodiment of feminine perfection, Amora the Enchantress learned the ways of magic through seduction and force. Hopelessly smitten with Thor, Amora has tried for millennia to seduce him and embroil him in her plots to take over Odin's throne. Failing, she turned against humanity believing Thor's love for Midgard, and perhaps Lady Sif, to be responsible for him spurring her affections. Sensing an opportunity with the escalating threat of The Worthy and Incursions, Amora seeks to prove herself as Thor's equal and worthy of his devotion.

Marvel: War of Heroes

Marvel: War of Heroes

Enchantress is featured in several cards in the mobile game Marvel: War of Heroes. These cards are:

  • Enchantress
  • [Seductress] Enchantress
  • [Arcane Power] Enchantress
  • [After the End] Enchantress
  • [Avenger?] Enchantress

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